Online Rewriting Tools for Students to Use-Top 7

At this time as the burden of study has increased multiple times, different ways are also explored by which you can minimize this burden.

If you are a student and struggling with multiple pending assignments then you can use online rewriting tools.

These online rewriting tools not only save your time but also give accurate results.

The List of Online Rewriting Tools

Online tools called article rewriters and paraphrasers help the student to make assignments. Besides this benefit, you can polish your vocabulary and improve your writing skills.

Out of thousands of tools the best 7 that can help you anywhere at any time are as follows:


This tool is mostly used by professional writers for rewriting. You can also use it for your everyday work and short assignments.

This Article rewriter offers you four modes i.e., standard, fluency, advanced and creative. In standard mode, words are added and complex words are removed that increasing the text fluency, mode mistakes are removed.

Advanced mode help in adding synonyms that are actually keywords related to the topic. Creative mode is the premium mode in which the overall sentence structure is changed without disturbing the original meaning and all copied material is removed.

You can directly add your text to the input box and can also upload your file. This tool is compatible with every kind of file format. Moreover, you can paraphrase your material in different languages with this tool.

It is free to use and can be with using multiple tiles for the same text.


This tool is very professional in creating original content. The paraphrasing is so professional that no copyright issue can make its way.

This AI-based paraphrasing tool helps in removing errors from the content and on the other hand keywords are added to the text. So at one time, you can make your content smooth and SEO optimized.

Its best feature is that during paraphrasing the originality and topic remain the same. Only synonyms are added and sentences are written in a shorter but relevant style. It also offers you the same three modes of fluency, standard and creative.

This tool is multilingual and supports different file formats. This tool is device friendly and famous for its engaging interface.


This Paraphrase tool not only helps in rewriting the articles but also checks the grammar and plagiarism of it. Like all other tools, it also changes the wording of the text and makes it more readable.

You can add text or upload your also offers you three different modes. You can fic grammar errors and make the structure of your text symmetrical through standard, fluency, and creative mode.

All types of copyright issues are eliminated during rewriting. 500 words can be rewritten in a single attempt. Semantic words are added that make the content optimize. Due to AI technology the content become comprehensive and SEO based.

You can also take its premium version which has many advanced features like plagiarism checking, summarizing, and citation generation. The word limit also increases to 10000 in the premium version. The results are accurate and secured.


It is a multilingual tool; that can rewrite your text accurately in no time. The material can be paraphrased in different languages. The paraphrasing is just like human level.

Due to its advanced AI Technology during paraphrasing synonyms are added and plagiarism is removed. If you have a file you can also upload it. The paraphrased material is shown on the right side of the input box so that you can make a critical comparison.

After rewriting the newly added text is highlighted so that you can also make manual changes to it. In a single shot, you can rewrite a text of 1000 words. This tool is helpful as it is time-saving and assists in creating comprehendible writing. 

As it is a bundled tool you can also use it for measuring plagiarism percentage and checking the grammar of the text.


This is a very simplified tool that can help in rewriting articles and essays within seconds. You can use this tool to make your text comprehensive and error-free.

To use this tool you just have to copy your text on the input box and it will rewrite the text in seconds. during rewriting all types of grammar and punctuation mistakes are removed. Complex words are replaced by their synonyms which made the written material easy to read.

It is also a bundled tool that can check your misspelled word and plagiarism. The rephrased material is free from every copied material and the originality of the topic remains the same. You can rewrite a text of 2000 words in one shot.

You can meet short deadlines and improve your vocabulary by using this tool. Moreover, it is free to use and gives accurate results.


QuillBot is a very professional and modern tool that has a bundle of features. With this feature, you can rewrite the text according to your choice.

This tool offers seven different tools for rewriting text. You can use standard, fluency, formal, simple, and creative modes. In these five modes, difficult words are changed with their synonyms, mistakes are removed, sentence structure changes and keywords are added.

Two new modes are shortened and expanded. By these modes, you can make your text concise and lengthy without being irrelevant to the topic. You can also control the addition of synonyms to your text.

It is also a multilingual tool that is compatible with different file formats. You can use it as a summarizer to make summaries and get the facilities of a grammar and plagiarism checker.

You can plug in this tool with other writing is also easily accessible due to its Word, Chrome, and Docs extension.


This rewriter spins your article and gives you a more creative and productive outcome. The sentence is rewritten into the new structure and the overall meaning remains the same.

During paraphrasing, the text becomes enriched with synonyms and keywords that make the content highly ranked. Due to keywords, the search traffic becomes increases.

Students can use it for rewriting assignments and thesis. For scientific papers, this tool is best as it does not alter the scientific terms. The same idea can be described in a better form.

The quality and clarity of the text can be improved a lot. If your text has longer sentences, this tool will split it into shorter and meaning full sentences. This is a paid tool and has different pricing plans depending upon monthly and yearly packages.


Online rewriting tools help students to achieve a good result in minimum time. With these tools, one can make his vocabulary string and polish his writing skills.

Seven Rewriting tools are discussed thoroughly that can help students to make assignments and thesis. To sum up, in your academic career the discussed tool can help you to save time and energy.

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