10 Top Scholarships for College Students in Ohio-Eligibility

There are so many scholarships for college students in Ohio, but we have chosen to look at the ones on our list. Ohio is a state in the midwestern region of America. Ohio is home to world-class universities that houses over 300-degree programs. 

College students in Ohio have access to a wide range of grants and financial aids. Ohio State aims at investing richly in education and sees that the cost of attending college is greatly reduced in Ohio universities. Read on to find these scholarships.

Scholarships for College Students in Ohio

Here are some of the Scholarships for College Students in Ohio. We have included their eligibility and deadlines.

Ohio College Grant (OCOG):

Ohio college grant is a program provided to residents of Ohio state who demonstrate a high level of financial need. It is being given by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. 

The level of financial need is checked through the results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students who apply for Ohio college grants also need to apply for FAFSA.

Students applying for Ohio scholarship grants must be enrolled in any university or college located within Ohio.


To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, you must be a college student resident in Ohio.  Such student should be in an associate degree, first bachelor’s degree, or nurse diploma at an eligible Ohio or Pennsylvania institution.

The student should also have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $2190 or less and a maximum household income of $96,000 to be eligible.


Students who have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are automatically considered for Ohio College Grant based on results. 


The application deadline for every year is 1st October.

Nurse Education Assistance Loan Program (NEALP):

Students who wish to apply for NEALP should know that this is a loan. If the student wants 100 percent cancellation of the loan after attending the program, they should be willing to serve for 5 years as a full-time nurse in Ohio.

The Nurse Education Assistance Loan program is awarded to Ohio students enrolled for at least half-time study or accepted to for enrollment in an approved Ohio pre-licensure nurse education program. The student should also be willing to serve after graduation.

The amount of loan awarded each year is $1,620. 

N: B due to limited funding available, NEALP will make awards only to RN and higher nursing degrees.


An applicant must be an Ohio resident. Be a U.S citizen or a permanent resident.

Be enrolled in or be accepted for enrollment in nurse education programs at Ohio colleges, universities, hospitals, or vocational schools.

Most importantly, students must maintain outstanding academic records throughout the program.


Apply for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Complete the NEALP application process here


The deadline for application students is July 15th each year. Students are to start applying only after January 1st and can re-apply each year.

Choose Ohio First:

This scholarship program is made available to students in STEM disciplines. The scholarship is provided by the Ohio Department of Higher Education to students in innovative programs. 

Participating universities award this scholarship to students who want a certificate, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or graduate degree in STEM.

All scholarship decisions are made by the participating universities.


An applicant must be an Ohio resident enrolled or accepted for enrollment at the participating university. The scholarship is only available for STEM or STEM-related fields.


To apply see the list of participating institutions here.

Forever Buckeye:

Forever Buckeye is the scholarship made available to high school graduates who were resident in Ohio during high school and left Ohio state, return again to enroll in an undergraduate or graduate program at an Ohio college, and maintain residence in Ohio.

The scholarship gives them access to all tuition waivers offered by Ohio to her residents.

This scholarship was included in the FY 12-13 budget bill in order to encourage Students who once lived and attended an Ohio high school to enroll at a college in Ohio.


Returning students who wish to enroll in any Ohio college must have attained a high school diploma and were residents in Ohio at the time of graduation.

The program does not apply to students who received GEDs

Financial Aid for Veterans:

This scholarship is available for Ohio service workers, and the military and may extend to their family members.

Another major scholarship is the Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program which pays 100% tuition and general fees or its equivalent at private universities.

It is awarded to Ohio Army and Air National Guard.


Students must be residents of Ohio and be Active service members or veterans.


Any student enrolled in or accepted for enrolment in any Ohio college and eligible is automatically considered for the scholarship.

Ohio War Orphan & Severely Disabled Veterans Children Scholarship:

This is a scholarship made available to children of deceased veterans or who are disabled and wish to pursue higher education in Ohio.


To be eligible, students must meet a cumulative GPA of 2.00. The student must be an Ohio resident and enrolled for full-time undergraduate study.

The applicants applying should be between the ages of 16 and 24 and want to pursue a bachelor’s degree or associate degree at an eligible Ohio college or university.


Application is made to the Ohio Department of Higher Education, State Grants, and Scholarship Department. 

To learn more on how to apply, click here


The application deadline is May 15th of every year. For more information, contact rchurch@highered.ohio.gov 

Ohio Safety Officers College Memorial Fund:

This scholarship is awarded to the children or spouse of a former peace officer, firefighter or safety officer who was killed on duty. 

It is also available to the child or spouse of a U.S army who was killed on duty during Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, or a combat zone.

The scholarship is made available to those who do not qualify for the Ohio War Orphan and & Severely Disabled Veterans’ Children Scholarship program.


The student must be a resident of Ohio. The student however is not required to be resident in Ohio at the time the service member was killed.

The student should be enrolled in a degree or certificate program or accepted for enrolment.


Forward the following documents to the Ohio Department of Higher Education:

  • Copy of marriage certificate

  • Copy of the report of casualty

The child or spouse of a safety officer must get a letter stating that the safety officer was killed on duty from Vicki Whyte (614.628.8350) or Cheryl (614.628.8376). The contact information is available at the Police and fires pension board.

The student may also get a letter from the police chief or fire chief declaring that the safety officer was killed on duty.  Take the letter to your institution and they will contact the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

For more information, contact rchurch@highered.ohio.gov 

Ohio offers a range of scholarships to its resident. These scholarships are based on financial need, Expected Family Contribution, and FAFSA form.

Scholarships can also be awarded as grants or tuition waivers based on Academic Merit, or Courses enrolled.

Ohio State is committed to helping its residents acquire the best education there is.

What is the easiest scholarship to get for college students?

  • $1500 CollegeXpress Show Your Pride Scholarship

  • “Be Bold” No-Essay Scholarship

  • Tallo’s $1,000 “Launching Into Your Future” Scholarship

Where can I find a scholarship for college?

Because of the high rate of scams involving scholarships, it is best advised to search for scholarships on the college website.

You can also search for scholarships on your state education website. Scholarships are being listed on the websites of people who offer them. 

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