Over 10 Top Pottery Classes in Brampton:Cost & Location

For beginners in the art of pottery finding the right pottery classes in Brampton could be pretty tiring, if not daunting.

If you are searching for pottery classes in Brampton and its environs, this article is just what you need.

Irrespective of age, many people enjoy getting their hands smeared with clay. This desire to work with clay seems to be in-built, a natural proclivity, coming to the fore in our lives.

In essence, this natural proclivity to mold and form pieces of art from clay makes pottery art of considerable global appeal because it is not constrained by ethnic, racial, or cultural bounds. Little wonder why you need pottery classes.

In Brampton, Ontario, a lower municipality of Peel region, there are quite a number of adroit potters who are willing to take you on as their student.

With them, you will learn to subtle pottery techniques such as throwing, glazing, trimming and what have you!

Just stick with us to find out about these pottery classes. This article has been written to comprise over twenty classes. Just stick with me to find out about these classes.

But first things first, let’s find out about the right equipment you may need for your pottery class. What do you say?

Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Pottery Class

In a standard pottery studio, you will find tools that will make your poetry learning fascinating and worthwhile. 

You are likely to find tools such as slab rollers, kilns, pottery wheels, extruders, storage shelves, and more. In this section, we will talk about some of these basic tools.


Though there are numerous hand-building and pottery-making equipment out there, the most revered remains the kiln.

There are multiple kiln types to choose from. There are two broad categories and they are intermittent or periodic kilns and continuous or tunnel kilns.

Pottery Wheel

The pottery wheel is a device used in throwing circular ceramic ware. It is used to apply rings of color and incised decorations, and trim excess clay from dried pieces.

Mastering the workings of the wheel takes time because it goes beyond mastering the different wheel-throwing techniques. It involves steadying your hands, maintaining the recommended wheel speed and applying water sparingly, and wheel wedging.

Work Table

Depending on how large the studio is, you will find two tables, one for glazing and the other for clay preparation. For a large-spaced studio mid-grade plywood sheet enclosed with heavy canvas is perfect for a work table. 


While earthenware pottery doesn’t need a glaze, porcelain and stoneware do. Glaze functions as waterproof, decoration or coloring, and toughens the surface of structures.

Therefore it is advisable for beginners to purchase readymade glazes.

Storage Shelf

You will need a Storage Shelf for preserving your molded pieces before they are fired or glazed. A wooden shelf is perfect provided you have enough space.

Other tools you might be needing include a Wire tool, Needle tool, Sponge, Trimming tool, Ruler, Paintbrush, and Glazing tongs.

The List of Pottery Classes In Brampton And Its Environs in Ontario.

Pottery as an art has been practiced for centuries. Your interest is no surprise. Here are over 10 ottery classes with their location and vital tit-bits of information.

Pottery SchoolClasses

Clay Design Studio/Gallery

Address: 170 Brunswick Avenue, Toronto, ON M5S 2M5

Established in 1980, Clay Design offers a high-quality selection of pottery, and year-round pottery classes for adults are offered seasonally.

ClassesCurrently, if you’re interested in their one-time pottery workshop, please acknowledge they are booked. 

If interested in their spring 10-Week Course, they give priority to returning students so spaces will be limited. For more information click here

Glazed Expressions

Address: 65 Main Street S, Georgetown, ON L7G 3G2

Glazed Expression is a  beautiful, spacious studio with helpful staff that makes the creative process fun for everyone.

Currently, we are offering classes in pottery painting. 

Walk-ins are always welcomed or for larger groups, reserve one of our party rooms!

ClassesSessions are for use of the studio.$8 for Adults$5 for Kids (15yrs and younger) and $4 for pARTners (anyone actively working on another person’s project) Art Projects are individually priced.

Prices average around $14-$35 and include everything needed to complete a project. Some mediums have specialty options for a small additional fee.

For more information, click here

Glaze Craze

Address: Richmond Hill, ON L4C 0K7

Glaze Craze is a small independent local and family-owned and operated store.

They offer online classes in pottery and painting. Classes

Clay Take Home/Online Class Kit$25.00 For more information, click here

Crack Pot Studio

Address: 301 Robinson St, Oakville, ON L6J 1G7

At Crack Pot, classes are offered in varieties for kids, teenagers, and for adults.

All of which are scintillating and well-imparting.

Each session includes the opportunity to explore the process of:– Throwing on the potter’s wheel– Handbuilding/Sculpting (including slab/coil building and more)– Surface decoration (with slips, underglazes, and glazing)

Classes are offered in 10-week sessions (Fall, Winter and Spring).


Wednesday Afternoon Adult Class – Fall 2022

Sunday Wheel Workshop

Saturday Wheel Workshop

Friday Wheel Workshop

For more information, visit their site by clicking here

Wise Adventures

Address: 3353 The Credit Woodlands, Mississauga, ON L5C 2K1

Wise Adventures offers a variety of fun and creative activities including pottery wheel throwing, pottery.

For more information visit their site by clicking here

Color Me Mine

Address: 110 Windflower Gate, Unit 2 Vaughan, ON L4L 9C3

Color Me Mine offers painting on ceramics for all ages.

Stop in to enjoy a fun family atmosphere. You could choose from hundreds of ceramic shapes and dozens of colors to paint with!


How Pricing Works Studio Fee + Ceramic Piece = Your custom artwork! Studio Fees: Adults – $10 Children – $8 (age 12 and under) Studio fee covers all of the paint/glaze, firing, tools and assistance from our friendly staff.

Leave the clean-up to us! Ceramics – $12 and up. Some classes are:

Color me mine Kid’s workshop

Fall Adult Workshop

For more information, click here

The Pottery

Address: 498 Runnymede Road, Toronto, ON M6S 2Z5

The Pottery is a studio, store, and teaching space where quality handmade functional and decorative pieces, which you can see in their online store, as well as custom pieces for individuals, are created. 

Classes are a 10-week lesson and 2-hour workshops for adults, as well as summer camps and after-school lessons for children. 

The Pottery provides workshops for schools, social service agencies, pottery guilds, and even corporate teams.


These 10-week lessons are perfect for beginner and advanced potters alike to learn and explore in a small-group setting.

Classes are limited to four students to allow for plenty of one-on-one instruction from their experienced pottery teachers.

Lessons focus on throwing on the pottery wheel as well as sculpture and hand-building.

Cost: $400For more information click here

Creative Insight Pottery

Address: 23 Main Street, Waterdown, ON L0R 2H0

Creative Insight Pottery was founded in 2010 with the goal to create a space where people can come to feel good and be creative.

They offer classes in arts such as painting, acrylic painting, pottery, etc.

They are usually open for six days in the week and hold their classes and workshops thus: Mon.- Fri. 10-10 pm ( classes and workshops).


Friday Classes – The World of Clay: $385.00Thursday Classes – Creative With Clay: $385Pottery Christmas Ornaments – Adult Workshop: $65For more information, visit their site by clicking here
Pottery Classes in Brampton

Prairie Studio Glass – Beginner Classes Starting 
Address: 587 Sargent Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3B 1W6

Prairie Studio Glass was established in Winnipeg, Canada in 1978.

In their well-equipped teaching studio, they offer a full complement of classes and workshops taught by expert instructors.

Classes geared to beginners as well as master classes for the seasoned glass artist.

These classes can range from a one-day class to a 7-day intensive workshop. 


Beginner Stained Glass: $217.00Beginner Glass Fusing : $232.05.

For more information, click here

Crock A Doodle Brampton Pottery Painting Studio for All

Address: 8325 Financial Dr #3, Brampton, ON L6Y 1M1, Canada
Enjoy the fun of pottery painting in our bright and cheerful studio.

A special place to gather with family and friends for art activities and everyday fun.

Their studio welcomes people of every age and ability, all day long.

They also offer kids’ birthday parties, ladies.  

Yunhong Art Studio – Art Classes for All Levels

Address:. 235 Industrial Parkway South unit #5, Upper Aurora, Ontario, L4G 3V5

Yunhong Art Studio offers classes for students of all ages.

Their classes are structured toward creativity, skill, and collaboration.

No matter what program, students will learn fundamental skills as well as advanced techniques.

Their classes are welcome to artists of all ages and skill levels!

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact them, click here

Clay With Me

Address: 80 Barton Avenue, Toronto, ON M6G 1P6

Learn the art of working with clay and discover its healing properties. Creativity and mindfulness are apt descriptions of Clay with me Studio.

ClassesWheel ClassesLearn the art of the pottery wheel through our various classes and workshops.

You’ll get hands-on wheel time and premium instruction, plus awesome pieces to take home and display!

Their wheel times come in the following formats: FAMILY WHEEL TIME (Dundas Location): $95 + HST  (2 people/ Package) 

4 WEEKS WHEEL Workshop: $295 + HST (per person)

3 HOURS ON THE WHEEL Workshop: $120 + HST (per person)For more information about their classes, please click here

clayArt Studios

Address: 3052 Dundas Street W, Toronto, ON M6P 1Z7

clayArt offers instruction in a variety of different formats and encourages students to enhance their skills, hone their craft, and have fun!


clayArt Studios offers fully comprehensive 8-week pottery courses that are designed to cover all the techniques used in ceramic design including wheel throwing, trimming, glazing, etc. Cost: $580
For information, Click here
Pottery Classes in Brampton


My guess is, you have made a choice on which class to attend. Well, if you have, then congratulations!

Pottery can help you earn sizeable income because you can use it to supplement your income from separate employment or by taking up various functions within the art community, such as teaching ceramics part-time.

You may sell your pieces in galleries or through merchants. 

And that’s not all, you may also take work by commission by crafting dishes for local businesses or individuals interested in your artwork.

This way you, you’d be kiln it!

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