Top Quality Assurance Resume Skills; Create Your Quality Assurance Resume

Quality Assurance is a role in which you check the quality of a product or service. So, if you are applying for the profile of a Quality Assurance, your resume must match the quality required for the role. Therefore, you need to put your best foot forward when creating a resume for Quality Assurance. 

So, if you are getting ready to apply for all the Quality Assurance roles in the town, make sure to create a resume in the correct format and chronology. Then, let’s discuss how you can nail the perfect resume for this role. 

Clear and Concise Header

The first portion of any resume is the header. You don’t need to go round and round while writing your header. However, it needs to be to the point, unambiguous, and concise.

Next, you need to add your full name, current job profile/ prospect, and primary contact details. Next, please add your professional portfolio link. 

Quality Assurance Resume Summary

The summary portion generally includes the key highlights from your resume, which are the critical areas in your excel. You need to summarize your Quality Assurance resume and create an interest for the recruiter.

You do not need to add any irrelevant information here. This portion will determine whether the recruiter wants to continue reading it or move on to the next resume. 

Also, make sure you use a formal tone while writing your professional summary. Using an informal tone here might end up looking unprofessional.

Work Experience as a Quality Assurance Specialist

The work experience here needs to be put in the correct format, and all the necessary information needs to be conveyed. Here are some of the critical elements you need to take care of:

  • Reverse Chronology- When writing your work experience, you need to practice the reverse chronology method.

    The current company you work for will be at the top and then accordingly.

  • Company’s name and the tenure you worked there for.

  • Your everyday role and duties.

  • Any improvement in the quality standards for the product.

  • Any profits which were a result of your quality standards.

  • Reference of someone from the organization.

If you want to get an edge over other competitors, you might want to use quantifiable factors.

For example, showing a quantifiable number for the amount of growth and improvement you have brought might quickly increase your chances of being hired.

Quality Assurance Resume Skills That Make You A Good Fit 

Not many people give due importance to the skill section of the resume.

However, you need to be very smart and careful about the skills you want to add here. Your skills will reflect if you are the right person for the role. 

So, when you are adding the skills to the resume, make sure you don’t skip any.

There are two different skills you can add to increase your chances-

  • Soft Skills- It includes communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership quality, good listener, team player, etc.

    So, please make a list of all the soft skills you have and add them to your resume.

  • Technical Skill– In this tech-savvy world, you need to have basic and advanced technical skills required for any role. 

If you know more than one language, add them to your resume and your proficiency level.

Then, if you prepare the resume in the correct format, you might land your dream Quality Assurance role. We would love to hear from you on the quality assurance resume skills detailed above. Please share your thoughts below.

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