13 Adoption Agencies in Arizona|Cost & Requirement

Are you an adoptive parent looking to adopt a child? Are you searching for adoption agencies in Arizona?

We have written everything you need to know about adoption processes in Arizona, and how you can contact adoption agencies in Arizona to begin your search. We are sure that you will find this blog helpful.

The adoption process in Arizona can be a bit confusing, especially for families who have only ever been involved in private adoptions in the past.

It is important to choose an agency that will help you through every step of the process and provide expert guidance during some difficult times.

Previously, we’ve looked at the Top Adoption Agencies in New Mexico, but in this article, to help you find the right agency for your family, we’ve outlined 13 reputable adoption agencies in Arizona below:

The List of Adoption Agencies in Arizona

Aid to Adoption of Special Kids (AASK)

Address: 2320 North 20th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85006.
Phone: (602) 254-2275
Fax: (602) 212-2564
Toll-Free: (800) 568-2614

One of the first adoption agencies in Arizona to appear on our list will be AASK. In addition to being a private adoption agency, Aid to Adoption of Special Kids (AASK) is also a licensed adoption agency.

This means that they are authorized by the government to perform certain functions related to child placement and adoption.

Licensed adoption agencies in Arizona must be accredited by the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA), which sets standards for services provided by licensed agencies and regulates their operations.

AASK is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children in foster care find permanent families by providing high-quality service and support throughout the entire process of adoption for them as well as prospective adoptive parents who live within Arizona.

They also work with prospective adoptive parents who live outside Arizona but want to adopt from their state because some children may not be eligible for international or domestic private placement due to financial situation or other issues such as race/ethnicity or age of child etc.

Arizona’s Children Association (AzCA)

Address: 2700 South Eighth Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85713.
Phone: (520) 622-7611
Fax: (520) 624-7042
Toll-Free: (800) 947-7611

Arizona’s Children Association (AzCA) is a government-owned adoption agency in Arizona dedicated to finding loving homes for children who have been in foster care. They help provide services to families who want to adopt, including post-adoption support and training.

Who can adopt through AzCA?

To be eligible for adoption through Arizona’s Children Association, you must:

  • Be at least 21 years old or older if you’re adopting as a single parent or married couple.
  • Have no prior felony convictions.
  • Be approved by the state of Arizona before starting the home study process.

Adoption Choices of Arizona

Address: 2516 E. University Dr., Ste. 130, Phoenix, AZ 85034.
Toll-free: (888) 422-9912
Email: info@adoptionchoicesofarizona.com

Adoption Choices of Arizona is a non-profit adoption agency that helps parents with open adoption and international adoption. They have four offices in Arizona, including one in Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, and Yuma.

Building Arizona Families

Address: 6027 North 132nd Drive, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340.
Phone: (623) 936-4729
Fax: (623) 936-4729
Toll-Free: (800) 340-9665

Building Arizona Families is a private non-profit adoption agency in Arizona that has been helping families build their own families since 1945.

The agency works with families across the country, including those in Arizona, who are interested in adopting children. Building Arizona Families seeks to find children loving homes and help make sure they have the opportunity to live a full and happy life.

They help match adoptive parents with children who need a family through its website or its offices in Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, and Tucson.

Catholic Social Services of Central & Northern Arizona

Address Line 1: 1825 West Northern Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85021.
Phone: (602) 997-6105
Fax: (602) 943-0377

Address Line 2: 430 North Dobson Road, Suite 110, Mesa, AZ 85201.
Phone: (480) 964-8771
Fax: (480) 964-8865

As a Christian faith-based organization, Catholic Social Services (CSS) is committed to helping children and families in need.

They are a nonprofit agency that provides counseling services, foster care, and adoption services, home health care assistance, and other resources to those in need within their community.

This non-profit organization has been providing these services to children and families in the community since 1959.

Christian Family Care Agency (CFCA)

Address Line 1: 6063 East Grant Road, Tucson, AZ 85712.
Phone: (520) 296-8255
Fax: (520) 296-8773

Address Line 2: 3603 North 7th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85013-3638.
Phone: (602) 234-1935
Fax: (602) 234-0022
Toll-Free: (800) 939-5432

CFCA is a non-profit organization. The agency is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and has been serving families since 1984. They are members of the National Council for Adoption and the National Catholic Council for Adoption.

Dillon Southwest

Address: 3014 North Hayden Road, Suite 101, Scottsdale, AZ 85251.
Phone: (480) 945-2221 

Dillon Southwest is a small adoption agency in Arizona that serves families in the Southwest. The agency is an affiliate of Dillon Child Welfare Services, one of the oldest and largest child welfare agencies in Arizona.

The affiliate was started by Nancy Dillon, who was once a case manager for DCWS and decided to open her private adoption service after seeing many children go into foster care without any adoptive families available to take them in.

Dillon Southwest has been open since 1984, and it’s grown from a single office in Tucson with only three employees to seven offices throughout Arizona with over 50 employees today. In addition to providing traditional adoptions through local court systems or private attorneys, they also offer domestic infant adoptions through their two-parent matching program, post-placement services such as counseling and education after placement occurs (which can be beneficial if you’re adopting an older child), sibling group adoptions (if you’re interested), medical history searches and more.

Hand in Hand International Adoptions

Address: 931 East Southern Avenue, Suite 108, Mesa, AZ 85204.
Phone: (480) 892-5550
Fax: (480) 892-7322

Hand in Hand International Adoptions is a non-profit adoption agency that has been helping children find families for over 30 years. They have offices in Arizona and Utah, and their goal is to provide every child with a loving family.

Hand in Hand International Adoptions works hard to ensure that they are always providing families with accurate information about the process of adopting internationally and domestically. 

Family Service Agency

Address: 411 North Central Avenue, #700, Phoenix, AZ 85034.
Phone: (602) 264-9891

Family Service Agency is a private, non-profit adoption agency in Arizona that has been helping families since 1966. They help children and their birth parents find each other by connecting them with the right agency. They also help families who want to adopt connect with the right agencies in their area.

Family Service Agency has a large network of resources available to them, including medical experts and financial aid programs.

The agency also operates according to high ethical standards—they’re known for being compassionate and professional while serving all clients with dignity and respect.

Their track record shows they’re good at what they do—they’ve helped hundreds of families adopt over the past 50 years.

International Child Foundation, Inc.

Address: 302 East Suffolk Drive, Tucson, AZ 85704.
Phone: (520) 531-9931

Adoption agencies in Arizona like ICF provide an important service to the children in their care. ICF, as a non-profit agency, aims to find permanent homes for kids who have been placed in foster care. The organization reaches out to families around the world so it can find appropriate adoptive parents for each of its children.

International Family Services (IFS)

Address: 5564 East Garnet Avenue, Mesa, AZ 85206.
Phone: (480) 924-1779
Toll-Free: (800) 619-8435

International Family Services (IFS) is a faith-based non-profit adoption agency in Arizona that has been in existence for over 30 years.

Founded in 1983 by a group of families who wanted to help children find loving homes, IFS is one of the very best adoption agencies in Arizona. It has become increasingly popular with adoptive parents over the last few decades.

They were named one of the top adoption agencies nationwide by Adoptive Families Magazine and ranked #1 on Child Welfare Information Gateway’s Adoption Agency Search tool in 2012.

As an accredited member agency, IFS helps many children find forever families each year through their services—including domestic adoptions, international adoptions from China and Ethiopia, foster care foster home adoptions (as well as other types), kinship care services, and childcare training programs for former foster youth transitioning out into adulthood.

LDS Family Services of Snowflake

Address: 641 South Main, Snowflake, AZ 85937.
Phone: (520) 536-4117
Fax: (520) 536-7626

LDS Family Services of Snowflake is a private, non-profit organization that provides adoption services to birth parents, adoptive parents, and children in Arizona. The agency was founded on the principle of helping families achieve their dreams of having a family.

In addition to providing pre-placement and post-placement services, LDS Family Services also offers counseling.

Couples who have been married for at least one year can receive free counseling from an LDS Family Services counselor before they decide whether or not they want to pursue adoption through the agency.

Oasis Adoption Services, Inc. (OAS)

Address: 11795 North Via De La Verbenita, Tucson, AZ 85737.
Phone: (520) 579-5578
Fax: (520) 579-5578
Toll-Free: (866) 579-5578

Coming last on our list of adoption agencies in Arizona is the Oasis Adoption Services Inc. Oasis is a non-profit agency that has been serving the needs of children and families for over 20 years. Oasis is a licensed 501(c)(3) non-profit agency through the Arizona Department of Economic Security.

Popular Questions About Adoption in Arizona

While adoption and adoption agencies in Arizona have now become popular, some soon-to-be adoptive parents are still skeptical about what the process is exactly. Some of these parents ask questions like the ones below:

Does Arizona have Open adoptions?

Open adoptions are legally recognized in Arizona. An open adoption, also called a public or mutual relationship, is an arrangement where the birth parents and adoptive parents meet at least once during pregnancy and then remain in contact through visits, letters, or phone calls after the child is born. Open adoptions can be either full or partial (i.e. some identifying information shared).

Full open adoption agreements may include detailed information about each family member’s history, including medical histories; this type of agreement usually requires that there be no secrecy regarding the biological parents’ identities.

Partial open adoptions allow for some privacy on the part of both parties; this might mean that only photos are exchanged between families instead of names and addresses.

Is Arizona an adoption-friendly state?

Yes, Arizona has a long history of adoption. The first recorded adoption in Arizona was in 1898 and since then there have been thousands more.

In fact, in 1908, the State of Arizona passed a law that guarantees birth mothers full confidentiality on any records released to an adoptive parent or agency.

This means that when you adopt through an agency here, your child’s biological parents will never be able to contact them again (unless they decide otherwise).

Adopting your child through the state also means that their birth certificate will not include any information about their biological parents unless they choose to provide it themselves later on in life.

In addition, if you live outside of Arizona but want to take advantage of our laws regarding closed records and non-identifying information disclosure so that people can’t track down your child after they grow up, you can still use our services as long as you complete everything remotely from out-of-state locations like New York City or San Francisco instead!

How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Child in Arizona?

The cost of adoption is something that you will have to discuss with adoption agencies in Arizona. There is no set price for adopting a child, and it can vary depending on the type of adoption and which agency you choose. The cost will also depend on many other factors, such as:

  • The type of adoption you want to pursue (open or closed).

  • The age of the child (the older they are, the more expensive).

  • Your family’s circumstances (whether or not you have children already).

How Do I Adopt a Child in Arizona?

If you’re interested in adopting, there are several adoption agencies in Arizona (like the ones on this list) that work with the state of Arizona to help individuals or families adopt children. It is important to know that adoption isn’t a quick process.

It can take years before a young person is placed with their new family. If you’re considering adopting, make sure you have the emotional and financial support necessary to be patient while waiting for your child (or children) to come home.

There are many people who wish they could adopt children but aren’t able to do so because they don’t feel ready for such an important commitment. To learn more about whether or not adoption is right for you, you can speak with any of the adoption agencies in Arizona.

Do I Get Paid for Adopting a Child?

No, you don’t get paid to adopt a child (or children). It is not a job.


We hope that you found this list of adoption agencies in Arizona to be helpful. These organizations have been around for decades, and they have the experience necessary to help your family through the adoption process.

Some of these agencies are faith-based, while others serve all families regardless of religious beliefs or affiliations. We encourage you to contact one or more of these organizations if you’re considering adoption as an option.

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