10 Top Music Schools in South Africa and their locations

music schools in South Africa
music schools in South Africa

Before we delve in into the list of Music Schools in South Africa, we will define music.
Music is defined as the evolutionary precursor to language. It is a purified organized sound . You will agree with me that sound originates in nature but organized sound leads to communication among living organisms, through songs or speech.

So we can inarguably agree that music is a ritual, an entertainment or culture. Interestingly, Neurologists discovered that brain development is anatomically and physiologically faster in children who are actively engaged in Music.

Music can heighten senses , enhance emotions and extract memories. Therefore if you have chosen to attend any of the music schools in South Africa, then you are on the right track.

In this article; Music Schools in South Africa; these are the things we will be covering.

Why you should study Music

Attending any of the Music schools in South Africa is one of the best decisions to make. Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider studying Music.

Increase in Mental Simulation

According to research, most individuals get their first ever memorization experience by practicing and performing music pieces. Even in elementary schools, you see younger ones being taught through music.

It offers opportunity for creativity

Often times, music gives creative opportunities for students/ individuals to express some level of creativity, through singing or learning playing instruments.

As obvious as it may seem, music has a great impact on emotions as well as in relieving stress and anxiety.

It teaches discipline and strengthens the mind.

People who have a knowledge of one instrument or the other are known to have a strong discipline. This is because your music skill can only progress if you are determined to discipline yourself and practice.

It encourages team work

People who are taught in music environments are known to have this love for partnerships. Learning music in groups, such as in choir, band, or orchestra gives room for individuals to work together especially in performing larger and complex music.

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List of Music Schools in South Africa

  1. South African College of Music
  2. Shine School of Music
  3. MMMA Music Academy
  4. Nu-Song Music, Drama & Arts School
  5. The School of Music
  6. Legacy School of Music
  7. Exulto School of Music
  8. Free Jazz Music Academy
  9. Andrew Miller Music School
  10. DJ And Music Production Institute Cape Town

South African College of Music

This is one of the Music schools in South Africa that was founded by a group of Musicians. At onset, they only had 6 students compared to now where they have graduated thousands students.

It is one of the best music schools in South Africa that offers trainings in piano, voice, jazz and African music.

Students who complete their diploma or degree courses are fully ready to take on the music profession squarely.

Their undergraduate degrees include;

  • Bachelors in Music
  • Bachelors in Music performance
  • Bachelors in Music Technology
  • Bachelors in Musicology
  • Bachelors in Music Composition
  • Diploma in Music Performance
  • Advanced Diploma in Music
  • Advanced Diploma in Opera

Their Postgraduate courses include:

  • Bachelor of Music in Musicology
  • Bachelors in Music Composition
  • Bachelors in Music Performance

Shine School of Music

The shine school of Music is one of the Music schools in South Africa that is offering courses in various musical instruments as well as trainings on music theory and singing.

They equally offer private classes to students also. Shine school of Music can be found in Ransburg , with their qualified and experienced teachers they are able to provide quality education for students of all ages.

Shine School of Music is equally one of the Music Schools in South Africa that has an Online session called the Shine’s online Music School. Their trainings can be either on Zoom or Skype. Shine School of Music offers trainings on Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Saxophone, Clarinet, Drums, Recorder, Violin, Singing, Flute and Music theory.

There are INTENSIVE and EXTENSIVE courses

The Extensive courses are the courses that allow or help students who wish to learn, play or practice within a structured environment .
4 Hours per Month R1490
2 Hours Per Month R790

While in the Intensive courses, lessons are set to a strict schedule which will enable students get the required knowledge within a very short time.

They are located at 18 Cross St, Ferndale, Randburg
Tel: +27 11 787 5852

MMMA Music Academy

This is one of the Music schools in South Africa that offers Music lessons, Dance lessons, has a musical Theory, and runs a performing arts business.

This Music school is a fully accredited and performing arts academy. They have access to the best classroom trainings. Their recording sessions, qualifications, live performances, opportunities and stage work are highly recognized.

MMMA Music sessions covers :

  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Vocals
  • Piano
  • Bass
  • Violin
  • Saxophone
  • Production etc

MMMA Dace Sessions Covers:

  • Tap
  • Hip Hop
  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Commercial
  • Contemporary etc

They are located at  191 Sunningdale Dr, Sunningdale, Cape Town
Phone: +27 21 557 3582.

Nu-Song Music, Drama & Arts School

This Music school makes music, Drama, Public speaking and other arts lessons to be fun. They have a creativity studio in Pretoria and equally offer lessons online.

Here are some of the things you will be trained on at Nu-Song Music School.

  • Art Lessons
  • Guitar and Bass Guitar lessons
  • Drama classes
  • Drum lessons
  • Graphic design lessons
  • Piano lessons
  • Keyboard lessons
  • Public Speaking lessons
  • Saxophone lessons
  • Vocal lessons etc.

They are located at  421 Bontrokkie Rd, Die Wilgers, Pretoria
Tel: +27 84 703 5239

The School of Music

This is one of the music schools in South Africa that provides instrument and vocal music lessons, rentals, instrument sales and special education events.

In this Music school there is a music store with a collections of music instruments, a lounge with Wi-Fi and free coffee, free practice room etc.

This music school is Located at 23 Aloe Rd, Blue Bend, Beacon Bay, 5241, South Africa. Tel: +27 43 748 3167

Legacy School of Music

This can be said to be a part time and full time music school located in South Africa that takes care of musical enthusiasts ranging from shower singers to the up and coming band members.

Their lessons run for 30 minutes once a week but then there are options of 45 or 60 minutes classes for individuals who enjoy longer lessons.

They are fully equipped and has a recording studio; giving the students the opportunity to record quality songs and albums.

There are part time classes and full time classes. You get to learn Vocals, Drums, Bass, Piano, and Music production and theory .

Also you get to learn Music Business, Aural training and live performance development.

This music school is located at 110 Raats Dr, Table View, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa. Tel: +27 83 228 1955

Exulto School of Music

Exulto is one of the music schools in South Africa that is focusing on providing music lessons on various instruments to interested persons.

It is a music school where learning is effective with just about 210 students in a month in attendance. There are seven instrument classes with about 2 to 4 students received daily.

They are located at 7 Platinum St, Goedeburg, Benoni, 1501, South Africa
Phone: +27 81 866 0172

Free Jazz Music Academy

The Free jazz music academy is one of the popular music schools in South Africa .It is such that is open to one-on-one part time as well as full time lessons. However these trainings can be carried out online if booked.

With as little as R95.00 you can get quality lessons at Free Jazz Music Academy. Moreover there are different types of needs to suit your budget without comprising. This music school structures their lessons in such a way that music becomes fun to learn and interestingly they teach vernacular languages.

They are located at  Office No.4, Tshwane Art and Craft Hub Cnr Bosman and, Minnaar St, Pretoria, 0001, South Africa. Tel : +27 83 865 5100.

Andrew Miller Music School

Andrew Miller Music School is one of the top schools in South Africa established to help students reach their music goals. They have an offline and online session designed to be fun and often times is tailored to your specific needs.

They always try to give the best possible music experience to their students. There are lessons for guitar, piano, electric keyboard and music theory.

They are located at Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
+undefined-+ 27 83 244 7813 – Andrew Miller Music School

DJ And Music Production Institute Cape Town

This is one of the music schools in South Africa that believes courses should be completed by students at their own pace and time. There are Basic, Intermediate and Advanced classes and their classes are one on one. Some of their courses include:

  • Marketing course for Dj’s
  • Hip Hop Dj Course
  • Basic music production
  • Advanced Music Production etc

They are located at Table View, Cape Town. Tel: +27 83 440 0069

Music Schools in South Africa FAQ’s

There are so many questions often asked by students who have interest in Studying in any of the music schools in South Africa. Here are a few of them.

What is the highest degree in Music?

Music as diverse as it is has different degrees and programs in so many music schools and music colleges in south Africa. putting yourself into the right one is equally one of the hardest decisions to make. Choosing these degrees can be said to depend on: what you are looking for, your skill, and the dedication which you are willing to put in. Below are 7 of the 10 degrees in music you should consider:

  • Bachelors of Music(BM)
  • Bachelor of Arts(BA)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts(BFA)
  • Master of Science (MS)
  • Master of Music(MM)
  • Doctorate Degree in Music
  • Artist Degree(AD)

Other degrees you can get in any of the Music schools in South Africa includes:

  • Music performance
  • Music education
  • Pedagogy
  • Music theory
  • Musicology
  • Film Scoring
  • Music Agent
  • Song writer
  • Talent Scout
  • Vocal coaching etc

Wondering which one is right for you? The right music degree for you to pursue is that one which helps you realize your goals. That particular one which helps you embrace your particular interests.

Is Music Degree Worth it?

Yes , music degree is worth it in the sense that most times, it is essential for employment in the music industry and also it is essential in the building of well rounded musicians. However in some areas of Music a degree in music will not be all that necessary.


As an aspiring musician, there is every chance that you might have considered a degree in music. Having gone through this article, I’m sure you must have seen reasons why a degree in music can be important. However be sure that a music degree will be important in the part of music you are interested in before choosing any of the music schools in South Africa.

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