Studying In Utah? Here Are 7 Things You Need To Know

Utah is one of the friendliest states for college students. It’s not densely populated compared to other states that host international universities. There’s a lot you can explore while in this state.

Although you might be here for your studies, you should also get acquainted with other places and activities. For instance, you can visit natural sites for exploration and relaxation. Remember, all study and no play make you a dull student.

If you intend to study in Utah, here are seven things you need to know:

Here Are 7 Things You Need To Know

  • Top Universities In Utah
  • Cost Of Living

1. Top Universities In Utah

One of the best things about studying in Utah is you get to enroll in prestigious universities. There are 36 colleges under the Utah System of Higher Education management, the most popular being the University of Utah.

It’s among the top 300 universities in the world. Such prestige means international students can comfortably join the institution for higher learning. It has 15 colleges and offers 70 undergraduate majors. For other levels, it has over 90 majors.

Having been founded in the 1850s, it’s one of the oldest institutions in Utah. It boasts a unique Museum that you should visit if you love art. It also has state-of-the-art amenities and is considered the top research university in the region. 

It’s also one of the leading universities with a smart library. Aside from that, the university has a staunch athletic tradition, which you can capitalize on if you love sports. With such features, you’ll have a good time studying at this university.

2. Cost Of Living

Although Utah is generally ranked among the top expensive states in the US to live in, students in the state enjoy some benefits. For instance, housing costs for learners may be cheaper than for other residents. That’s especially true if you get on-campus housing.

However, as fate has it, you may fail to secure on-campus accommodation. An excellent alternative, in this case, is to rent nearby apartments. Ideally, the house you rent should meet the following criteria:

  • Availability of high-speed internet for studies

  • Should be near the campus so you can quickly walk to your classes and access other campus facilities

  • An apartment surrounded by grocery stores, banks, restaurants, barber shops, and computer repair shops

  • Should have the option to co-rent to reduce costs

  • High security

  • Clean and aesthetically appealing

You can visit websites like to survey the accommodation options in Utah. Staying in a suitable apartment improves your campus experience significantly.

You’d want a place where you can freely mingle with other students and study together. Such relations go a long way in solidifying your career.

3. The Utah Contemporary Museum Of Art

If you’re among those students who love studying the cultural practices of different places, you have to visit the Utah Contemporary Museum of Art.

An afternoon stroll at the university will enlighten you on historical events and cultural practices among the Utahans.

The museum also preserves over 2,000 art collections from other regions such as the Mediterranean and European countries. In the recent past, the university introduced new galleries for African and Chinese arts.

As a student of Utah University, you get free access to the facility.

Other public students in other universities are freely allowed to access the university with proof of a student ID. However, you must book a reservation prior to this.

4. Red Butte Gardens

This is one of the most extensive botanical gardens in the lower parts of Utah. The garden has unique plants from ancient days. Since it’s within the university, you can take an afternoon walk and get acquainted with nature.

The gardens are a vibrant place to visit on weekends or on free days. Students have no entry charges as long as they carry their identification cards. In addition, students are allowed to take pictures of the beautiful blooms and nature.

This can be the best opportunity to get photos of your university. You can also get insights into what plants people consider medicinal.

5. Utah Symphony And Opera

If you love musical concerts, the symphony and opera from Utah will gladly grace you with such. They often hold concerts that sell out days prior. To be ahead, you should buy your tickets as soon as you get word of the show.

The symphony and opera concerts usually give discounts to university students. Such an opera and symphony concert allows you to enjoy the musical rhymes from Utah. As in most events, the locals perform their cultural dances.

6. Tourist Attractions

Utah is home to some famous tourist attraction sites. Whenever you’re free, ensure you take time to tour the extravagant landscapes, interact with the wildlife from the parks, and enjoy the stunning scenery from the Canyonlands National Park.

You can also join touring websites and groups to explore adventurous places in Utah. Most of them have seasonal discounts. Some of these places you can visit are:

  • Zion National Park
  • Lake Powell
  • Temple Square
  • Dinosaur National Monument 
  • Park City
  • Capitol Reef National Park
  • Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Arches National Park
  • Utah’s Hogle Zoo

7. Campus Events

Utah is never short of campus events. You can take part in several adrenaline-rising activities. An essential part of studying is doing the class work, but this shouldn’t deter you from having fun.

You can join campus fun groups, which regularly organize thrilling bonding activities.

Examples include rock climbing, shopping at Ocean Mart, the leading Asian shop in Utah, road trips, ceramic painting, and visiting the English king’s bookshop.


Utah has a lot to offer college students. First, you get premium quality education in institutions known globally to perform well.

Utah universities have top-of-the-range facilities you can use to expand your knowledge base. Second, you join a lovely student community and experience campus life according to your expectations.

Getting appropriate accommodation ensures your campus experience isn’t compromised.

Aside from that, hook up with students you can get along with well. After your four or so years on campus, you’ll live to cherish the moments shared with your schoolmates.

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