Top 3 Lineman Schools in Iowa-Paying Jobs & Cities

If you have been searching for the lineman schools in Iowa, we advise you read carefully to the end. As of June 26, 2022, the average pay for a Journeyman lineman in Ohio is $69,523 a year.

This is about $33.42 an hour. However, the average pay for a Journeyman lineman varies greatly (as much as $22,892) and this suggests that there may be opportunities for advancement and increased pay based on skill level, location, and years of experience.

It is also important that we state that based on recent job posting activity on ZipRecruiter, the journeyman lineman job market in Ohio is not all that active as just a few companies are currently hiring.

Ohio ranks number 40 out of 50 states nationwide for Journeyman Lineman salaries. In this article, we will be looking at lineman schools in Ohio, as well as the highest paying cities and jobs for journeyman lineman in Ohio.

The Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Journeyman Lineman Jobs in Ohio

ZipRecruiter has identified 6 cities where the typical salary for a Journeyman lineman job is above the average in Ohio.

Columbus tops the list of cities in Ohio whose typical salary is above average.

Middletown and Cincinnati are close behind in second and third.

Cincinnati beats the Ohio average by 10.8%, and Columbus furthers that trend with another $13,385 (19.3%) above the $69,523.

As you can observe, only a handful of cities are paying above average in Ohio. The opportunities for economic advancement by moving to a new location is a decision to make with some caution.

Below are the top-paying cities and their respective annual paying salaries.

Columbus: $82,908

Middletown: $77,200

Cincinnati: $77,001

Akron: $71,613

Cleveland: $71,073

Youngstown: $70,800

Toledo: $69,480

Dayton: $68,717

Lorain: $65,848

Canton: $64,818

The Top Paying Journeyman Lineman Jobs in Ohio

There are at least 5 jobs that are related to the Journeyman Lineman job category that pay more per year than a typical Journeyman Lineman salary in Ohio.

Top examples of these roles include Journeyman Dedicated Owner Operator, Head Of Power Lineman, and Director Power Lineman.

Importantly, all of these jobs are paid between $9,274 (13.3%) and $61,177 (88.0%) more than the average Journeyman Lineman salary of $69,523. 

Below are the top-paying lineman jobs in Ohio and their annual salaries:

Journeyman Dedicated Owner Operator: $130,700

Head Of Power Lineman: $88,191

Director Power Lineman: $85,984

Remote Power Lineman: $84,793

Senior Electrical Lineman: $78,797

Common employers of lineman in Iowa include team Koch Industries, Exelon Valero Energy, and Flint Hills.

A local union in Iowa is Local 347 (Des Moines).

The List of Lineman Schools in Iowa

  • Marshalltown Community College
  • Missouri Valley Line Constructors
  • Northwest Iowa Community College

Marshalltown Community College

Marshalltown Community College offers several Utility Technician programs, depending on your career interests:

1} A two-year Natural Gas Technician Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree: This program prepares students to work in and around gas line utilities.

Those employed in this field would be working at an electric/gas utility, rural gas cooperative, municipal utility, or for a utility construction contractor.

During the two-year AAS degree, you will earn four certificates that include: 

  • Natural Gas Basics Certificate

  • Natural Gas Advanced Fundamentals Certificate
  • Natural Gas Construction Certificate 
  • Natural Gas Customer Service Certificate

2} A one-year Powerline Technician Diploma: This program prepares students to work in and around electrical line utilities.

These graduates would be working at an electric utility, rural electric cooperative or municipal utility, or for a utility construction contractor. 

During the one-year diploma program, you will earn your Powerline Basics Certificate and Powerline Advanced Skills Certificate.

Missouri Valley Line Constructors

The apprenticeship program at Missouri Valley Line Constructors combines supervised, structured on-the-job training with related classroom instruction to prepare you for skilled employment within the industry.

The credentials you will have, have explicit meaning, recognition, and respect in the eyes of federal and state governments and the outside electrical industry.

After you’ve completed your training and class work, you’ll graduate with your journeyman lineman’s certification and can begin working anywhere in the world.

To apply for the apprenticeship program, you must meet some basic qualifications.

You must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, and must have a Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

You will also go through the Department of Motor Vehicle physical exam and pass an aptitude test to be accepted into the program.

Applicants must also submit a $30 payment at the time of application.

Northwest Iowa Community College

As a student at Northwest Iowa Community College, you will receive training in a 40-acre outdoor laboratory as well as in the classroom.

You will learn to climb, set, and remove various sized poles; frame structures; install conductors and street lights; install underground cable; trim trees, and operate trucks along with various equipment.

In conjunction with the hands-on experience, you will learn about electrical concepts and theory, construction techniques, transmission and distribution systems, safety, materials, and hardware.

In addition, you will learn communication skills and earn a First Aid Certificate.

You will also have the opportunity to earn a Class A Commercial Driver’s License.

This program is available on campus. 

Program Length:

  • Two Semesters & One Summer Term
  • Summer & Fall semester entry

Lineman Schools in Other States:

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