30 Top Recruitment Agencies in Edinburgh & Their Sectors

You will find the details of the Recruitment Agencies in Edinburgh in this article. But before we look at these agencies, it is important to know that Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in the world for its historic buildings, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and rich history.

Widely recognized as the best festival city in the world, it is the driving force behind literature, comedy, culture, and higher education.

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is both the driving force of the Scottish economy and one of the driving forces of the UK economy as a whole.

Edinburgh has traditionally been one of the wealthiest regions of the country and is the biggest economy of the UK’s cities outside of London.

It is the second-largest center of finance in the UK and the fourth in Europe in terms of equity assets. Its key sectors include:

  • Financial Services
  • Technology and Software
  • Retail
  • Tourism

Usually, it’s quite easy to get a job in Edinburgh. With a recruitment agency, it’s even easier.

The List of Recruitment Agencies in Edinburgh

Here’s a list of the 30 Top Recruitment Agencies in Edinburgh.

FINTEC Recruit Limited

FINTEC Recruit specializes in recruiting talented people for engineering, technology, finance, fintech, energy, and life science vacancies.

Since its founding in 2011, they have used traditional social media and headhunting techniques to expand its expertise in finding the best candidates for your job.

  • Location: Biggar Road, Edinburgh, City Of Edinburgh, EH10 7BH

  • Phone number: +44 131 564 0755

Construction & Property Recruitment

They operate in a variety of industries including construction, construction, construction management, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, structural engineering, research, project management, labor, and trade.

As a leading professional recruitment agency, C & P Recruitment works with leading contractors, consultancy firms, and local governments.

They understand how time-wasting and costly it can be to hire the right staff.

  • Location: 4 Eyre Place, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH3 5EP

  • Phone number: +44 131 467 0085

Advance Global Recruitment

Advance Global Recruitment provides an international energy recruitment solution.

They help meet permanent and short-term needs, whether they are individual employees or the entire team.

Their business began in 2011 and is headquartered in Edinburgh with two locations in the UK and abroad.

These are accredited by the  Maritime and Coastguard Agency and ISO accredited for quality, environmental performance, and safety.

  • Location: Beaverbank Business Park, Unit 16, Logie Mill, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH7 4HG

  • Phone number: +44 131 554 3454

Chefs on the Run

Based in Edinburgh, Chefs on the Run employs full-time and temporary catering and hospitality staff.

They work with hotels, restaurants, event companies, and even nursing homes to provide staff for long-term missions and to take employees off.

They work with candidates of all levels, from junior staff to senior management. Their team has over 28 years of work experience in the industry.

  • Location: 7 Melville Cres, Edinburgh EH3 7LZ, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 131 557 4449

Dixon Walter

Dixon Walter offers executive recruitment solutions in the UK through teams in Edinburgh, London, and Newcastle.

They are particularly focused on higher education, housing, rehabilitation, board practice, financing, and development.

It also performs preliminary, conditional, and international searches.

They started in 2015 and have overseen Beyond Housing, Bunri University of Scotland, Tees Esk, Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust and more.

  • Location: 50 Melville St, Edinburgh EH3 7HF, United Kingdom

Evolve IT Recruitment

Evolve IT Recruitment is a consultancy for the Technology and Digital sectors.

With their main office in Edinburgh, they have a national reach and support ventures in their search for a permanent and contract workforce.

They cover areas including but not limited to, Information Security, Infrastructure, and Software Engineering.

They were established in 2012 by a recruiter with over 17 years of experience working in the UK and New Zealand

  • Location: 20 Forth St, Edinburgh EH1 3LH, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 131 563 7240

Gilliat Moray

Gilliat Moray is looking for candidates for leadership positions in various industries such as FMCG, financial services, and retail.

They are in Edinburgh and host both public and private organizations.

Earlier clients include Telefonica, Ernst & Young, and many FTSE companies.

Founded in 2011, it is a member of the Executive Research Association and Recruitment & Employment Confederation.

  • Location: 3 Melville Street, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH3 7HW

  • Phone number: +44 7714 342388

Head Medical

Head Medical is an international healthcare recruitment company based in Edinburgh, offering full-time and temporary positions to practitioners of all levels.

Since its establishment in 2008, it has staffed more than 1,500 doctors and has partnered with more than 20 institutions, including the Guangzhou R & F Hospital in China and the Saudi Arabian National Guard Health Department.

  • Location: 2 Manor Pl, Edinburgh EH3 7DD, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 131 226 2200

Jane Paul Recruitment

Jane Paul Recruitment supports future employees and employers in permanent and temporary professional service positions.

Their services include mid-to-advanced position search and selection, and targeted executive recruitment in all areas except IT.

With Edinburgh as their main base, they supply to companies mainly based in Scotland.

It was founded in 2007 with the owner having more than 20 years of experience.

  • Location: 9-10 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh EH2 2AF, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 131 718 6012

JMP Selection

JMP Selection is a professional recruiting agency based in Edinburgh that specializes in accounting and finance.

They support the requirements for senior positions such as the CFO, middle positions such as accountants, companies across Scotland, venture support companies, and short-term provisional positions for FMCG organizations.

Their client portfolio includes Royal Bank of Scotland, Baxters Food Group, and Sigma Capital Group PLC.

  • They were founded in 2009.

  • Location: 125 Princes St, Edinburgh EH2 4AD, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 800 232 1180

Livingston James

Livingston James is looking for recruitment consultants for private companies and nonprofits in Scotland and the United Kingdom.

They are looking for permanent and interim positions from all disciplines.

Founded in 2010, it has worked with many companies such as Ernst & Young and Skills Development Scotland.

They have offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

  • Location: 69 George St, Edinburgh EH2 2JG, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 131 220 2209

Premier Connections Staff Recruitment

Premier Connections Staff Recruitment is a professional catering and hospitality agency.

They provide opportunities for full-time and temporary chefs, general managers, front-of-house workers, etc. for facilities such as hotels, luxury yachts, and private homes.

Since they started their business in 1985, they have been dealing with clients even from foreign countries.

They are a member of the Federal Association of Small Business Owners.

  • Location: 40 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh EH12 5JZ, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 131 346 7636

Spring Technology

Spring Technology, part of the international recruiting agency Adecco Group, is an IT and engineering recruitment consultancy.

With 10 offices across the UK and more than 30 years of industry experience, they find thousands of applicants each year in both public and private institutions for permanent, temporary, and contractual employment.

  • Location: 50 Frederick St, Edinburgh EH2 1NG, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 131 524 9076

  1. Stealth IT Recruitment

Stealth IT Recruitment delivers full-time, permanent, and contract IT professionals for multiple industries like Financial Services, Government, and Media and Broadcasting.

They focus on specific fields, including Software and Mobile App Development, Agile Product Management, and UX/UI Design.

  • Location: 21 Hill St, Edinburgh EH2 3JP, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 845 519 2461

Subsurface Global

Subsurface Global employs full-time and contract crews in the oil and gas upstream E & P sector, especially in the geosciences, petroleum engineering, drilling & wells businesses.

With teams based in Edinburgh and Abu Dhabi, they offer global opportunities from the UK to Asia. They have multinational chains like CNOOC Ltd and Mubadara Oil.

Founded in 2008, it is part of the WeConnect Energy Network, a global energy consulting group.

  • Location: Shandwick Pl, Edinburgh EH2 4SD, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 131 264 0000

Time Recruitment Services

Time Recruitment deals with the recruitment of both permanent and temporary staff for businesses and companies.

They offer opportunities in the legal, property, charity, energy, secretarial and administration, sales and marketing, accounts, and finance sectors.

  • Location: 1 Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH1 2AS, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 7942 729716

Wilkinson and Associates

W&A is a dedicated recruitment agency that provides services to employers in many industries.

Their sectors of recruitment include accountancy, finance analytics, corporate finance, audit, tax, risk, and change management.

  • Location: 50 Melville St, Edinburgh EH3 7HF, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 131 225 8030

Adam Appointments

This is a corporate governance recruitment agency that covers financial services and professional services.

They recruit for both permanent and temporary positions. Although founded in 2003, its team has a combined experience of 30 years in recruitment.

  • Location: 83 Princes St, Edinburgh EH2 2ER, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 131 247 6755


Founded in 2006, Johnston Greer is a niche recruiting agency specializing in actuarial, insurance, legal, mortgage, pension, and wealth sectors.

They provide enterprises with specific solutions for retention search, emergency recruitment, and comprehensive senior recruitment.

For potential employees, they offer permanent, temporary, and contractual positions anywhere in the UK, and even in remote locations where possible.

They have offices in Edinburgh and London.

  • Location: 28 Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH1 2BW, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 131 292 0777

Keillar Resourcing

Keillar Resourcing employs investment and wealth management professionals in the UK and around the world.

A team based in Edinburgh and London, working with candidates and companies as well to meet recruitment needs in the areas of financial advice, client support and investment advice.

  • Location: 15-16 Queen St, Edinburgh EH2 1JE, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 131 541 2273

Management Staff Consultants

Management Staff Consultants is a Scottish-based recruitment and search consultant specializing in the appointment of managers and senior managers. 

They are a small, highly focused team with over 60 years of professional senior recruitment and career advice. 

They provide candidates with an informed and secret approach to career advancement and new opportunities. 

Their clients also receive an informed and dedicated approach to solving resource issues up to board-level appointments.

Location: Belgrave Business Centre, 45 Frederick St, Edinburgh EH2 1EP, United Kingdom

Net Talent

Net Talent is a professional recruitment consultant focused on technology, and digital data work in Scotland, the United Kingdom, and beyond.

They match the technical talents a company needs to grow, helping technology professionals discover opportunities to take their careers to new heights.

  • Location: 101 George St, Edinburgh EH2 3ES, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 131 270 6616


Venesky-Brown is a staffing agency that transcends industries such as management services, construction, and IT.

They provide full-time, contract, and temporary workers to public and private companies across the country.

They were formed in 2005 and have teams in Edinburgh and Milton Keynes. They have more than 20 certifications.

  • Location: 4A Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH1 2AS, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 131 357 2141

Choice Consultants

Choice Consultants is a media sales specialist recruitment consultant founded in 1999.

They are one of Scotland’s leading advertising and media sales recruiting agencies that employ advertising and media sales staff at all levels of various international, and national media organizations.

  • Location: 8 Cammo Rd, Edinburgh EH4 8ED, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 7932 044143

Think Global Recruitment

Founded in 2000, the company specializes in accountancy and finance jobs.

They have assisted over 2000 accountants to move to over 60 different locations around the world.

They operate in Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda, the Caribbean, the US, Canada, the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

  • Location: 34-36 Rose St N Ln, Edinburgh EH2 2NP, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 131 260 5850

Greycoat Lumleys

Graycoat Lumleys has private staff around the world. They have departments for recruiting people on private land, childcare and education, catering and hospitality, businesses, skiing, and yachting.

Founded in 1996, it has offices in Edinburgh, London, Northern England, and Switzerland. They are part of the Empresaria Group, which has offices in 19 countries.

  • Location: 1 Hill St, Edinburgh EH2 3JP, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 131 556 5139

Neilson Recruitment

Neilson Recruitment is a professional sales and recruitment agency focused on the construction, engineering, electrical, and HVAC industries. In addition, there are vacancies in non-sales positions in IT, manufacturing, and production.

They are based in Edinburgh in the UK and Overseas.

They have over 10 years of relevant experience. Among their customers are PPG and Naylor Industries Plc.

  • Location: Westpoint, 4 Redheughs Rigg, Edinburgh EH12 9DQ, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 131 338 6145

Radial Recruitment

Radial Recruitment connects potential Scottish employees and employers to provide marketing, digital marketing, communications, and design appointments.

They were founded in 2017 by recruiters with nearly 10 years of relevant experience. They provide services such as mock interviews to applicants and support companies in creating job descriptions and interview support.

Their office is in Edinburgh.

  • Location: 3 Melville Cres, Edinburgh EH3 7HW, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 7886 288884

Change Recruitment Group

A reputable recruitment agency with over 50 years in the recruitment industry.

Their areas of expertise include Accountancy and Finance, Investment Management and Asset Servicing, IT, Digital and Business Change, Professional Services, Risk and Compliance, and Customer Contact, Business Services.

  • Location: 2 Manor Pl, Edinburgh EH3 7DD, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 131 225 7744

Cathcart Energy

Cathcart Energy deals with developers, manufacturers, consultancy, and construction companies in the field of renewable energy.

Through their offices in Edinburgh, Germany, Sweden, France, Denmark, and the Netherlands, they connect clients and candidates across the UK and Europe.

The agency looks for positions in all levels and areas of the energy industry. Cathcart Energy is part of the Cathcart Associates Group.

  • Location: 40 George St, Edinburgh EH2 2LE, United Kingdom

  • Phone number: +44 131 510 1500

In Summary:

The employment market in Edinburgh is dynamic and expanding.

Edinburgh has the lowest unemployment rate in the UK and looking at the employment market and living expenses in Edinburgh compared to London, we can see that Edinburgh’s salaries are high and living expenses are low.

Thus, making it a wonderful place to work in.

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