4 Phlebotomy Courses in Ireland

If you are searching for phlebotomy courses in Ireland that you can take, then you must check out these establishments below.

The best place to work as a phlebotomist depends on your desired workplace environment.

There are phlebotomists who enjoy the challenges of a clinical or hospital environment whereas others might prefer more predictable office hours like in a doctor’s office.

Let’s dive into the phlebotomy courses in Ireland.

The List of Phlebotomy Courses in Ireland

To become a certified phlebotomist, you will need to graduate high school or obtain a GED.

Next, attend a phlebotomist training program through an accredited program or school.

Next pursue certification, which will involve completion of the training program and passing an exam. Below are the programs:

Ulster University

The period of training lasts up to 3 months, leading to an assessment conducted by a Phlebotomy Assessor or Trainer as recognized by the National Association of Phlebotomists (NAP).

This is open to all-year groups for students in Life and Health Sciences.

  • To provide the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge in Phlebotomy, for use within Ulster University.

  • To explain health and safety practices with regard to phlebotomy.

  • To explain basic principles of anatomy and physiology relevant to phlebotomy.

  • To explain the principles of venipuncture.

  • To identify suitable sites for venepuncture and the correct equipment and bottles required for phlebotomy.

  • To make aware of possible complications arising from venipuncture.

  • To identify professional standards and codes of practice required for UU phlebotomy.

Visit their website.

Kingsbride Training Academy

This highly practical course provides skills training for taking venous blood samples from the arm and is delivered by highly experienced and qualified health professionals who have been involved in Phlebotomy for many years.

They provide a logbook so each delegate can gain further full competence under clinical supervision (the recommended amount is 20 hours, but this is entirely up to the individual).

Please note that each delegate is responsible for sourcing their own clinical setting for supervision.

To provide an introduction to phlebotomy covering general issues such as health and safety, professional responsibility, and a practical session.

HealthCare Ireland Training

They are a team of Expert, Professional Instructors providing exceptional Healthcare Training Nationwide.

They are proud to say their team is highly qualified, practical, and experienced in their respective training areas.

They include Advanced Paramedics, Paramedics, Cardiac nurses, and instructors with over 25 years of front-line hands-on experience. Visit their website.


Phlebotomy.ie run a one-day Phlebotomy training workshop. This workshop is suitable for Registered Nurses (6.5 NMBI CEUs), Midwives, Medical Doctors/Students and Advanced Paramedics. It is also suitable for student nurses but no CEUs are awarded to student nurses.

Their workshops are delivered by certified practicing senior Phlebotomists. 

They cover many topics including the legal aspects of practicing phlebotomy. 

Their classes are small and we put a huge emphasis on the practical aspect of blood draws. 

Their use primed arms and hands and they cover all the blood collection systems used in Ireland. They also cover the use of Butterfly needles.

Competency testing is carried out at the end of the course but please note that live clinical practice is mandatory following completion of the workshop.

In addition to their one-day workshop, they provide on-site training in Nursing Homes, Colleges, and GP Practices.

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