Make Your University Thesis Unique With These 5 Free Paraphrasing Tools

For undergraduate and higher-level students, writing a thesis is the most difficult part of their degree program. The thesis is the documented version of a student’s final year research. You only get the degree when you overcome this endeavor.

The thesis has a well-defined structure, which is followed all around the world. Students, under the supervision of senior professors, choose a topic, gather the background research, formulate their experimental methodology to get an observation, and then reach their conclusions. 

In the final phase, students are required to do their research in front of an external penal. The penal judges the research, findings, and overall quality of the thesis. To stand out among the jungle of students, your thesis should be unique and persuasive to grab their attention.

Why do students struggle to write a unique thesis?

Despite realizing the significance of a thesis, students fail to come up with a unique thesis. This attitude has grave consequences which range from negative grading to overall failure.

According to research by  Kenwood university, the following reasons account for this situation.

Lack of  Rewriting Skills

Rewording a sentence requires writing skills. You should be good enough to understand the central idea, brainstorm it and then come up with your version of it. The linguistic proficiency, vocabulary, sentence structuring, and paraphrasing abilities matter a lot here.

Since most students don’t practice rewriting, they don’t have the confidence to do their thesis. This results in increasing plagiarism.

Fear of Failure/Low Marks

Fear of failure lies at the heart of every copying. To write unique means bringing out new things to the table while exploring new avenues for yourself and your work. 

But this race of getting good marks stops students from unique writing. They follow the set patterns and defined rules to avoid any damage to their reputation. However, once you go too far, it increases plagiarism in your content, which results in ultimate degradation and subject failure as well.

Lack of Note-taking Skills

To write well, students should know how to distinguish between useful and extravagant knowledge. Often, students spend months reading previous research on their subject, yet they fail to convert it into useful knowledge. A piece of knowledge can only be useful when you have taken keynotes and thought it through in your head.

If you don’t do it, despite all the hard work, your thesis would be nothing but a replica of old research.

Lack of knowledge about citation

While writing a thesis, students are required to give references to previous research on the point of discussion. This review cements the authenticity of your research and proves that your problem is worth a discussion.  

However, while doing that students don’t properly cite the source. As per academic norms, whenever you borrow someone’s idea, you are required to give proper credits.

Ineffective Time Management

If you can’t manage your time, you can’t write. Unique writing requires time and attention to detail. Many students keep delaying their tasks. And when it is already too late, they lean towards copying just to get things done.

What are paraphrasing Tools?

Paraphrasing tools are online tools that can rewrite a thesis while maintaining the same context. These are powered by advanced NLP, enabling them to understand and respond to human languages.

If you are a student struggling to write a unique thesis, you can use an online paraphrasing tool to solve this problem. These tools can also improve the quality of your text.  They give a professional outlook to your thesis, making it presentable in front of an external panel.

The List of 5 Free Paraphrasing Tools to Make Your University Thesis Unique

We have discussed how paraphrasing tools can help in your thesis.  But the most important part is to select a quality tool.

A quality rephraser should have contextual accuracy, paraphrasing efficiency, sequential understanding, and speed of rewriting.

Based on these traits, here is a list of the top 5 free paraphrasing tools to make your university thesis unique. 

1. holds the first position in rewriting a thesis. The tool is backed by the most sophisticated programming, enabling it to fulfill all the standards upon which a thesis can be judged.

The tool has 4 paraphrasing modes.

  • Plagiarism Remover:  The most basic mode, it performs keyword alterations.

  • Near Human:  This mode can rephrase the sentences and paragraphs of your thesis.

  • Text Improver: The advanced mode, helps to improve the overall quality of the thesis.

  • Creativity: It removes any trace of plagiarism by giving your writing a creative look.

The tool has aided features of plagiarism checker, and grammar checker to validate the quality of rewrite. It also possesses a summarizer and content generator to expand or contract a topic. 


  • Ideal paraphrasing solution

  • Versatility in paraphrasing modes

  • Suitable for professionals and novices

  • User-friendly interface


  • Not available on iOS and Android

2. has been ranked in 2nd place. The tool specializes in thesis rewriting. It can do it 3 modes

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

The choice of mode depends upon your requirement. The tool can translate content into 80 different languages, making it a globally accepted tool.

To ease the usage, it has been available on Windows, Android, and iOS.  However, the tool lacks aided features like grammar checker, summarizer, etc.,


  • Suitable for foreign students

  • Simple interface

  • User-friendly approach

  • Reliable paraphrasing


  • Limited paraphrasing modes

  • Absence of aided features

  • Not good for advanced paraphrasing

3. AI Article Spinner

For students aiming for perfection in their thesis, an article spinner is the way to go. The tool has 5 different paraphrasing modes, each mode can give specialized substitutions to your thesis. These modes are

  • Human

  • AI Robot 

  • Plagiarism Remover

  • Grammar Checker

  • Sentence Structure

Students can select a customized mode to improve the weaklings of their thesis.

However, the tool lacks an inbuilt plagiarism checker, grammar checker, etc. The linguistic versatility is on point, it can translate into more than 20 different languages.


  • Versatility in paraphrasing modes

  • Easy to use

  • Supports Docx files for uploading

  • Suitable for a customized solution


  • Lack of aided features

  • Needs other tools for verification of rewrite

  • Not recommended for novice users

3. Essay Rewriter

The essay rewriter prides on the ease of paraphrasing. The tool has been specially built to paraphrase as per academic needs. 

All you need is to input the desired paragraph on the left window, click the paraphrase option and you would get the rewrite in the right tab.


  • Easy to use
  • Efficient paraphrasing
  • Ideal for new writers


  • Only has one paraphrasing mode
  • Lacks added features
  • Not available on android and iOS 

5. Spinbot

Spinbot is our final choice of the day. The tool is well-respected among professionals It can paraphrase in 3 different modes.

  • Shortest Version
  • Standard Version
  • Long Version

It can change the length of the rewrite as a percentage of the original draft. The tool has a sign—up option, after which you can connect with other community members to discuss ideas and unlock advanced options as well.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple interface
  • Reliable rewriting skills
  • Connects with community


  • Lacks added features
  • No translating modes
  • Not available on android and iOS 

Final Words

A unique thesis is the dream of every college and university student.  The easiest way to do that is using online paraphrasing tools. This post highlights the top 5 paraphrases to make your research unique. 

The key features of every tool have been listed. You can pick a tool of your choice.

If used well, you will never have a problem writing a unique thesis again. Cheers.!!!!

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