List of Top 10 Best Preschools in Delhi

Preschool education of the highest caliber is becoming more important to parents for their children.

It is typical for parents to desire the best for their children, but with so many preschools available, selecting one may be difficult. The majority of the best pre-schools in Delhi feature carefully thought-out learning programs.

With a blend of play-based and formal learning, these institutions provide an all-encompassing approach to education.

A toddler’s preschool experience is crucial to their development in terms of physical, mental, social, and language-based training aids in preparing the youngster for primary school.

Here are some of the top play schools in Delhi NCR that revolutionize preschool education by including cultural learning, skill-based activities, and the development of artistic creativity.

List of Top 10 Best Preschools in Delhi

  • Footprints Childcare
  • The Magic Years
  • The Shri Ram Early Years School – TSEY
  • Learning Matters
  • Kangaroo Kids
  • Playful Minds
  • Mother’s Pride
  • EuroKids
  • Little Pearls
  • Made Easy Pre School

1. Footprints Childcare

Footprints Childcare is one of the best preschool chains, with 55+ centers Delhi NCR and growing rapidly with 90+ centers in 15 cities in India.

You can relax knowing that your child is in safe hands at Footprints, thanks to age-appropriate activities, trained carers, healthy and nutritious food with no juck food policy , and live CCTV surveillance, all these features makes them perfect preschool for your little champs.

Footprints is a caring home away from home for your child in Delhi, not just any daycare center or creche. Footprints is offering Day care, pre-primary education and After school activities.

Children get opportunities to explore and learn through the  US based HighScope Curriculum’s carefully crafted methodology in the Footprints Preschool program.

This supports the entire growth and development of our young students. Children can develop the required skills with the help of a professional team in a supportive, healthy atmosphere.

2. The Magic Years

Early infancy requires a youngster to achieve achievements he may never again match.

The early years of life are crucial for developing a person’s intelligence, sensory abilities, fine motor skills, language, and social skills.

With that belief in mind, The magic years was founded in 1978 to give young children in New Delhi a top-notch educational start.

The school follows the teaching strategies advocated by Dr. Maria Montessori.

The Magic Years, located on a half-acre area in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, now has 50 full- and part-time employees and over 200 students from more than 15 different countries.

3. The Shri Ram Early Years School – TSEY

One of the top pre-schools in Gurgaon is The Shri Ram Early Years School (TSEY), which is perfect for your youngster.

Children are assisted in exploring their environment through creative, engaging, and fascinating learning methods thanks to the facility’s excellent and dynamic infrastructure and highly skilled and experienced personnel.

These schools have adopted a number of approaches, including the different elements of Montessori, Multiple Intelligences, Jodo Gyan, BALA, Playway, and the Regio Amelia approach.

They allow preschoolers whose parents have jobs to attend their special classes in the morning and the evening.

4. Learning Matters

The Learning Matters Foundation was founded in 2005 by educators with advanced degrees, extensive experience, and a strong sense of purpose. This day care aims to make learning enjoyable and successful for children.

Their team members are a mix of meticulous professionals with various skill sets and experiences; they provide value and learn from one another daily.

A curriculum that takes into account the children’s experiences in daily life. Based on the children’s needs and interests, this program is kid-driven.

Children’s language, literacy, numeracy, social-emotional, and physical abilities are all developed during the day.

High Scope, a research-based early childhood strategy, underpins our emerging curriculum.

5. Kangaroo Kids

Kangaroo Kids promotes learning and instills in young minds a very productive characteristic.

For all skill levels, the emphasis is on creating new mental habits through storybooks, exercises, and practice.

Instead of testing their understanding of what they already know, the young ones learn to question their progress based on what they do not know.

They follow fluid learning methodologies to maintain a high degree of flexibility in learning what, how, and when. This is a more flexible method of teaching that goes beyond conventional learning.

6. Playful Minds

The Playful Minds Preschool was established in 2014 and provided a comprehensive method of education.

Their size, intentionally modest and designed to encourage transparency, accessibility, and cooperation, is our greatest asset.

This is the best preschool where parents and children feel secure, at ease, and safe—the location where your youngster eagerly anticipates visiting each day.

The educational philosophy of Playful Minds is built on integrating play into every aspect of learning.

They encourage young children to think critically and develop their own ideas through play, discovery, and hands-on learning.

7. Mother’s Pride

Mother’s Pride’s adventure began in 1996 when it opened its first location in Paschim Vihar. It is still India’s only preschool with a research and development division.

Through a number of workshops, parents have been educated about effective parenting.

Mother’s Pride structures are created as a castle of love to promote the idea of “Learning by Doing” via all extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

The early childhood education program’s best practices emphasize developing each domain of development.

Its design and structure take kid security and safety into account. Free mobility is ensured via supervised circulation areas (such as halls and corridors).

8. EuroKids

With over 21 years of expertise, EuroKids is regarded as India’s Most Reputable Early Childhood Education Brand.

It is present in more than 350 locations across three nations. One of India’s Leading Early Childhood & K-12 Education organizations, Lighthouse Learning, has EuroKids in its portfolio. The organization will give future generations a solid foundation and modern skills.

Over 150,000 youngsters receive the thrill of learning every day from Lighthouse Learning Group.

It is one of the top suppliers of preschool instruction and has over 20 locations in West Delhi and South Delhi.

They provide a library, a pool, an outdoor playground, and many more attractions to foster a better learning environment.

9. Little Pearls

Little Pearls is a playschool for children aged 0 to 10 with a top-notch curriculum and facilities.

The daycare meets the demands of all working parents looking for a place for their child to call home away from home.

150 impoverished children aged 4 to 16 receive additional tutorial sessions through Little Pearls’ other NGO, Arpan.

A family-run, nonprofit organization called Little Pearls strives to bring out the best in both toddlers and parents.

This day care provides a clean, safe, and relaxed environment that encourages children to express their creativity and develop necessary skills.

The Little Pearls family accepts all children and celebrates their purity and uniqueness.

10. Made Easy Pre School

The Made Easy Group has been dedicated to the advancement of education since its founding in 2001. The scientific and instructional activities of the organization have been significantly aided by coaching.

Made EASY has a PAN INDIA presence, a solid foundation of excellence, and a reputation for quality, expertise, and research.

Through a carefully supportive and passionate approach, they ensure that every student has the chance to develop in their area of expertise.

Thanks to the school’s welcoming and supportive atmosphere, each youngster may feel safe and at ease for the first time.

Find The Best Preschool In Delhi NCR

You can be confident that your child is in a warm, welcoming, safe, and educational environment with the best play school in Delhi NCR.

It might be difficult to choose the finest preschool, but with the help of these programs, you can relax knowing that your child will get the greatest education and have a comprehensive grasp of life.

These day care facilities make sure that every kid receives individualized attention and has the chance to express their creativity.

Each of the top schools handles educating young children using tried-and-true scientific methods that place emphasis on the child’s whole development.

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