15 Top Summer jobs in Alaska for college Students: Available & Easy-to-get

There are a lot of summer jobs in Alaska for college students. As a college student, summer vacations will come and planning how you will fill every moment of your break beforehand can be very helpful.

While planning, you have to have your student life into consideration as well as your set out goals for this period of time.

There are so many summer experiences for you and before I go ahead to talk about the summer jobs in Alaska for college students, I will talk about some common summer experiences for college students. Are you thinking about what you will use your summer vacation for? think about the following.

6 Best summer experiences for college students

The following are some of the summer experiences to ponder.

A university course

Some students are interested in improving their course of study, summer vacations are the best period to do just that.

It could be through remediation or advanced studies in a narrow area of interest, you can decide to enrol in a university class in any of the local university campuses.

A community program for adults

Moving on, another way to develop yourself is to go for any of the community programs. Such programs can vary greatly in their focus, time frame, and price.


For some people who wish to improve the world in a certain way, summer vacations could be one of the best times to do so.

Not only will you be more refreshed when you return to university in the fall, but you will also develop persistence and hone skills that can benefit you in both school and life.


One of the proven ways to expand your horizon is through travelling.

Travelling can help you stimulate your brain and give you the opportunity to learn about the world around you.

It can provide you with new skills and experiences, and a boost in confidence—all of which can follow you into the classroom


Having a job, outside of its financial benefits, can help you gain valuable skills. Therefore you should consider the Summer jobs in Alaska for college Students.

If you secure a position in an area that you are considering as a career, it can also help you explore your future employment options.


Internships are another great way to accomplish these aims.

While internships are typically unpaid, they can be wonderful experiences, and they can also help you develop your network of professional contacts.

Talking about employment, let us now talk about Summer jobs in Alaska for college students in detail.

List of Summer jobs in Alaska for college

Here is the list of the Summer jobs in Alaska for college Students.

  • Tutor
  • Railway Bartender
  • Medical Receptionist
  • Motor Coach Maintenance
  • Logistics Clerk
  • Laundry Attendant
  • Housekeeper
  • Driver-Guide
  • Cook
  • Baker
  • Media Producer
  • Student Assistant
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Activities Desk Agents
  • Custodian

Railway Bartender

Are you drawn to things that are a little old-fashioned? Do you know how to make a delicious Old Fashioned (the cocktail)?

If yes and yes, you’ll be a great fit as a railway bartender!

The railway bartenders being one of the Summer jobs in Alaska for college Students, serve guests quickly, efficiently and most importantly do have a good knowledge of food and beverage menus. They in general offer superior customer service and equally maintain the station in a clean and orderly manner throughout their shift.

There’s a special nostalgic magic to trains, especially when you’re tending a bar. The tips are as good as the conversations, and you’ll have plenty of stories of your own after a summer riding the rails.

Motor Coach Maintenance

For students studying mechanical engineering related courses or maybe who love to learn about machinery can decide to consider transportation maintenance jobs.

For instance, if you chose to work in a train station, then one of your duties will be to ensure the trains are working in a good condition.

During this process, you get to learn about the mechanical and electrical principles from seasoned mechanics.

Logistics Clerk

This is one of the Summer jobs in Alaska for college Students. This job is for students who are studying accounting. Sometimes, how to get a good experience in this field is to go for a hands-on experience, which will be useful after graduation.

As a logistics clerk, you will be able to develop the skills your future employers are looking for. You will learn how to prioritize work, meet deadlines and maintain good attention to detail, not to forget working in a team or group.

Laundry Attendant

This is one of the easiest and calm summer jobs to get. Your job basically will be to put bedsheets and other items in good condition and as well get to join some other housekeeping duties.

Driver Guide

This is one of the Summer jobs in Alaska for college Students whose role is to transfer hotel guests to and fro their wilderness lodges.

During this period, you are expected to point out some of the landscape and teach folks about Alaska’s culture, wildlife, scenery and more. This is a great job for good drivers who have great enthusiasm.

They entertain guests by informing them of the sights they are seeing and fun facts about the area, answer guest questions, make judgement calls to maintain the safety of our guests and machines.

They wash, dry, fuel, and park ATVs and snow machines.

They perform maintenance on ATV and snow machine trails. Efficiently pack guide bags and perform regular inventory on fuel levels and consumables. 


While working as a cook in any restaurant or hotel, your job will be to assist the prep-cooks and assistant head chefs while they cook meals for hotel guests and customers in general.

Most line cooks also learn to prepare some of Alaska’s most iconic dishes, including Chinook salmon and king crab.


Your culinary expertise can always ferment and grow.

By working as a baker at a top Alaska hotel, you’ll get to learn new techniques and expand your repertoire of baking recipes.

Many of your main ingredients will be fresh-picked blackberries, blueberries, moss berries, salmonberries, and strawberries, which are often used in common Alaskan meals.


Tutors assist in teaching students on an individual or small group basis. You are expected to improve their understanding of the concepts that were taught in the classroom. This is one of the Summer jobs in Alaska for college Students that is in demand.

Media Producer

Job duties will primarily include acquiring and editing video to create multimedia assets making use of lectures, screencasts, and animations for course development, faculty development, and promotional activities.

The Media Studio Producer will work independently, with the Design Team, and with other members on pre-production, production, and post-production tasks in a multicamera studio with a switcher and high-definition recording equipment, lightboard, and greenscreen.

Medical Receptionist

A Medical Receptionist job is to support the administrative health care services offered through the clinic, including physical, mental, and health promotion services. This student position functions within a fast-paced office environment requiring compassion and confidentiality.

They file, copy, scan, health and office-related information with attention to detail and accuracy.

They organize data sets, enter employee information into Excel programs, research topics as requested by other health care professionals.

Student Assistant

Most Universities in Alaska have positions for hiring a variety of students throughout the summer for various positions including Deans Office Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Student Investment Fund Assistant, and other positions as needed.

All positions work under intermittent supervision and require the ability to exercise independent judgment. If you are looking for a fun, rewarding position in a supportive environment, please consider applying as a student assistant!

Maintenance Technicians

Maintenance technicians make up to $18 an hour in Alaska and they pump greywater, receives water deliveries, run trash from the housekeeping area and from the main lodge to the trash trailer, performs propane and fuel checks thrice weekly.

Their jobs can vary as well, depending on who they are working with. They are equally one of the top Summer jobs in Alaska for college Students.

Activities Desk Agent

Activities Desk Agents greet guests as they walk into the activities centre, check them into activities by matching them to their reservation, ensuring all assigned waivers are filled out.

Also, they prepare guests for activities by outfitting them in winter clothing or rain clothing, sanitizing winter/rain gear as it is returned, sanitizing safety equipment as it is returned, maintaining current and accurate availability of activities inside of reservations system.

They coordinate with guides and partners to ensure the timely departure of all tours, sell merchandise from the activities desk, clean activities desk and maintain a tidy area for guests, manage the allocation of machines and resources inside Flybook. 


The custodian is responsible for effective and clear communication with the maintenance manager in ensuring the general cleanliness of buildings, vehicles, and grounds at the wide life conservation parks.

For instance, at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, they clearly communicate with all AWCC staff and managers.

Works closely with AWCC department managers to ensure buildings, bathrooms, grounds, and vehicles are clean. They are one of the Summer jobs in Alaska for college Students to try out.

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Conclusion on Summer jobs in Alaska for college Students:

Summer jobs are important, they provide a way for a young person to network with older, experienced business associates.

A successful summer job may turn into a full-time job after the young person completes college or vocational training.

Knowing someone who can help you find a job gives you an edge, especially in a tight job market.

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