30 Private Schools in Cayman Islands

There are private schools in Cayman Islands, but choosing where to study in the Cayman Islands is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make.

Education in the Cayman Islands is compulsory for those aged between the ages of 4 to 16 and it is free to all Cayman Children.

The literacy rate for residents over the age of 15 is 98%. Read on to see the list of private schools in Cayman Islands.

About Cayman

The three Cayman Islands, Grand Islands, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, are located in the western Caribbean about 150 miles south of Cuba, 460 miles south of Miami, Florida, and 167 miles northwest of Jamaica. 

Grand Cayman is the largest of the three islands and it has an area of about 76 square miles, it is approximately 22 miles long with an average width of four miles.

Its most striking feature is the shallow, reef-protected lagoon, the North Sound, which has an area of about 35 square miles.

The island is low-lying, with the highest point about 60 feet above sea level.

Cayman Brac lies about 89 miles northeast of Grand Cayman. It is about 12 miles long with an average width of 1.25 miles and has an area of about 15 square miles.

The island is low-lying with a few areas on the north shore rising to 40 ft. above sea level.

There are no rivers in the Islands and the coasts are largely protected by offshore reefs and in some places by mangrove firing that sometimes extends into inland swamps. That’s not why you are here anyway, now back to the private schools in Cayman Islands.

The Structure of Schools in Cayman

The schools in Cayman Islands- including the private schools in Cayman Islands-have their grades divided by age and you will have the choice as to whether to send your kids to a British- or American-style school.

This is a great benefit for children who are coming from one of these systems already, as it makes integration much easier for them.

In Cayman Islands, private schools are the most popular options.

There is a high concentration of private schools in the more populous areas of Grand Cayman. International, Catholic, Christian and Montessori schools are all options within the selection of private schools in Cayman.

The private schools in Cayman Islands are popular and therefore very competitive, therefore admission waiting list is not a common thing.

Applying early can be the safest bet for getting your kids enrolled in a good school in a timely manner. 

High School in the Cayman Islands

Their curriculum in high schools is designed to prepare students for entrance into universities and colleges around the world.

In the high schools in the Cayman Islands, there is a specific number of credits in core subjects and elective courses also, which students must complete before they can graduate from high school.

These graduation requirements ensure that students gain a holistic learning experience that prepares them for well-rounded, knowledgeable, and passionate learners.

What is the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program?

The  International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program is offered in most high schools in the Cayman Islands.

The IB program is worth it for students who have plans of earning a globally recognized diploma and getting into selective universities.

It’s also for those who wish to have access to IB-specific scholarships and save up to 32 college credits.

On the other hand, IB classes are hard and costly.

The List of private schools in Cayman Islands

  • Cayman Academy
  • Grace Christian Academy 
  • St. Ignatius Catholic School
  • Cayman Prep and High School
  • Cayman International School
  • Triple C School
  • Truth For Youth School
  • First Baptist Christian School
  • Wesleyan Christian Academy
  • Hope Academy

Cayman Academy

Cayman Academy is one of the private schools in Cayman Islands that in cooperation with parents and other stakeholders, attracts and educates students in a dynamic learning environment committed to the holistic development of the faculties.

It is a member of the Atlantic Caribbean Union school system, and they empower students in a dynamic Christ-centered learning environment, such that they are able to develop character, acquire knowledge, and utilize skills for service to God and man.

Visit Cayman Academy

Cayman International School

This is one of the popular private schools in Cayman Islands that is located in Camana Bay development near Seven Mile Beach.

Their students have numerous opportunities to travel and engage in international academic experiences, athletic competitions, and service adventures.

In a class, there are less than 17 students. It is a school that excels in modern technology. They have a STEAM lab, 3D printers, laser cutter, robotics, and a robust infrastructure.

CIS is a school that tends to personalize learning through guided inquiry and project-based approaches.

There are more than forty nationalities represented in the CIS student body.

There are approximately 941 students enrolled in the 2021-22 school year.

100% of students who attempted the IB Diploma at CIS were successful in 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021.

You can check out their tuition details HERE.

Visit their Website

Grace Christian Academy 

This is one of the private schools in Cayman Islands whose mission is to minister to students in a Christ-Centered learning environment.

This is committed to the pursuit and practice of excellence in academics, leadership, physical environment, social and spiritual growth, in preparation to meet the challenges of the future.

Visit their Website

St. Ignatius Catholic School

St. Ignatius Catholic School is known throughout the Cayman Islands and beyond as one of the leading educational institutions in the community.

Their mission is to build on the solid foundation of academic excellence in the service of Gospel values and the holistic formation and development of their students.

Visit their Website

Cayman Prep and High School

Cayman Prep & High School (“CPHS” or the “School”) is a private, co-educational primary and high school catering to students having a range of abilities.

This institution was established in the year 1949 by the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

CPHS is firmly rooted in Christian principles.

They have a stimulating educational curriculum that is based on the British system.

It has a challenging curriculum that teaches students to become creative thinkers and lifelong learners.

  • Cayman Prep & High School
  • PO Box 10013
  • Grand Cayman KY1-1001
  • Cayman Islands

Triple C School

Triple C School is a school that has been providing a quality Christian education in the Cayman Islands since 1941.

It was the first private school to provide both elementary and secondary education.

The school which includes Preschool through Grade 12, is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International(ACSI) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools(SACS).

About 50% of their graduates seek higher education in the United States and Canada.

The remaining 50% opt to attend college or university locally. Other times they enter the workforce once they complete the Triple C School’s careers/work experience program.

See the tuition fee details and costs HERE.

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Truth For Youth School

Truth For Youth School is a privately owned primary school that accepts children from 4 years (and 9 months) to 11 years old. They practice the American curriculum.

  • Type of School: Private, Religious
  • Age of Students: 4 to 12 years
  • Number of Support Staff: 5
  • Student-Staff Ratio: 9.3: 1
  • Number of Students: 168
  • % Caymanian Students: 50%
  • % Special Education Needs: 13%
  • Number of Teachers: 13
  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 12.9: 1
  • Annual Tuition: $5,400

They are located at 84 Walkers RoadGeorge Town, Cayman Islands.

First Baptist Christian School

First Baptist Christian School is one of the private schools in Cayman Islands that provides a student-centred American Educational Program in a Christian environment. 

They offer programs for Preschool, Elementary, & Middle School Education up to grade 8.    

It is a culturally diverse school with students from about 14 different countries around the world.

They offer education for Preschool age 2.0 years to Grade 8.  They seek to help students become independent and successful learners.

FBCS is one of the private schools in Cayman Islands that uses an American curriculum and follows the Virginia State Standards for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and special subjects such as Music, Physical Education, Technology, and Spanish. 

One of the great strengths of FBCS is the nurturing, kind, caring environment where each student can grow and thrive. Check out their tuition details.

Wesleyan Christian Academy

Wesleyan Christian Academy is a private, K-12 Christian school located in Grand Cayman.

WCA is committed to being an institution of academic and spiritual excellence.

It is one of the private schools in Cayman Islands where students are given tests to determine skill and concept mastery, after which the student is then given a curriculum that meets and challenges him at his performance level.

Diagnostic placement testing ensures that students begin at the exact point of their academic needs.

They empower their students to be technologically literate.

Unlike some private schools in Cayman Islands, SMART Boards, iPads, a 1:1 laptop program and an online Learning Management System are some of the tools available to students and faculty.

  • 62 Cresent Cl
    West Bay, Grand Cayman
  • (345) 949-1121

Visit their Website

Hope Academy

Hope Academy is a private school that provides a co-educational learning environment for students in Kindergarten to Grade 12. 

Their curriculum offers a full-time academic program that includes online courses and work experience.

Through their rigorous courses, their graduates are prepared to attend college and enter the workforce.

They also offer extracurricular activities and tutoring. Through the following methods, they achieve their goals:

  • classroom instruction
  • small/group instruction
  • individual instruction
  • hands-on learning experiences

They are located at:

  • Grand Harbour Shoppes; Units 1-8;
  • P.O. Box 31160; KY1-1205
  • Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Visit their Website

Other Private Schools in Cayman Islands

  • Shauna’s Early World of Learning Centre
  • Ren & Ren Pre-School
  • Montessori School of Cayman
  • Just for Kids Preschool
  • Tiny Tots Academy
  • The Achievement Centre
  • Sunny Smile Preschool & Nursery
  • Montessori Del Sol
  • Montessori By the Sea
  • Little Trotters Farm & Nursery School
  • Rehoboth After-School Enrichment Centre
  • Miss Nadine’s Pre-School
  • Jack & Jill Nursery and Early Learning Centre
  • The Exceptional Early Childhood Academy
  • Modern Language Institute & Tutoring Services Ltd
  • Quality Child Care And Development
  • Wesleyan Christian Academy
  • Spark! School of Music
  • Sunny Smile Pre-School & Nursery
  • International College of the Cayman Islands

In Summary

Regardless of what kind of school you choose for your child, the law of Cayman Islands mandates all children between the ages of 4 years, 9 months and 17 years old to attend school in some form.

There are allowances made for homeschooling and that means homeschooling is legally acceptable.

Grand Cayman has an array of options when it comes to after-school educational activities.

Whether it’s a robotics club or interactive coding classes, you are sure to find an activity that suits your kid. 

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