11 Top Nursing Schools in Spain|Tuition & Requirements

Searching for the top nursing schools in Spain? Spain remains one of the best countries in the world to study nursing.

Not just because of the excellent working conditions or the cheap style of living or the world-class universities but because nurses are in high demand in this country.

Being home to one of the best nursing schools in the world, Spain attracts students from all over the world at a high rate.

Students get to study in Spain and also get to work or look for a job immediately after graduation, as the system allows you to stay in Spain for up to a year to enable do this.

There are two sectors in the nursing world in Spain.

The public sector and the private sector. The private sector is where all the gold is, as they employ the most nurses and pay the most.

The private sector also has more access to better technology and better-trained nurses.

With the good weather, low cost of living, and friendly community, we are glad you have decided to study nursing in Spain and we have put together a list of the top Nursing Schools in Spain for you to make your best decision.

Things to consider while choosing the right nursing school

  1. Accreditation. It just makes common sense to attend the accredited nursing schools in Spain.

    This not only guarantees you a quality education and training in this field but also an added advantage in dealing with potential employers.

  2. Clinical experiences. The right nursing school will provide you with the necessary hands-on experience you need to become an experienced nurse right out of graduation.

    This will ensure you don’t only focus on gaining theoretical knowledge alone but on putting that knowledge to practice even as you learn.

  3. Cost. Let’s face it, studying nursing is not cheap. In choosing the right nursing school, one must check for the tuition fees, the cost of books and materials, housing, and food expenses.

    It helps in knowing what your budget can handle as you fully weigh the full cost.

  4. Reputation. When you finally graduate and you get a job interview, guess what your employer will want to know. Where did you graduate from?

    Although there are quite a number of good nursing schools in Spain, there are few that have been marked out as being known to produce the best nurses in any specialty or field.

    Aligning your interests towards this area when making a decision on the right nursing school to attend will make a lot of difference in your post-graduation life.

  5. Statistics. Some nursing schools in Spain have good statistics.

    This means that some schools tend to have more of their graduates employed in the work sector than others.

    This is a very important thing to consider when looking for the right nursing school for your choice.

  6. Your choice of nursing degree. This is because not all nursing schools offer a bachelor’s degree. Some offer only an associate degree. While some offer both.

  7. The learning style. Find out how the learning is structured. Some offer online options, others don’t. Some offer both.

    Having an idea of how the students in the school you’re considering are coping is valuable information to have.

Successfully, choosing the right nursing schools in Spain will be a great boost in your confidence as a professional, have been trained by the finest instructors, with adequate academic and clinical experiences.

Below is a list of schools in Spain we consider to have the top nursing schools in Spain

  • University of Barcelona

  • University of Granada

  • University of Salamanca

  • University of Murcia

  • University of Léon

  • European University of Madrid

  • Saint Louis University, Madrid

  • International University of Catalonia

  • The University of A Coruña 

  • Francisco de Vitoria University

  • Cardinal Herrera University (CEU)

University of Barcelona

This world-class university with a world ranking of 131 is considered one of the top nursing schools in Spain and in the world.

It has an acceptance rate of 75% and it enrolls more than 90,000 students every year – domestic and international. It is the top university in Spain. Currently, the University of Barcelona offers seventy-four bachelor’s programs and fifteen double degrees which goes to show how vast and committed this university is to learning and education in general, and of course, they offer a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

To pursue a nursing degree in this school, you will have to pass the PAP(personal aptitude test). International students will have to provide a transcript.

For graduate degrees, a certificate of your previous degree will be needed. Since the general language of instruction in most nursing schools in Spain is Spanish. Aspiring international students must have a Spanish level B2.


The documents required for admissions are:

  • A copy of the online application form for admission is signed by a tutor in the applicant’s home university.

  • A letter of recommendation signed by a staff member from the applicant’s home university.

  • An original document listing the courses studied at the applicant’s home university.

  • The curriculum of the degree taken at the applicant’s home university.

  • Proof of language proficiency.

  • A passport photograph.

  • Attesting documents of enrollment fees.

Tuition fees

An application fee of €30 is required and the average tuition fee for undergraduate students who are outside the EU is between €4000 to €6,000.

For more information, visit the link to the School’s Nursing program here.

University of Granada

This is another word-class university ranking 303 on the global universities list. It has a top-notch nursing school, known for excellence and its highly capable graduates.

It enrolls over fifty thousand students of which 10% are international students. It’s the fourth-largest university in Spain. The University of Granada offers over seventy undergraduate programs and over a hundred master’s degrees.

It is considered the national leader in Computer Science Engineering and Translation and Interpreting Studies. And also, a major leader in nursing programs. The duration of study is four years.


It’s best you contact the university on this one, as they would be able to guide you better.

However, with a transcript, application form, letter of recommendation, proof of language, and tuition fees, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Tuition fees

Most undergraduate programs at the University of Granada are below €1,000.

To pursue a nursing degree in this school will cost you less than  €800.

Accommodation in Granada usually entails having 2-3 other people sharing a flat with cheap options of around €300 a month.

For more information, visit the link to the School’s Nursing program here.

University of Salamanca

This school is considered one of the most prestigious in the world and is ranked 720 globally. It is noted for its excellence in language studies, law, and economics.

The University of Salamanca is the oldest university in Spain, founded in 1218. It enrolls over 28,000 students and offers over 250 academic programs.

This school also has one of the established and renowned nursing schools in Spain.


  • Application form
  • Secondary school certificate or equivalent
  • Academic documents

Tuition fees

This also differs on the program of study but tuition fees for the University of Salamanca average around €2,500.

Accommodation averages around €700 to €1,200 per month including feeding. 

For more information, visit the link to the School’s Nursing program here.

University of Murcia

This is the third oldest university in Spain, founded in 1281. With over 33,009 students enrolled, over 50 bachelor’s degrees, and 100 master’s programs, this is a top-quality school.

Boasting of over 1,000 professors, this school has a reputable nursing program that produces one of the best there is in the entire world. 


  • Application form
  • Secondary school certificate or equivalent
  • Academic documents

Tuition fees

The university gives you the opportunity to calculate the tuition fees according to the program you choose. In this case, which is nursing, the tuition fees are slightly over €1,000.

Accommodation is around €260 per month.

For more information, visit the link to the School’s Nursing program here.

University of Léon

This school enrolls over 12,000 students and has fifty-three-degree programs. A reputable school that started offering veterinary medicine in the 1850s. With an established nursing school that produces highly trained nursing professionals.


  • Application form
  • Secondary school certificate or equivalent
  • Academic documents

Tuition fees

Tuition in this university averages around €3,500.

Accommodation and living costs hit over €9,800.

Visit the school website for more information.

Other Top Nursing Schools in Spain:

European University of Madrid

Visit the school website here.

Saint Louis University, Madrid

Visit the school website here.

International University of Catalonia

Visit the school website here.

The University of A Coruña 

This is another top-tier university with a total number of students of almost 17,000. It’s a public university located in A Coruña, founded in 1989. The school has estas itself as a major leader in nursing programs.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees hover around €3,000 on average.

Visit the website for more.

Francisco de Vitoria University

A reputable private university run by a Roman Catholic institution that excels in the field of science.

Tuition fees

For international students, fees go up to over $10,000 a year.

Learn more here.

Cardinal Herrera University (CEU)

A Catholic university with bachelor’s programs in Medicine and Health, Agriculture and Forestry, Arts, design, and Architecture.

It enrolls over 10,000 students, in a capable nursing school.

Tuition fees

Almost €9,000 for an international student per year.


The good news is that tuition fees for schools in Spain, generally, are affordable.

Most public universities charge between €700 to €3000. Coupled with affordable housing and feeding.

The majority of students also work alongside study to support themselves. You also have the option of applying for a work-after-study visa that grants you permission to remain one year in Spain after graduation to look for a job.

Every year, Spain continues to attract thousands of international students to its shores and from this article, you can see the reason is not difficult to see.

So far, we’ve compiled for you the top five nursing schools in Spain and other schools with top nursing schools in Spain as well that you can consider.

We wish you a favorable study in Spain, should our article have motivated you? Please send an email or mention other top nursing schools in Barcelona you know.

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