The Most Common Problems in Trigonometry

Introduction: Trigonometry is a specific mathematical discipline that deals with elements of a triangle.

This scientific field analyzes specific functions of angles within a triangle and their mutual relations.

Simple as it seems, trigonometry is one of the most challenging fields of math.

More than any other branch of math, trigonometry demands powerful critical thinking skills.

Without this soft skill, solving trigonometry problems is all but impossible even if we learn all the formulas by heart.

Unrelated to where they come from, what’s their social or economic status, students find trigonometry challenging.

Is there a specific group of problems that bother trigonometry students? We did some research and here is what students and teachers have to say.

Lack of problem-solving skills

This soft skill is one of the most important abilities for math students.

As an integral part of the human learning process, it allows us to deal with problems outside the trigonometry class in the real world.

When it comes to math, there’s never a shortage of problems. Some math problems are simple and require following a certain process or applying a simple formula to come up with a solution. 

However, more complex problems include non-routine operations. For these types of problems, there’s no textbook solution, sometimes results could vary, therefore more advanced problem-solving skills are needed.

Solving trigonometry problems requires strong problem-solving abilities. We need to identify and define the problem, explore possible solutions, create an action plan, execute the plan, and evaluate. 

Help For Students with Trigonometry

Before we start examining the most common trigonometry problems, we should think of this. Students nowadays have it much easier than those before. Thanks to the advent of the digital industry, there are countless online help tools.

There’s a powerful trigonometry solver platform, that offers help with trigonometry problems to students of all ages.

These platforms are often filled with solutions to problems related to other branches of math. There are also solutions for scientific fields for both high school and college students.

Therefore, it’s much easier for students nowadays to find solutions to problems that bother them during college.

All it takes if finding the optimal service that provides both quality content and relevant information.

Inability to understand math language properly

According to a study performed by two Indonesian mathematicians, one of the most common problems that bother almost every trigonometry student is the complexity of math language.

When presented with different trigonometry problems, most students were unable to understand the provided information.

This prevented students from properly applying trigonometry concepts, which lead to false results. Even for those who understand the language, there is a chance to get the wrong answer through the calculation process.

Since students have a difficult time understanding math questions, teachers need to take appropriate action.

It’s of paramount importance to formulate math questions in a way that would be easy to understand. When we understand the question and know what type of answer is required, we can figure out which principles we need to apply much easier. 

Students are unable to apply trigonometry to real-life situations

Can you tell the distance between two kids in a group of three kids if you know where each of the three kids stands? Thanks to the Pythagoras theorem, calculating the sides of a right-angled triangle is easy.

However, if you can’t find the link between a trigonometry theorem and a real-life situation, you’re in trouble when you need to create a shade or place new tiles in your bathroom. 

And according to research, these are exactly the problems that students face the most. In real life, triangles are all around us.

Trigonometry helps us solve many mundane tasks without even realizing we’re using a complex math theorem or principle.

Yet, students have a difficult time applying trig principles to problems presented in a real-world frame. 


Trigonometry is a field of math with extensive real-world application. However, students have a lot of trouble understanding what’s expected of them when placed in front of a trigonometry problem.

Teachers need to find a way to bring students closer to the value of this mathematical discipline in real life.

Students can understand and apply trigonometry with ease.  All it takes is proper language and practical examples from the world around us.

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