20 Top Healthcare Staffing Agencies in Michigan

Healthcare Staffing Agencies are really underrated, with respect to what they do. If you have ever sourced a talent, you would know just how difficult it is to get the right candidate. 

This is one of the things Healthcare Staffing Agencies in Michigan can do. They also help job seekers to land their next dream job in healthcare.  

They bridge the gap in the healthcare employment industry for job seekers and healthcare seekers.

They take on the most difficult job and deliver on it. Most people rely on them to make informed decisions on the type of people they hire for healthcare services. They make the hiring process easier for people in need of healthcare services. 

20 Best Healthcare Staffing Agencies in Michigan to Choose From

In Michigan, they offer the best healthcare staffing solutions to organizations that need them.

They also provide opportunities to job seekers that want to start a career in healthcare. 

Entech Medical Staffing

With a rating of over 4.5, Entech Medical staffing tops the list in healthcare staffing. It is located in Troy Michigan and offers different healthcare staffing services.

They provide exceptional In-home care services, connecting highly trained professionals with a fulfilling jobs. 

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Vibrus Group

This is a unique sourcing group that hires candidates with raw talent in healthcare. They focus on professionals who show experience, reliability and extreme care in healthcare services. 

What they do is not just hire anyone who can provide the service you need, but they offer you professionals who can become a natural caregiver to you.

They offer you professionals who can fall in love with their jobs and nurse you back to health.

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Positive Results Staffing Agency

A positive result staffing agency is a core healthcare agency that provides you with the on-demand nursing staff you need. 

They make sure to source highly qualified candidates who show the best care solutions to people that need them. 

They offer candidates seeking healthcare jobs the opportunity to get hired and be paid for the service they will offer.

They offer you a team where you can be the caring ‘you’ that is concerned with the health of your employer.

Some of their must-haves for healthcare professionals include:

  • RN, LPN, & CAN Screened and ready to work.

  • OSHA training such as patient safety, infection control, HIPAA, etc.

  • Professional references and quality evaluations.

  • Current CPR or BLS certifications where applicable.

  • License/Certification Verification with Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

  • Serving Ann Arbor & Detroit Metro

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Daisy Medical Staffing

Owned by experienced professionals Claire and James who have over 30 years of experience in healthcare; Daisy Medical Staffing understands the importance of trust and confidence in sourcing talents.

They evolved to build a team of the finest caliber of healthcare professionals who know what they do and love what they do.

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Catalyst Healthcare Staffing Group

This service is open to anyone in the U.S. They provide easy access to quality staff who are passionate about what they do.

For whatever your need might be, reach out to them to help you find the right staff for your need.

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Prime Healthcare Staffing

Apply for a role as unique as you in primary healthcare staffing. They put a value on their staff because they appreciate their effort to care for people.

Prime healthcare staffing puts their staff first and helps them connect to unique opportunities to show off their talent.

Source from this team of professionals who are contented individuals who put energy and enthusiasm into what they do. 

For whatever service you need, they will give you a perfect choice.

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MedNational Staffing Solutions Inc

This agency is located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, and provides excellent healthcare services Nationwide.

They help you connect with a job that aligns with your skills and talent. They bridge the gap between you and landing your dream job.

MedNational is committed to your career goals and supports your dreams by bringing you job opportunities tailored to suit your skills.

They value their staff and provide conditions that make them stay for the long term.

They also provide you with an excellent team of professionals that will solve whatever healthcare challenge you have. Get in touch with them today.

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CareerStaff Unlimited-Detroit

This is an employment agency in Bingham Farms, Michigan. Sourcing talents has never been easy but CareerStaff makes it stress-free for you. 

They are able to source individuals who are willing to commit their heart and mind to give you a premium 5-star service anywhere, anytime.

But how do they find these unique talents? By offering them the best enticing offers that would help their career goals and fit their talent.

Working with CareerStaff gives you flexibility around your schedule, decide on how you will get paid and when you will get paid.

It addition, they connect you with a personal support system. The recruiters connect with you on a personal level and let you lean on them during the hard periods. 

One unique feature of CareerStaff is that they offer a referral where you get awarded for referring a good nurse or clinician.

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A-Line Staffing Solutions Michigan

They offer flexible staffing for healthcare professionals in Utica Michigan. They are highly responsive to your calls and demands.

They provide you with the best-committed staff that you need.

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All Medical Personnel

All Medical personnel offers you healthcare staffing and solutions in Michigan for Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing and beyond.

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AmeriStaff Nursing Services

AmeriStaff provides you with nursing services at the comfort of your home.

Located in Troy Michigan, they are the best option for private pay nurses, occupational or physical therapists, home health aides, and home healthcare.

What makes them the best is that they offer you services as they would to their family.

Their staff treat patients as family and are able to nurse them back to health. They have been named the best workplace for healthcare in Michigan by the state of Michigan. This award shows their special commitment to your health and life.

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Snelling Staffing Services

Since 1951, Staffing Services has been providing the best healthcare solutions to patients. They have over 80 offices and 5000+ clients.

Combining their experience with expertise, they become an advocate for your career and or for the talent you are seeking. 

Take your worries to the people who can handle them and they will get you the absolute best. 

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ATC Healthcare Services

This is an employment agency in mid-land, Michigan. They have highly qualified and trained healthcare professionals. They put their patients at the heart of their jobs. 

Combining their 30 years of experience with exceptional care, they provide a long-lasting solution to healthcare services and sourcing.

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Amira Medical Staffing Inc

Located in Garden City, Michigan; Amira medical staffing has the expertise to source the best candidates for their clients.

They have an extensive customer service system that you can contact regarding any issue.

They offer services to:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Acute Care Facilities
  • Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Physician Practices
  • Outpatient Surgery Centers
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Schools 

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Health Providers Choice Michigan

This is a Nursing agency located in Rochester Hills, Michigan that provides staff for travel nursing. They have gained competence and trust in Michigan since their reception in 2001. 

HPC takes on national nursing and allied nursing of different contract types like travel, local and per diem contracts. 

Discover an agency that is your number 1 choice in healthcare services and choose from this experienced team of professionals.

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Centered Care of Michigan

They provide you with a top-rated home care service like no other. 

Its mission is to provide patient-centered, nursing-centered and hope-centered care in the comfort of your home.

They work with patience and tender care that will nurse you back to a good condition.

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This is a healthcare employment agency in Traverse City, Michigan. They offer you the opportunity to streamline your temporary staffing process.

Save time, money and administrative work while reducing compliance risk, all through a point of contact.

This is one of the healthcare staffing agencies in Michigan that provides inclusive services to both employers and job seekers in healthcare.

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Maxim Healthcare

Located in different parts of Michigan, Maxim makes sure to provide you with the expert healthcare service you desire. 

Guided by high ethics and standards, they work to provide you with top-notch quality service in different areas of healthcare.

They are committed to you and your needs and to provide you with whatever you require to ensure a satisfactory service.

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Avid Medical Staffing Agency

This is a nursing agency located in Detroit, Michigan that provides premium healthcare services to patients.

They provide healthcare staffing for long-term acute care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, physical rehabilitation centers, and assisted living facilities.

They have innovative facilities which help them to provide excellent unequaled healthcare services to patients.

Avid Medical Staffing Agency helps caregivers get connected to jobs that suit their unique skills and disposition.

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Honor Medical Staffing

Honor Medical is located in Southfield Michigan but provides healthcare services all over the country. It was founded in 1985 and has since been a top agency in healthcare staffing.

Honor Medical provides both locum tenens and permanent staffing, covering areas in healthcare staffing like:

  • Physicians  
  • CRNAs
  • Physician Assistants
  • Nurse Practitioners

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Health care agencies have become a bridge for employers and job seekers in healthcare. They provide travel opportunities, especially for those who look forward to working in a different country. 

Their ability to find the top talent available for recruiting makes them the top pick for healthcare services. 

If you are in Michigan seeking a good agency, going through this list will give you detailed information about the healthcare staffing agencies in Michigan to choose from.

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