35 Top Summer Schools In Europe: The Best Guide

Looking for the best summer schools in Europe? This article has got you covered. The schools listed here are without a doubt the top Summer schools in Europe, they offer credits in various courses across different fields. If I were you, I would waste no time at all in applying to any of these schools to earn credits in desired courses.

A simple method to gain credits between the spring and autumn semesters is through summer classes. Students who need to retake a course may find this to be extremely helpful. Summer courses can also be advantageous for students who are seeking early graduation.

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After earning a bachelor’s degree, students who wish to continue their education may wish to pursue a master’s degree. This advanced degree is offered in a variety of fields, including business, science, technology, the arts, and humanities.

By convention, one of the world’s seven continents is called Europe. Europe, which is Eurasia’s westernmost point, is typically separated from Asia by the Caspian and Black Seas, the Ural River, the Caspian and Black Seas’ watershed divides, and the rivers that connect the Black and Aegean Seas.

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The List of Summer Schools in Europe

In many ways, summer school can be completely different from regular university life. Alumni of summer school have even gone so far as to claim that their employment is a direct result of their transformational summer experience.

So, is attending a university this summer worth your time and money? Yes, as would be stated by many summer school participants! So let us go ahead to see the list of the top Summer schools in Europe.


Location: Paris

Students have the chance to visit Sup’Biotech for the three-week program in order to have an exceptional educational experience.

You will have the chance to experience the inductive pedagogy of the school while developing and obtaining knowledge and competencies in biotechnology, from stem cells to food science to cosmetology or environment.

Any biotechnology-related curriculum offered by Sup’Biotech can be tailored to your needs. Contact them here, if you have an idea of the program’s duration, topic, and participant count. By altering the sorts and amount of activities, they may assist you in developing a program that is both productive and affordable, ideally beginning with 10 students.

Find out more information here.

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Rome

Location: Italy, Rome

You can gain advantages by attending IED Summer Courses, which have a diverse student group that no other experience can match. You are actively involved in the learning process through workshops and cultural tours, which leads to a deeper level of understanding and the acquisition of useful skills.

You can review previously studied material or find new interests in the fashion, design, or visual arts industries by enrolling in their courses.

Find out more information here.

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Temple University Beasley School Of Law

Location: Rome, Italy

Thinkers, doers, and creators of all kinds can find a home at the Temple University Beasley School of Law.

At Temple, educators who have dedicated their lives to such activism teach students to think critically and strategically about the use of law as a weapon for social and systemic change. They discover the value of interdisciplinary teamwork and how it may spark original ideas for solving challenging issues.

In addition to their excellent instructors, Temple Law students also benefit from and impart knowledge on one another.

One reason for this is that they are dedicated to creating and maintaining a diverse, inclusive law school community that accepts individuals who have historically faced challenges to pursuing a legal education.

Find out more information here.

University Of Zurich

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

You have a variety of chances to participate in summer school at the University of Zurich.

Their summer schools provide you with a distinctive learning environment where you may engage with students from around the globe, learn from top academics, and form lifelong friendships.

Due to the global pandemic, they were one of only a handful of colleges to provide their summer programs online in 2020 and 2021. As a result, they learned a tremendous amount about what participants prefer and gained significant expertise.

Feedback was very favorable: 93% of students particularly praised the multidisciplinary nature of the summer schools, and 95% of students were very delighted with the way their virtual programs were organized.

Find out more information here.

Syracuse Academy

Location: Syracuse, Italy

International educational study abroad programs are offered by Syracuse Academy with an emphasis on promoting world peace, prosperity, equity, and justice for all.

They are a mission- and values-driven organization dedicated to intercultural dialogue, fostering local communities, comprehensive sustainable development, and the idea that no person or location should be left behind as society advances.

As a Sicilian-based organization, they are committed to addressing issues of regional and global significance while promoting the health and vitality of the island and its citizens, institutions, and natural ecosystems, including land and marine biodiversity and resilience in the face of climate change.

Find out more information here.

University Of Rijeka

Location: Rijeka, Croatia

The EFRI Summer School aims to increase students’ knowledge of economics, law, political science, administration, and other related fields related to the European Union’s economic integration process, as well as to highlight the benefits and drawbacks of economic integration and the business environment in daily life.

The summer school curriculum will include lectures, seminars, study trips, and group tasks that students will complete under the guidance of academic supervisors.

The School will be appealing to both students who have a basic understanding of EU issues and those who wish to learn more because of its unique approach.

The local community, prosperous Croatian businesses, domestic institutions, and international organizations all contributed to the creation of the EFRI Summer School program.

Find out more information here.

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EIT Manufacturing

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

An exceptional chance to develop innovation and entrepreneurship skills for the manufacturing industry in a global setting is provided by the EITM Doctoral Summer School on Green Manufacturing (DSGM).

Participants are immersed in a stimulating learning-by-doing experience during which they will discuss their research findings in the Summer Symposium, receive cutting-edge knowledge from international lecturers, and be guided along a Design Research Boot-camp to create original business ideas by entrepreneurship experts.

Last but not least, you will be required to address issues that actually affect businesses.

The EITM DSGM Summer School offers professional and doctoral students the chance to expand their networks with potential European partners and to develop the skills and competencies necessary to become successful entrepreneurs who can drive the development of the sustainable manufacturing of the future.

Find out more information here.

Other Summer Schools In Europe, Locations and Links are Listed Below:

Imperial College Business School

Location: London, UK

Find out more information here.

Ingeniarius Education

Location: Alfena, Portugal

Find out more information here.

European Centre for Career Education

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Find out more information here.

University of Exeter International Summer School

Location: Exeter, UK

Find out more information here.


Location: Paris France

Find out more information here.

Fundació Pere Tarrés

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Find out more information here.


Location: Paris, France

Find out more information here.

ESTP Paris

Location: Paris, France

Find out more information here.

Eastwest European Institute

Location: Rome, Italy

Find out more information here.

Aspira University College

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Find out more information here.

University of Veterinary Sciences

Location: Brno, Czech Republic

Find out more information here.

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Prague Film Institute

Location: Prague, Czech Republic.

Find out more information here.

CY Cergy Paris Universite

Location: Cergy, France

Find out more information here.



Location: Paris, France

Find out more information here.


Location: Paris, France

Find out more information here.

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Find out more information here.

Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne

Location: Paris, France

Find out more information here.

ESDES Lyon Business School

Location: Lyon, France

Find out more information here.

Toulouse Business School

Location: Toulouse, France

Find out more information here.

Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA)

Location: Rome, Italy

Find out more information here.

University of Bayreuth

Location: Bayreuth, Germany

Find out more information here.

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Brno University of Technology

Location: Brno, Czech Republic

Find out more information here.

Sciences Po Lille

Location: Lille, France

Find out more information here.

EIT Digital Summer School

Location: London, UK

Find out more information here.

Paris College of Art

Location: Paris, France

Find out more information here.

Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

Location: Giessen, Germany

Find out more information here.

Sacred Art School

Location: Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy

Find out more information here.

IFA Paris

Location: Paris, France

Find out more information here.

Benefits of Attending Summer Schools

The advantages of summer school attendance are endless! The advantages of participating in a top summer program range from social, cultural, and academic advantages to life experience and confidence. Nevertheless, we’ll make an effort to mention as many of these advantages as we can.

1. Increasing Social Understanding

The advantages for young people are enormous if you select an actual international summer school (by which we mean one that serves a diverse nationality mix and doesn’t have a high percentage of one country).

When students from many nationalities are housed together, they learn about one another’s cultures, religions, educational systems, political ideologies, and general ways of thinking.

In the end, bringing people together in an international setting breaks down so many social barriers, creating a broader awareness of the world around them and aiding young people in realizing we are all related. They learn to grow together in a healthy and supportive environment.

The world around them suddenly becomes more important and interconnected, which fosters the development of critical understanding and forges cross-cultural relationships.

When students get home, following news stories from around the world is no longer only about distant nations that have no bearing on them; instead, it is about nations where their friends live, fostering the development of global citizens who are aware of their place in the world.

2. Boosts Self-Assurance and Social Skills

The boost to young people’s confidence that summer school provides is among the advantages that have received the most attention. Many students who enroll in a summer program may have never been away from home before, and doing so in a supervised, encouraging atmosphere that has been created just for them gives them the chance to experiment with independence.

Students have a fantastic opportunity to strengthen their social skills at residential summer schools.

From day one, students begin to connect with others and form friendships; for many of them, they do it in their second language.

For many, this is the first opportunity they’ve had in a while to make new acquaintances or regularly interact with people they don’t know, which is excellent practice for starting university or at a new school.

3. Enhances Academic Performance and Learning

Students who attend summer schools that teach academic disciplines can benefit from a productive learning atmosphere.

Students can acquire university-level academic abilities that will help them throughout their time in school and beyond provided the academics are taught at a high level by experienced professionals in an open and safe environment.

Students are more actively involved in the learning process in summer schools than they are in typical classrooms, which frequently produces a deeper level of learning and transferable skills.

The topics of public speaking and presentation abilities as well as the development of leadership qualities that benefit students both socially and academically are frequently covered in summer school programs.

For people who do not speak English as their first language, many summer schools offer English language courses. However, full-immersion summer programs provide students significantly greater confidence in speaking the language, and parents frequently note the significant change in their level of English competence when their children return home.

Even better, if you can locate a summer program that combines native and non-native English speakers, you’ll start to notice actual improvements in both your ability to speak English and your understanding of other cultures.

Does Germany Have Summer School?

You can attend one of Germany’s Summer Schools throughout the summer. The RWTH International Academy’s registration period for all short courses has begun. International students are welcome to register for one of the two Summer Schools that are held in August.

Is There Summer School in Italy?

Yes! Summer schools in Italy are preferred by people who want to learn or develop a foreign language, obtain a qualification in a specific profession or field, make the most of their summer period after education, continue their education in Italy in the future, or simply explore Italy.

Does the UK Have Summer School?

Schools are free to run a one- or two-week summer school and may choose to include different students during that time, depending on their needs. This could imply that a shorter summer school will benefit more students.

Is Studying Abroad In The Summer Worth It?

Studying abroad during the summer can help you stand out from the competition in addition to being a fun and interesting method to achieve your degree. You can advance in your course more quickly or enroll in more subjects that interest you outside of your major by earning extra credits during the summer term.

Is January Intake Available In Italy?

There are two intakes each year for admission to Italian universities and colleges. September marks the start of the first one, which lasts until January or February. February marks the start of the second semester, which lasts until July.

How Long Is UK Summer School?

Summer courses are offered during the months of June, July, and August and run one to five weeks. They include housing, meals, and social outings and activities.

Are Summer Schools Effective?

In fact, the amount of knowledge acquired during the five weeks of the summer school is equivalent to what students generally learn over the same length of time during the school year. That’s significant. Summer school, which only offers instruction in the morning, can be just as effective as a regular school if you can convince kids to show up.

How Do I Choose A Summer School?

  • Location.
  • Where you will reside.
  • Available subjects
  • Teaching approach.
  • Extra-curricular.
  • Excursions.
  • Where your pals will be.

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