10 Best One Year MBA programs in India

The one-year MBA programs offered in India are the best choice for students who want to pursue a managerial career in the public, private, or government sectors. 

To meet current industrial demands, this degree has been developing throughout time. 

An MBA is a globally recognized degree that gives graduates access to a variety of latent abilities that they can use to balance the management equation and solve complicated technological and real-world problems.

For those looking to advance their careers, an MBA is the best option. It is a crucial component that is significantly accelerating careers. The most preferred stepping stone or certification to bolster your CV today is an MBA degree.

To further comprehend, let’s read this post to find out more about India’s top one-year MBA programs and top MBA specializations.

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Is it worthwhile to pursue a one-year MBA?

If you are a seasoned professional with a clear idea of the direction you want to take your career, a one-year MBA is worthwhile. 

A one-year MBA might be what you need to change course because it will only keep you out of the field for a brief period of time and will improve your professional prospects after graduation. 

This postgraduate business degree equips aspirants with leadership knowledge, strategic thinking abilities, and decision-making abilities. 

It is intended to prepare graduates to grasp fundamental business management processes better.

The majority of the time, it concentrates on business-related topics or specialized areas like entrepreneurship, finance, risk management, healthcare management, entertainment administration, marketing, relationship management, and so forth. 

MBA programs are gradually enlarging their areas of concentration to cover instruction in global business as well as the duties and corporate accountability of firms within their communities. 

As a result, an MBA degree has increasingly become a prerequisite for starting a profession or an advantage for aspiring entrepreneurs in the modern world.

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Why pursue an MBA? 

As a result of the rapid changes, businesses have created a wide range of employment options and profiles. 

With so many professional options available, choosing the incorrect postgraduate study program could be the largest barrier to your success. 

The following are some justifications for pursuing an MBA:

1. Grow professionally 

The ability to explore and acquire abilities while receiving the training required to switch careers is one of the finest benefits of an MBA program. 

It prepares you to work in a managerial capacity in your industry. 

2. Potential for high pay 

An MBA degree holder typically earns more money and has more advantages and benefits than those with other degrees. 

Additionally, your allocated profiles and pay scale are doubled after a set number of years of experience. In recent years, the cost of MBA programs has decreased significantly, which is also beneficial.

3. exposure to opportunities abroad 

A worldwide MBA program offers a larger range of employment opportunities. Graduates are qualified to apply in a variety of positions in both the public and private sectors. 

As a result, MBA hopefuls are given more and better opportunities to broaden and refine their perspectives and abilities. 

4. More secure employment 

Holders of an MBA are in high demand on all employment markets, which creates a wealth of prospects and secure career stability.

5. Having access to a large corporate network 

You’ll have lots of chances to network. You will have the opportunity to network with alumni, leaders in the field, and knowledgeable career mentors who can offer advice on how to improve your administrative skills. 

They might even serve as a solid foundation on which to build a ladder leading to your greatest successes. Your relationships will ultimately provide you a fantastic perspective of the commercial world. 

and assist you in developing a thorough awareness of the dynamic business environment, which will enable you to identify fresh strategies for quick adaptation.

6. launch a new business from nothing 

A degree in business administration is the best option for you if you wish to start your own company or advance your current one. 

It teaches you how to face difficulties in real life and maintain stability over time. 

7. Enhances abilities and personality 

One becomes complete after completing an MBA program. It shapes a person’s personality and professional survival skills. 

From soft skills to management abilities, it aids in changing your overall outlook on life and retraining your mind to work better.

8. boosts intelligence 

Your MBA provides you with knowledge. An MBA candidate is instructed to gain an in-depth understanding of all the fundamental ideas of the corporate environment, from the most fundamental facets of life to the most significant company activities. 

9. Reputation 

The best credibility is provided by an MBA. It calms you down and encourages you to achieve your professional goals. It finds the highly competent but unreached skills that keep you inspired to work hard in your particular business.

10. Develop cutting-edge, adaptable management abilities. 

You can develop the abilities required to achieve your goals with the help of the MBA program. 

It enhances abilities including leadership and workforce management, investigates current commercial trends, and employs the most recent management tools and strategies. 

Your degree will help you become quickly adaptable in order to survive over the long term in a changing business environment.

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Which MBA concentration offers the highest pay? 

The top MBA specialities with the greatest salaries are listed below:

  • Business Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Data Analytics
  • International Business
  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Investment Management
  • Innovation Management

Best One Year MBA programs in India

The best management schools listed here in India provides one-year MBA programs. 

1. Post Graduate Diploma in Management

The Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Management is a full-time program and is intended to train aspiring managers in a variety of management functional areas. 

Through required coursework, elective coursework, and the internship project, PGDM program participants accrue credits. 

Because of the program’s strict requirements, students graduate with the hard and soft skills needed to succeed in a leadership position. 

Students have the option of choosing one of the several specialization streams that the program offers from among the numerous functional areas.


2. IRMA Anand – Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Mgmt.

IRMA (Institute of Rural Management Anand) is the premier college for MBA in Rural Management in India. 

IRMA is well known for its PRM programmes across Asia as it was a pioneer in this field. Set up by the NDDB in Anand, it provides education, research, consultancy and training services in the rural management sector. 

Many of its students get placed every year in reputed national and global organizations. IRMA shortlists candidates on the basis of CAT/XAT percentile.


3. Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP)

A one-year postgraduate management program is available from the ISB Hyderabad, Indian School of Business. 

Graduates of Business Bachelor’s programs, regardless of prior business coursework, can obtain additional general management skills through a Master in Management (MIM) program at the postgraduate level. 

Either a Master of Science (M.Sc.) or a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree will be awarded to you upon completion of the MIM program. 

Its residential curriculum aims to prepare students for leadership responsibilities in an increasingly complicated and dynamic global environment. 

A master’s degree in business administration is awarded upon completion of the Post Graduate Curriculum in Management (PGP), a master’s level program (MBA).


4. International Programme in Management for Executives

The Executive Management Programme at INSEAD is a global management program for executives that will provide you with the most recent information and practical tools to improve your company’s competitive position, business strategy, and business model. 

The curriculum aims to draw attention to the strategic, perceptive ways in which senior leaders exercise their leadership, behaviors, and judgment at every level.

The curriculum uses a cutting-edge learning methodology that emphasizes applied problem-solving. 

Its goal is to equip the following generation of leaders with the skills they need to have a constructive influence on society today. 

IIM Lucknow develops its students become globally competitive, value-driven leaders and managers. 

The institute engages in a wide range of academic pursuits with the goal of producing, disseminating, and applying management knowledge and technique.


5. National management Programme (NMP)

One of India’s top management schools is the Management Development Institute (MDI) Gurgaon.

The National Management Programme (NMP), a 15-month postgraduate program, was introduced in 1987 as an innovative effort to help practical managers learn skills from a variety of once distinct fields. 

It focuses on creating leaders who will flourish in the quickly evolving business environment, act as change agents, and have a customer-centric mindset.

The NMP program’s main goals include creating: 

  • a consciousness of contemporary business realities among the pupils 
  • a comprehensive view of business 
  • an aptitude for spotting and seizing employment possibilities in a competitive setting; a global mentality; and leadership, teamwork, and communication skills


6. Post Graduate Program in Business Leadership

The one-year Post-Graduate Programme in Corporate Leadership is a specially created management program that uses a rigorous and all-encompassing curriculum to develop young graduates with relevant work experience into potential business leaders. 

The Post-Graduate Programme in Business Leadership is a carefully designed program that combines academic instruction with global exposure, in-depth sensitization to key leadership and ethical business concepts, and a development regime that fosters individualized learning and reflection.

This program stands out for its integration of Eastern ideals and time-tested Indian leadership into the curriculum in a way that may unite the finest of the East and the West in a comprehensive package. 

Fast track 1 year full time residential programs are available at the SOIL Institute of Management in Gurgaon. 


7. Post Graduate Program for Executives – Managing Business in Emerging Economies

IIM-S, sometimes referred to as the Indian Institute of Management Shillong, was founded in 2007 with the goal of expanding and mobilizing resources to provide top-notch management education and research in North East India. 

This course’s goals are to analyze this phenomenon and establish business plans to compete in these new Emerging Markets. 

The course will introduce ideas, methods, techniques, and approaches that executives and managers in emerging markets use to serve intermediates and end users. 

The course’s aim is to demonstrate how managers and executives approach emerging markets as part of their overall corporate plans.


8. MBA- Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM); MBA- Digital Enterprise Management

In a short amount of time, IIM Udaipur has developed into a premier MBA school with a number of USPs. 

By integrating excellence in teaching and research, IIM Udaipur hopes to establish a new standard for management education. 

The Institute works closely with industry on live projects, internships, guest lectures, faculty research, and numerous events throughout the academic year in an effort to truly make a difference in the community.

 It also cultivates strong relationships with regional NGOs and the government. 

IIM Udaipur is dedicated to developing the business owners and leaders who will drive their organizations in emerging markets. 

The Institute still has a strong connection to both the country and the region. IIM Udaipur fosters an environment where academics, staff, and students can all reach their full potential.


9. Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management (EPGP)

The Postgraduate Certificate in Executive Management (PGCertEM) is appropriate for company owners as well as middle and senior managers who have acquired functional and industry-specific knowledge but wish to concentrate on wider management topics. 

The acquisition of these abilities creates opportunities for the leadership of a division, business unit, or organization. 

The PGCertEM is set up so that managers can finish the program gradually and flexibly.

IIM Indore has been a pioneer in management education, collaborating with business, the public sector, and PSUs. 

IIM Indore boasts cutting-edge teaching tools, a wealth of learning materials, a solid IT foundation, a state-of-the-art sports complex, dorms, and modern infrastructure.


10. PGDM-Executive

India’s top private management school, Xavier School of Management (XLRI), is located in Jamshedpur. One of India’s first management schools, 

For working professionals looking to advance their careers and become visionary leaders for the energy sector, the PGDM (Executive) program is best suited. 

Experience-sharing sessions with genuine industry projects and professional coaching are held to improve learning outcomes. These exercises aid in situation analysis and skill application to actual business settings. 

The PGDM (Executive) curriculum improves knowledge and proficiency in understanding legislation, associated market dynamics, and institutional dynamics.


Frequently Asked Questions On Best One Year MBA programs in India

Which MBA concentration offers the highest pay? 

The candidate’s choice of MBA specialization will also affect compensation. 

Most often, MBA specialities like finance, marketing, general management, business analytics, and entrepreneurship command the greatest wages. 

The range of opportunities for MBA professionals has drastically changed due to the quick change in industries. 

The highest paying positions in India after an MBA typically pay between Rs 4,00,000 and Rs 32,00,000 year, depending on the candidate’s choice of field and expertise.


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