10 Pottery Classes in Columbus Ohio;Benefits of Pottery

Pottery classes in Columbus Ohio, classes where you can create something with your own hands.

Pottery is a new form of self-care, therefore if meditation or gym isn’t your thing, you might need to consider these pottery classes in Columbus Ohio.

In this article, we will be looking at establishments or institutions where you can take pottery classes in Columbus Ohio, or near Columbus Ohio. Also, we will be looking at the educational benefits of pottery.

The Educational Benefits of Pottery

  • Improving our Motor Skills 
  • Relaxing
  • Creating art
  • Improving Self-esteem
  • Stress-reducing 

Improving our Motor Skills 

You can agree with the fact that we as adults and children are attached to our phones and laptops.

Pottery classes help improve our motor skills by engaging our hand muscles and arms.

Throughout the process, one understands how using our hands to create something is fulfilling.


A lot of times work, studies or even exams can be a lot to handle. Through pottery, chances are that you will forget about the stress and your problems, even if it is for a short period of time.

This is because, while you focus on this art, you can allow your mind to relax and simply lose itself in the fragile, beautiful lines of the clay.

Pottery is ideal if you want to switch off and zone out from this world.

Creating art

Joining a pottery class means you will start feeling the smell of clay. Now, this means that children of any age can create pottery art based on their development stages and the safe and inspiring environment of a pottery class can grow healthy, smart, creative, and educated young pupils.

Improving Self-esteem

There is usually a self-pleased look that we get when we create something.

Once you realize that you can create something, you will start gaining control over other amazing and unique projects that you have.

Pottery helps children blossom creatively with the confidence to pursue the ideas in their heads. This helps them learn how to solve problems and how to safely learn without pressure.


Over the years, pottery has always been recognized as a therapeutic art form. Creating something from your hands makes one truly satisfied, having done your best to make a perfect piece for people.

The List of Pottery Classes in Columbus Ohio

Below are the institutions where one can take pottery classes in Columbus Ohio:

  • Bareclay Studio
  • Cultural Art Centre
  • Clay Cafe
  • Langweil Studios
  • Coffee Break Pottery Art Ceramics
  • Marcy’s Clayground
  • Ohio Craft Museum
  • Bare Bowl
  • Hands-On Art Barn

Clay Cafe

1644 West Fifth Ave
Columbus, OH 43212

Clay Cafe experience offers friends an opportunity to gather, create, and celebrate.

The Clay Café is a paint-your-own pottery studio located in the heart of Columbus’ Grandview area.

At the Clay Café you can choose what to create from a wide variety of items to give as gifts or decorate your home.

They offer everything from hand-made dinnerware, platters, and coffee cups to candle holders, vases, and fun items for kids! Check out their classes.

Bareclay Studio

  • Bareclay, 734 East Lincoln Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43229

Bareclay is a working pottery/art studio where technique and creativity are nurtured.

They offer pottery classes, parties, and extreme JOY.  Established in 1997, Barclay offers art to all people. Visit their Website.

Ohio Craft Museum

  • 1665 W. 5th Ave. Columbus, OH 43212

The Ohio Craft Museum is a program of Ohio Designer Craftsmen, presenting five major exhibitions each year, as well as focus exhibits and a gift shop.

In addition, they offer educational programming for all ages and levels of experience.

Ongoing funding for Ohio Designer Craftsmen and the Ohio Craft Museum is provided by the Ohio Arts Council, Greater Columbus Arts Council, and the Columbus Foundation.

DIY and other specialty workshops are for adults and teens who want to try out new media in a fun and social atmosphere. Visit their website.

Blick Art Materials

  • 6486 Sawmill Rd Sawmill Plaza Columbus, OH 43235

Blick Art Materials offers the greatest selection for professional artists, educators, and students alike.

Cultural Art Centre

Cultural Art Centre offers arts education is a major part of our mission at the Cultural Arts Center.

They bring in an impressive group of local artists to teach 7- or 8-week class sessions, which include ceramic, enameling, painting classes, and much more.

During the summer, they also offer intensive week-long workshops, taught by artists from all across the country.

Their extensive educational offerings are made possible by their fantastic studio spaces, featuring a large assortment of resources for the creation of different artistic media. Check out their programs.

Langweil Studios

  • 596 Main St, Groveport, OH 43125, United States

Langweil Studios offers clay classes in wheel-throwing, hand-building, and sculpture techniques with underglaze decorating and glazing instruction available in their studio or on-site. Custom design and so much more. Get more details.

Coffee Break Pottery Art Ceramics

  • 4046 Knapp DrGrove City, OH 43123

Coffee Break Pottery Art Ceramics offers varieties of classes for different age groups.

Classes are another excellent way to perfect your artistic skills. Visit 4046 Knapp DrGrove City, OH 43123, to inquire about their website.

Marcy’s Clayground

  • 6685 Dublin Center Dr, Dublin, OH 43017, United State

Marcy’s Clayground is a contemporary paint your own pottery studio offering over 150 different functional and non-functional ceramic items from which to select.

They have an exceptionally talented and fun-loving staff ready to help you choose your art piece and select the paint and tools to make your pottery unique.

Busy Bees Pottery & Arts Studio

Busy Bees is always on trend with the types of mediums, projects, and classes that are offered.

This diversity allows the exploration of new concepts for all ages and skill levels.

You’ll create more than just an art project at Busy Bees. Whether it’s with your kids, family or friends, you’ll make memories sure to last a lifetime. Visit their website.

Bare Bowl

  • The Bare Bowl
    6 N. Sandusky St
    Delaware, OH 43015

At Bare Bowl, it works this way:

  • Pick out a piece of unpainted pottery (Bisque).
  • Pick out your colors
  • Paint it however you like…it’s your creation!

Check them out.

Hands-On Art Barn

  • 5929 Big Walnut Rd.
    Galena, OH 43021
    Ph: 614 202-3940

Hands-On Art Barn is a one-of-a-kind art studio located just North of Westerville in Galena, Ohio.

Offering camps, classes, and a fully equipped pottery studio, the Art Barn offers a fun environment where anyone can tap into their inner creativity, develop skills, and make art. Check out their classes.

Do you know other pottery classes in Columbus Ohio? Please let us know below.

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