28 Best Jesuit Universities in US:14 Interesting Benefits

In this article, we take a look at the 28 Jesuit universities in US, for many of you who do not know what a Jesuit university is, this is also explained in this article.

The benefits of attending one of these universities are also listed and official links to websites are provided for prospective students.

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What Is a Jesuit University? 

Jesuit schools are, in a nutshell, Catholic high schools and colleges that are governed by the Jesuits (members of an apostolic Roman Catholic community known as the Society of Jesus).

There are 62 Jesuit high schools and 27 Jesuit colleges and universities spread throughout the country. American Jesuit colleges and universities are a part of a global network of about 133 Jesuit higher education institutions spread across 31 nations.

Based on a 450-year-old tradition, Jesuit Education seeks to intellectually, morally, and spiritually shape high school and college students toward lives of community, service, and professional success. Emphasis is placed on education through volunteer work, interdisciplinary coursework, and participation in studies of religion, theology, philosophy, and ethics. 

A given school was likely founded and staffed by members of the Society of Jesus if it uses the phrase “Jesuit education.” More importantly, it describes a method of operation—the attitude, objectives, and values that are shared by staff members, administrators, and teachers.

The objective is to assist students in developing the habit of reaching out to God while also reaching out to the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s global society. 

Benefits Of Jesuit Education 

Students who receive a Jesuit education are inspired to lead meaningful lives and serve others. In other words, it makes the world a better place. Jesuit Education has many advantages and qualities, but among them

  • Enables students to become lifelong learners
  • Examines how religion and culture interact
  • Embraces cooperation and interfaith engagement
  • Includes everything and is based on the liberal arts tradition.
  • Emphasizes moral development, ethical issues, and values in particular
  • Emphasizes the value of social justice and environmental protection
  • Keeps a positive outlook on human nature and its potential
  • Encourages the use of critical thought, analysis, and creativity in problem-solving
  • Encourages religious diversity and interfaith dialogue
  • Prepares students for a society that is rapidly changing and diverse 
  • Creates obedient, time-sensitive, and responsible citizens
  • Encourages the use of analytical, creative, and critical thinking to solve problems
  • Includes a global and international component for learning and growth
  • Encourages students to improve society and the world 

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The List of Jesuit Universities In US

There are currently 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the US. Major research universities to small liberal arts colleges make up the educational landscape.

Programs include those offered by business schools, law schools, medical schools, and nursing schools. Below are the 28 Jesuit universities in US. 

Georgetown University 

Their culture, which has been influenced by centuries of Jesuit education around the world, embraces modernity while adhering to fundamental principles that encourage intellectual stimulation, ethical and spiritual development, open communication, and the creation of a more equitable society.

They create a home for all faith traditions as one way of living out their Jesuit heritage.

They travel with you on your journey and support you in finding a deeper sense of meaning, belonging, and purpose in life, whether you’re religious, atheist, or looking for a spiritual home. 

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Saint Louis University

One of the oldest and most esteemed Catholic universities in the country, Saint Louis University is based in St. Louis, Missouri, and also has a campus there as well as one in Madrid, Spain.

SLU, which was founded in 1818, is renowned for its top-notch academics, groundbreaking research, compassionate medical care, and unwavering devotion to faith and service.

They provide their 13,000 students with an extremely challenging and profoundly transformative education that aids in their growth as bold, self-assured leaders.

They are inspired by their enduring Jesuit mission. SLU is one of the top research universities in the country, and 15 of its graduate and undergraduate programs are among the top 50 nationwide. World Report News. 

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Spring Hill College 

The next generation of leaders has been educated and prepared for success during and after their time on the Hill at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama, since 1830.

Their Jesuit, Catholic college education (also known as being “Jesuit-educated”) is renowned for being a well-rounded higher education approach that places an emphasis on igniting a passion for learning and personal development.

Their commitment to cura personalis, the Jesuit philosophy of caring for the whole person and serving others, serves as the foundation for everything they do.

The curriculum and campus life at Spring Hill College are infused with care and service, giving students an education that strengthens their capacity for both individual empowerment and community service. 

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Xavier University

Jesuit Catholic university Xavier University is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is consistently rated as one of the best colleges in the country.

The oldest Catholic college in Ohio is Xavier, which was established in 1831.

Their four colleges serve about 7,000 total students, including 5,000 undergraduates, and provide 90+ undergraduate majors, 60+ minors, and 40+ graduate programs.

The Xavier community challenges and supports students as they develop lives of reflection, compassion, and informed action because they are dedicated to the common good and the education of the whole person. 

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Fordham University

They are a Catholic Jesuit university. Their spirit is derived from the Jesuits’ nearly 500-year history.

It is the attitude of wholehearted engagement with deep concepts, global communities, injustice, beauty, and the entirety of the human experience.

This New York City school is a close-knit community where they value and educate the whole person.

Three concepts, which roughly translate as follows when translated from Latin, summarize much of the Jesuit heritage and mission:

  • Make an effort to be the best at everything you do.
  • Respect for others
  • Fight for the truth.

Experience, morality, critical thinking, and innovative problem-solving skills. Students from Fordham enter the world with this. 

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College of the Holy Cross 

The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) established the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1843.

Holy Cross is one of the top four-year liberal arts colleges in the country and is a highly selective undergraduate institution.

Holy Cross has consistently changed over time to meet the needs of its students and the demands of society.

Throughout that evolution, their Jesuit, Catholic identity has remained constant, guiding and influencing everything they do. 

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Saint Joseph’s University

Saint Joseph’s has developed passionate individuals with inquisitive minds and practical skills who are prepared to make changes and build a more just, humane, and sustainable world under the direction of the Jesuit educational tradition since 1851.

They offer more than 220 academic programs, including health professions degrees, graduate certificates and programs, and undergraduate majors and minors.

59% of the class of 2021 received their diplomas with a double major and/or minor, making them well-prepared for whatever their future holds.

In the six months following graduation, 97% of the undergraduate members of their class of 2021 were either employed, enrolled in graduate school, or engaged in full-time volunteer work. 

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Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, combines technological innovation with a social conscience rooted in the Jesuit educational tradition.

Their goal is to leave the world in a better state. In addition to pursuing new technologies, they promote creativity, interact with their neighbors, and have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Their objective is to assist in forming the following generation of leaders and global thinkers.

The undergraduate and graduate programs at Santa Clara cover a wide range of subjects, including business analytics, sustainable energy engineering, and psychology. 

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Loyola College in Maryland

The development of the whole person and the educational and spiritual traditions of the Society of Jesus are priorities at Loyola University Maryland, a Jesuit, Catholic university.

The university encourages students to learn, lead, and serve in a diverse and evolving world as a result.

Academic excellence, cura personalis, service, justice, diversity, and integrity, among other ideals that have guided Jesuit universities for nearly 500 years, continue to shape the educational, social, and spiritual opportunities they provide for the students, the courses they enroll in, and the connections they form with the communities in which they live. 

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Boston College 

Boston College, the first university to operate in Boston, is now one of the top universities in the country and a pioneer in the liberal arts, scientific inquiry, and student development.

Boston College encourages students to look inward but always to reach out—to develop their minds and talents to the fullest and use them in service to others—with a foundation in the ideals that motivated their Jesuit founders. 

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University of San Francisco

USF is a Jesuit college. This means that their sole purpose is to empower and inspire you to discover, engage with, and better the world.

What are their tenets as Jesuits?

Respect one another. Assist others. Provide for the whole person (mind, body, spirit).

Create a more compassionate and fair world. Jesuit priests are academics and members of the government.

They apply what they have learned. For more than 400 years, they have been making the world better. 

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Canisius College

One of the top colleges in the Northeast and one of the 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the country, Canisius is a master’s level institution.

Canisius University, established in 1870, provides undergraduate, graduate, and pre-professional programs distinguished by close faculty-student interaction and mentoring.

Through a core curriculum rooted in the liberal arts and a wide range of learning experiences, they prepare students for lives of intellectual exploration, service, and leadership. 

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Loyola University Chicago

When you first arrive on this campus, they leave a lasting impression.

It could be their lakefront property, highly regarded academic offerings, Jesuit mission, or Rogers Park neighbors.

However, they are not just a very attractive campus. While Loyola is located in the city’s center, Trinity Health is collaborating with them in Maywood and the surrounding areas.

Their online degree programs bring their expertise and mission to you, and they even have a campus in Rome, Italy.

Learn about them and the adult, graduate, or undergraduate programs they offer.

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Saint Peter’s College 

Students at Saint Peter’s University enroll in order to graduate, but they leave with so much more. Their Jesuit-based education will motivate you to become a kind, useful citizen.

The only Jesuit college or university in New Jersey is Saint Peter’s, one of 28 in the country. Jesuit universities have produced some of history’s most significant figures for more than 450 years.

Since 1872, Saint Peter’s University has maintained an unwavering commitment to academic rigor.

They take great pride in the individualized care they can give you as you figure out who you are and what you want out of life. 

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Regis University

Regis University elevates education by being the only Jesuit institution in the Rocky Mountain West. In this place, everything is questioned.

They examine morality in great detail, consider the ramifications of their choices, and help out those who are marginalized. Since 1877, they have been performing this.

Their education is adaptable, and their community is small. In this way, you can receive the support you need and complete your degree at your own pace.

For the simple reason that they are aware that every educational program they facilitate is not just for one student. Also, it benefits their neighborhood.

At Regis University, graduates are equipped with the knowledge and perspectives necessary to channel their passions and ignite both local and global change. 

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University of Detroit Mercy

The mission of the University of Detroit Mercy, a Catholic institution in the Jesuit and Mercy traditions, is to deliver outstanding undergraduate and graduate education that is centered on the needs of the student in an urban setting.

The goal of a Detroit Mercy education is to balance students’ intellectual, spiritual, moral, and social growth.

For those looking for a vibrant college experience at a place with a long history of academic excellence, Detroit Mercy is the perfect fit because of the harmony between its small-town atmosphere and the range of opportunities available.

Their faculty are subject matter experts and mentors who dedicate their time to working one-on-one with students while advancing both the academic and practical application of knowledge. 

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Creighton University

Creighton University’s curriculum molds the whole person—emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially. Whatever they do, their students always act justly.

The top-ranked Creighton University offers a Jesuit, Catholic education that equips students for success.

You can find your passion among the 140+ academic paths available here. They provide courses in the humanities, natural sciences, law, business, and a variety of health sciences, and at Creighton, learning doesn’t stop in the classroom. Their students perform more, in research, internships, and service-based learning. 

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Marquette University 

A Catholic, Jesuit university with 11 nationally and internationally renowned colleges and schools, Marquette University is situated close to the center of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

A Marquette education gives students access to an almost infinite number of options for travel and prepares them for the real world by challenging them to do so.

They ask one thing of each student along the way: Be The Difference. 

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John Carroll University

Students at JCU are given a foundational path to follow in order to develop into inspired leaders with the knowledge, character, and heart to work for the greater good.

Nearly 60 major fields in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and business are covered by degree programs offered through the colleges of arts and sciences and business, as well as a few areas at the master’s level. 

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Gonzaga University

Students at Gonzaga University are prepared to lead with integrity, uphold the common good, and exalt God.

Gonzaga is ranked among the top 100 National Universities by the U.S. for the fourth year in a row. News & World Report, which includes prestigious private schools and sizable state research institutions, ranks GU in the top 19%. Find out why a Gonzaga education is among the best available. 

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University of Scranton 

They are a private Catholic and Jesuit institution that offers a liberal arts-based, transformative education. Every component of a Scranton education is there to support students in their success.

Here, academics are supported and challenged. They will assist you in finding purpose and direction, guiding the development of both your career and, more importantly, the person you will become. 

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Seattle University 

Jesuit Catholic university Seattle University, founded in 1891, is situated on a stunning campus spanning more than 50 acres in the vibrant center of Seattle.

More than 7,200 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs across eight schools and colleges make up their diverse and motivated population.

More than 120 undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs are available at Seattle University, which has eight colleges and schools. 

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Rockhurst College 

More than 3,000 students live on RU’s stunning 55-acre campus, which is situated in the center of Kansas City’s cultural district.

Frequently ranked as one of the Midwest’s top regional universities by the U.S. World Report News.

More than 97% of students have access to financial aid and scholarships.

With an 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio, students get the individualized support and guidance they need to develop as thinkers and people. 

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Loyola Marymount University

LMU, a top-ranked national university that was established in 1911, is steeped in the Catholic, Jesuit, and Marymount traditions.

They are devoted to fostering an academic community that is diverse and offers many opportunities for intellectual engagement and practical experience.

They take on a multicultural, socioeconomically diverse, and academically driven student body.

A diverse faculty dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, and creativity is one they seek out, keep, and support. 

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Loyola University, New Orleans 

A Jesuit and Catholic university, Loyola University New Orleans welcomes students from all backgrounds and equips them to live meaningful lives alongside and for others, to pursue truth, wisdom, and virtue, and to work towards a more just world.

The university is based in the liberal arts and sciences and is motivated by Ignatius of Loyola’s belief that there is God in everything, while also providing opportunities for professional studies in some undergraduate and graduate programs.

In collaboration with the staff, the faculty works to educate the entire student through teaching, research, creative endeavors, and service to the community. 

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Fairfield University

With more than 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students from the United States and other countries enrolled in the University’s five schools, they are a Jesuit university with roots in one of the oldest intellectual and spiritual traditions in the world.

Fairfield embraces a liberal humanistic approach to education, fostering ethical and religious values as well as critical thinking and free and open inquiry.

On a stunning campus on the Connecticut coast, Fairfield is situated in the center of a region where the future is being created, only one hour from New York City. 

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Le Moyne College 

It’s possible to have it all at Le Moyne College. Specialized education in your chosen field and a solid liberal arts foundation

Their graduates have an advantage over the competition thanks to their access to top-tier opportunities, welcoming campus culture, and technical instruction paired with instruction in communication skills like writing, speaking, and analysis.

Find a program of study that will enable you to achieve success both during and after college by giving you the chance to advance professionally and personally. 

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Wheeling Jesuit College

At Wheeling University, all of the programs are influenced by the Catholic traditions of superior education and charitable service.

The University aims to promote competence, creativity, and innovation both within and outside of the campus community by fusing education, research, and economic development with traditional knowledge and Christian revelation.

University graduates enter the workforce with aspirations for social responsibility, a lifelong appetite for learning, and the desire to improve the world. 

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How many Jesuit universities are there in the USA? 

There are 28 Jesuit colleges in the US overall. These institutions, which range in size from small liberal arts colleges to big research universities, are all affiliated with Boston College and the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. 

What is the difference between a Catholic University and a Jesuit university? 

A Catholic school isn’t always Jesuit, but a Jesuit school is always Catholic. In other words, Jesuit schools are a subset of the Catholic movement but are generally regarded as being more liberal (at least politically, if not religiously) than other Catholic institutions. 

What does it mean when a college is Jesuit? 

Jesuit schools are, in a nutshell, Catholic high schools and colleges that are governed by the Jesuits (members of an apostolic Roman Catholic community known as the Society of Jesus). In the US, there are 62 Jesuit high schools and 28 Jesuit colleges and universities. 

Why are Jesuit schools so good? 

The Jesuit school’s emphasis on service is what sets it apart from other colleges. Those who attend a Jesuit university put their education into practice while still undergraduates, both domestically and abroad. Through service projects, they engage with their local communities and improve the social welfare of people everywhere. 

Are Jesuits liberal? 

Many Jesuits have liberal political and theological leanings and are more focused on social and economic justice than issues of doctrinal purity as a result of their interactions with the poor and powerless. 

What were the 3 main focuses of the Jesuits? 

 The Jesuits sought to establish strict educational systems, spread Catholicism through missionary work, and subdue Protestantism. The Jesuits quickly evolved into the Catholic Church’s and the Papacy’s militant wing. 

Is Duke a Jesuit school? 

In 1924, what was then Trinity College was expanded into what is now known as Duke University. Although Duke is formally non-denominational, the United Methodist Church is the institution’s primary place of worship. 

Can a woman be a Jesuit? 

Today, however, more and more women are involved in Jesuit education, not only as teachers and students but also in designated leadership roles.

What’s the difference between Jesuits and Catholics? 

A Jesuit is a member of the Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic order made up of brothers or men who are not priests but are members of a religious order. According to the Jesuits’ website, St. Ignatius Loyola founded the order around 500 years ago. 

What are the Jesuits known for? 

The Jesuits are best known for their significant contributions to the fields of theology, publishing, education, and missionary work, with a focus on social justice and human rights. They manage a number of renowned secondary schools and universities around the globe and produce eminent scholarly journals. 

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