55 Best Headhunters & Recruitment agencies in Singapore

There are a lot of recruitment agencies in Singapore, but we have just chosen to give you information on 55 of them that educationplanetonline.com thinks will give you the desired results.

Despite the challenges that businesses are facing, many companies are still looking for and hiring new employees.

Whether your company is looking to bring in new talent for a virtual or nonvirtual position, you may be needing a headhunter or a recruiter.

In this article, we differentiated between the two to help you decide which one will be the best for you.

Previously, we gave details on the 25 Best IT Staffing Companies in the USA and also the 23 Best Canadian recruitment agencies for foreign workers and in a lot of our articles, we have stressed on how recruitment agencies help you get access to the best job seekers or employers whichever the case may be.

It is interesting to note that candidates are actively looking for a new job position and a lot of them register with some of the recruitment agencies in Singapore because they are efficient.

Recruitment agencies, therefore, have many networks and each consultant has the potential to leverage their networks to help connect you to the right people.

What is the difference between Headhunters and Recruiters?

A headhunter is an individual or company that finds potential candidates for the position that a company is looking for. Once they find these candidates, they pass that information to the company. Most times they tend to be specialized in a certain field. They generally don’t do the hiring.

What are the things headhunters do?

1> They find high-quality candidates.

2> They generally search for high-level candidates.

3> They reach out to these candidates.

4> They generally niche down in a certain market which makes it easier to find unique candidates.

5> They don’t actually do the hiring.

Meanwhile, recruiters post job openings and are the initial contact persons. They prescreen candidates and get a start on the hiring process.

A recruiter tends to work with all kinds of job markets and helps job candidates get placed in the job that best fits their skills.

What are some of the things recruiters do?

If you are looking to hire several new employees in different departments over the next few months, using a recruiter could be a good option for your company.

1> They have the ability to specialize in a certain market but most times they work with varieties of industries.

2> They tend to let the job candidates contact them. However, they place adverts sometimes.

3> They handle the initial steps of the hiring process.

4> They also help job candidates in finding the best position for their skill set.

However, sifting through a larger pool of job seekers can be really overwhelming and time-consuming, therefore working with a headhunter or recruiter can be an effective way to narrow down your options.

In recent times headhunters and recruitment agencies have been playing their roles interchangeably. This means they can do the same job each of them does and it is all about linking employers to qualified employees.

How can recruitment agencies in Singapore help your business?

  • Saves Time
  • Expertise: Market Knowledge
  • Short-term And Long-term Cost Savings
  • Additional Services

Saves Time

As people will always say, time is money; however, if you decide to use a recruitment agency, you are saving time. You might be wondering how they save time. They do this by taking care of the initial steps in the hiring process.

They go as far as scheduling interviews and even prepare the candidates with all the information they need such that all they need to do is to prepare and turn up.

Expertise: Market Knowledge

Often, your candidate’s requirements may be specific and difficult to find and this is where you will be needing a recruitment agency. The industry expertise and market knowledge prove to be priceless as they know the relevant requirements and legalities applicable.

Short-term And Long-term Cost Savings

Recruitment agencies will help you save costs in the sense that they take care of the costs of sitting through CVs and conducting initial conversation add ups.

A lot of times they clients negotiate the best salary which will land them a greater chance of hiring the top candidate.

Other costs that are taken care of include the cost of posting job adverts, overtime costs, and the cost of hiring an unfit candidate for a role.

Additional Services

There are other additional services and benefits of using a recruitment agency. Some other additional service recruitment agencies can help you cover is the psychometric tests.

How much do the recruitment agencies in Singapore charge?

The recruitment agencies in Singapore are just like other businesses out there. They offer their service for a fee.

Most times this fee ranges between 15% to 30% of a successful job seeker’s annual salary. This of course differs from one agency to another since each recruitment agency has its mode of operation.

Since companies hire agencies to recruit and headhunt, job seekers don’t need to worry about the charges in order to land a job through their agency.

Due to the fact that agencies get paid from the percentage of the job seeker’s salary, recruitment agencies help their applicants fight for higher pay.

Therefore it is in the agency.s interest that they help you fight for higher pay.

list of headhunters & recruitment agencies in Singapore

  1. Ambition
  2. Annix Associates
  3. Amrop
  4. AYP Associates Pte Ltd
  5. Adept Manpower (APAC) 
  6. Adecco
  7. Boyden Executive Search (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  8. BTI Consultants Pte Ltd
  9. Charterhouse Partnership
  10. Cornerstone Global Partners
  11. Drake International Asia
  12. DP Search
  13. Randstad
  14. elai Consulting
  15. Corporate Headhunters
  16. Egon Zehnder
  17. Earthstream
  18. Faststream Recruitment
  19. Frazer Jones
  20. Garner International
  21. GMP Group
  22. Hays Recruitment
  23. HRNetOne Pte Ltd
  24. Hudson
  25. Hughes-Castell
  26. JAC Recruitment
  27. James Kenneth Koh
  28. JLegal
  29. Kelly Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  30. Kerry Consulting
  31. Korn Ferry International
  32. Latitudes Group International
  33. Legal Labs Recruitment Pte Ltd
  34. Law Alliance
  35. Mason & Co Pte Ltd
  36. Michael Page International
  37. Morgan McKinley
  38. M3S
  39. Manpower
  40. Oaktree Consulting
  41. Odgers Berndtson
  42. PeopleSearch
  43. Phoenix Recruitment
  44. Profile Search & Selection
  45. REED
  46. Resource Scientific International Pte Ltd
  47. Robert Half International
  48. Robert Walters
  49. Russell Reynolds
  50. Sanford Rose Associates
  51. Spencer Stuart
  52. Sciente International Pte Ltd
  53. The Eximus Group – MRI Network
  54. Uni Connect Pte Ltd
  55. 3C Synergy

8 steps on how to get a job in Singapore

Singapore is a well-known country because of its low taxation, minimal cost of living, and warm, welcoming climate. They are also known as the hub to Asia.

As a matter of fact, living and working in the city is a dream shared by many.

Also, the job market in the city is steadily growing with many industries popping up and above all, there is a huge increase in the number of ex-pats and locals founding startups. Here are the steps to finding a job in Singapore.

  • Check your eligibility to work in Singapore
  • Choose a thriving industry
  • Understand common employment practices
  • Find a job in Singapore through an online search
  • Meet with any of the recruitment agencies in Singapore
  • Meet people
  • Apply for your work Visa
  • Get ready to mover

Check your eligibility to work in Singapore

The very first step to working in Singapore is to check if you are eligible to work in Singapore. Based on your qualification, you will notice that there are different kinds of work permits based on your qualifications.

The Ministry of Manpower in Singapore published an online self-assessment tool in order for interested individuals to gauge their likelihood of eligibility.

The assessment is clearly to give you an idea of your chances of working in Singapore but that is not a guarantee that you will be eligible.

As someone who is planning to work in Singapore, it is very vital that you know that you cannot apply for a work visa without a job waiting and a salary offer that meets the minimum requirement of the country.

Therefore, applying for your Singapore work visa is one of the last steps you’ll take.

Choose a thriving industry

Your second step towards working in Singapore is to choose a thriving industry. This is because Singapore is a host t many markets and of course, some industries are stronger than others.

While making that choice, it is important to note that there are high demands in the fields of technology and eCommerce industries with a huge push in the hiring of UI and UX designers, as well as hospitality, service, tourism and computer science.

Other prevalent roles in Singapore include talent management and HR leadership.

Understand common employment practices

Before you make your final decisions about working in Singapore or before contacting any of the recruitment agencies in Singapore, it is good to have a tip of what the employment practices in Singapore are like.

You can find check out the employment resources that can help you have a good idea of what working in Singapore will be like.

After choosing a thriving industry and checking out the employment conditions in Singapore, it is expedient that you start searching for jobs online.

One of the best ways to search for available jobs in Singapore is to search online because there is a multitude of web resources available to aid in your research.

Tools you can utilize in that regard include:

  • Monster
  • eFinancialCareers
  • Jobs Central
  • Job Street
  • Indeed Singapore
  • LinkedIn

Monster contains listings across every market that is in Singapore.

eFinancialCareers has job openings in Singapore’s biggest market finance.

Jobs Central has a very large number of listings in a lot of industries.

Job Street is a website where you can create a profile and host your CV, making it very easy for employers to find you.

Indeed Singapore is the local version of the global meta-aggregator with a great user interface.

LinkedIn is where you can find a new job posting and then narrow them down to your interests.

Meet with any of the recruitment agencies in Singapore

At this stage, the recruitment agencies in Singapore can come in. Though you will search online, contacting any of the recruitment agencies in Singapore is also very vital.

These recruitment agencies in Singapore will help you work on your CV, interview preparations and cover letter.

Also, they give you a better understanding of who your potential employers are including their history and culture.

Talking about the recruitment agencies in Singapore, 3C Synergy will help you find jobs in construction, oil and gas, Aegis is for jobs across industries, American Association Career Resource Center specialises in helping expats find jobs, Career Hub Consultants is for jobs in finance, tech, engineering, science and hospitality, among others.

Also, Spencer Stuart places candidates in jobs across a range of industries while Randstad offers a wide range of specialisations with Phoenix Recruitment specializing in construction and engineering sectors.

Meet people

As you must have known, networking is very very important when searching for jobs. If you get a chance to visit the city during your job search, here are some great groups to meet:

We have the Startup Grind Singapore that can help you get involved with the city’s vibrant startup community, TiE Singapore to help you meet aspiring entrepreneurs and mentors and lastly you can decide to meet any of the many businesses and professional gatherings that might be listed on Meetup.

But if you don’t get a chance to visit Singapore during that time, it is important to check out professionals on Linkedln, either through blogs or Twitter and trust me it might yield great results.

Apply for your work Visa

If you have finally landed a job, you will need to apply for a Singapore work visa and oftentimes the recruitment agencies in Singapore will guide you on that.

To obtain a Visa, you must have gotten a job. You will then pay a registration fee and then submit an application.

You can apply for your visa online and have it processed in just 7 days.

The common Visa types

Employment Pass 

For professionals earning at least 4,500 Singapore Dollars (SGD)


For entrepreneurs looking to start their business in Singapore

Personalized Employment Pass 

This is only given to high earners already holding an employment pass, but offering huge flexibility in employment terms and eligible industries

S Pass 

This is the most common visa type for typical foreign workers, provided to mid-tier professionals earning at least 2,400 SGD per month, and who have passed the requisite assessment

Get ready to move

Once your visa is ready, then you are ready to move to Singapore. It is a safe and friendly environment and the majority of people speak English.

Singapore recruitment agency for Malaysian

The Periodic Commuting Arrangement (PCA) supports the periodic movement of workers between Singapore and Malaysia.

In summary, travellers using the PCA to enter Singapore must travel via the land checkpoints from Malaysia to Singapore, spend at least 90 days in Singapore for work upon entry before being eligible to return to their home country for a short term home leave. Find the details here.

The recruitment agencies in Singapore listed above can hire Malaysians to work in Singapore.

Recruitment agencies in Singapore for foreigners

Future Employment just like other recruitment agencies in Singapore listed above is specialized in the recruitment of various nationals for businesses in Singapore.

These recruitment agencies in Singapore for foreign workers aim to help businesses, both small & medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as multinational companies to tap on the pool of foreign talent for greater operational and cost-efficiency.

New Zealand recruitment agencies in Singapore

New Zealanders aged between 18 and 30 can apply for a six-month working holiday visa for Singapore.

The Work Permit also allows semi-skilled foreign workers from approved source countries like New Zealand to work in certain sectors in Singapore. Check out this guide.

Ship crew recruitment agencies in Singapore

“Crewing” is a word that means recruiting sailors on the merchant or river vessels.
The main role of crewing companies – is to provide manning services between the shipowner and the seafarer, and pay for these services primarily the shipowner.

Sometimes crewing companies charge a fee to seafarers for employment.
The crewing company examines every seafarer for professional competence, it documents and certificates legitimacy. Here are some crewing companies in Singapore:

CSL Ship Management Pte Ltd

Greatship Global Offshore Services Pte Ltd

  • 15 HOE CHIANG ROAD #06-03
  • Singapore, Asia
  • Singapore
  • 089316
  • Phone:+65(0)65765644 (mobile)
  • Email:m_limanto@greatshipglobal.com
  • Site:www.greatshipglobal.com

Lighthaus Pte Ltd

Nimbus Marine Services Pte. Ltd

Others include Norfin Offshore Pte Ltd,OSM, and ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) Pte Ltd.

Life science recruitment agencies in Singapore

A life science recruiter specializes in areas such as pre-clinical research, clinical operations, process development, supply chain, data sciences/biometrics, GMP Manufacturing, Quality/Compliance, etc. Some life science recruitment agencies in Singapore include:

Banking recruitment agencies in Singapore

There are recruitment agencies in Singapore for financial services:

  • Randstad
  • Robertwalters
  • Pagepersonnel
  • Garner International | Executive Search Consultants
  • Welcome to the DPSEARCH
  • Executive Search, Board & Leadership Consulting | Spencer Stuart
  • Executive Recruitment & Global Management Consulting
  • Jobs and Recruitment Specialists | Kelly Services Singapore
  • http://www.careerhub.com.sg
  • American Association of Singapore
  • Singapore jobs search|AEGIS RECRUITMENT
  • www.newliferecruitment.com.sg

Conclusion on recruitment agencies in Singapore:

Finding a job in Singapore is doable for expats. Considering the country’s growing job market with industries popping up here and there, living and working in the city is a dream shared by many.

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