Temporary School Buildings-The Rise & 3 Top Benefits

The education sector has already embraced the use of temporary school buildings, commonly known as modular school buildings. They have come in handy in creating ample learning space at affordable prices, whether they are bought or hired. Ultimately, there is a rise in the use of these structures in the learning sector all over the world.

Learning institutions such as kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, and universities that have not embraced temporary school buildings are missing a lot of benefits. But it is not too late, especially when you have the right information.

The Rise of Temporary School Buildings

The use of temporary school buildings has been on the rise according to experts because the structures are suitable for many school applications.

Schools and learning institutions can attest that the structures have been very helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide more affordable space in line with the requirements of health officials.

Both modular school structures and customized structures have been useful in the following areas.

·         Classrooms – Probably, you have seen temporary classrooms that are fabricated in a factory and either lifted to or assembled in a school compound. They are equipped with modern amenities to enable learning.

·         Sports facilities – Another amazing way temporary school buildings are used in schools is for sports activities. It could be a simple canopy or shade used in a sports field or a completely enclosed large dome for indoor games.

·         Offices – As a precaution to promote social distance among teachers and other employees in schools, temporary school buildings are also used as offices. They are quick to install and come equipped with all the necessary office amenities and eco-friendly lighting.

·         Storage – Learning institutions need a lot of space to store stationery, learning amenities, and archive some other items. The use of temporary school structures is now common because they are affordable and fast to set up.

The Benefits of Temporary School Buildings

According to experts at Smart-Space, one of the service providers of temporary school buildings in the UK, there are many benefits associated with these structures, which is why they are very popular today. It is good to go through the popular ones here.

·         They save time and money – Schools have embraced temporary school structures because they are fast to fabricate and install on site. Most of them, if not all, are available at a low cost, especially when a school decides to hire them for a short while.

·         They are versatile and flexible – Portable classrooms and sports halls, to be precise, are very flexible because they can be moved from one place to another easily. Likewise, all other temporary school buildings provide plenty of versatility and flexibility.

·         They blend in well with other school structures – While looking for affordable and versatile structures, schools also need structures that blend in well with existing structures for the school’s aesthetics. The temporary school buildings are just a perfect match for this need.


There are many other reasons why the education sector has embraced temporary school structures.

They are safe for students and teachers, who use them on a daily basis because they meet set structural standards. If your school has not embraced them, this is the time to do so.

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