17 Fashion Schools in Spain:Best Tips to Succeed

Are you looking toward studying in the fashion schools in Spain? This page is tailored toward providing you with all the information you are looking for.

Previously we have looked at the culinary schools in Spain and the best medical schools in Spain. In this article, we will be guiding you through the fashion schools in Spain.

The fashion industry is constantly changing and expanding, therefore, it can be hard to break into it.

There are many fashion design schools in Spain that can help you start your career in fashion. If you have a great style and are someone who loves being creative, pursuing a fashion education may fit your interests.

Moreover, Spain offers a wide range of fashion programs from fashion marketing, communication and fashion business management.

These programs teach students entrepreneurial skills while providing them with knowledge about the world of fashion so students are well prepared for their ventures into the fashion and business world after graduation.

How Difficult is Getting Into a Fashion School?

Different fashion schools have different requirements as well as acceptance rates. If you choose a fashion school that is right for you after you must have done your research, you must organize the necessary requirements.

Common fashion school requirements include school transcripts or GED, completed application forms, and portfolios, amongst others.

Furthermore, getting into a fashion school should not be difficult if you consider the following:

  • Apply to multiple fashion schools

  • Tour your chosen fashion school 

  • Ask a fashion school student to look at your portfolio

  • Prepare yourself for an admission interview

  • Stay up to date with fashion trends

  • Practice sewing to improve your skills

Apply to Multiple Fashion Schools

Applying to multiple schools will boost your chances of acceptance into a fashion school when you apply to more than one school. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your options open and prepare applications for a few schools.

Tour Your Chosen Fashion School 

If you live close to any of the fashion schools you have plans of studying at, visiting these schools will help you choose a school that has modern facilities to match the ever-changing fashion industry.

Visiting these schools will bring you in contact with fashion design seniors who will bring you up to speed and help you scope out the fashion community at your future school.

Ask a Fashion School Student to Look at Your Portfolio

When you have completed your portfolio, ask any of the fashion students you have previously met to look over your portfolio before submitting it.

Being current students, they will have the insights on how you can improve and perfect it. However, if you do not know any fashion student, you can ask a friend or family member.

Prepare Yourself For an Admission Interview

Certain fashion institutions require an admission interview. If you have plans of gaining admission to a top school, it is very necessary that you prepare.

Do some research and find out about possible questions and think of the best answers that you will give.

Stay Up to Date With Fashion Trends

It is very crucial to keep up with all the latest trends in fashion if you really want to be a successful fashion student. You are at will to create innovative designs that are relevant to current trends to stand out.

Practice Sewing to Improve Your Skills

Constant practice will definitely lead to perfection. Before even getting into a fashion school, it will be a big bonus to at least have the basic skills in sewing when you start your fashion degree.

The List of Fashion Schools in Spain

The following schools are schools that offer fashion programs:

  • LCI Barcelona

  • IED Barcelona

  • IED Madrid

  • ISEM (University of Navarra) Fashion Business School

  • Centro Europeo de Estudios y Formación Empresarial Garrigues S. L. P.

  • ESNE – University School of Design, Innovation and Technology

  • ISDE – Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía

  • Condé Nast College Spain

  • Madrid School of Marketing

  • Catalan Fashion Institute

  • IADE Escuela de Diseño

  • Esden Business School

  • Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid)

  • Universidad Loyola (Andalucía)

  • Marbella Design Academy

  • Velez-Per, Schools of Design and Fashion

  • The Fashion Institute

LCI Barcelona

  • Website: lcibarcelona.com
  • Online Master in Management and Direction of Fashion Companies
  • Taught in Spanish.

LCI Barcelona is the most international school of design and visual arts in the Catalan capital due to the 23 campuses spread across the 5 continents that the Canadian network LCI Education has and which school belongs.

LCI Barcelona offers bachelor’s degrees in Fashion.

Marbella Design Academy

  • Camino Hoyanca S/N
    29110 – Monda – SPAIN

  •  (+34) 952 45 70 90

Marbella Design Academy offers Bachelor of Arts with Honours – BA Validated Programme in Fashion Design & Manufacture.

This three-year Bachelor of Arts validated Fashion Design & Manufacture programme offered to their students is developed, delivered and assessed by Marbella Design Academy and Validated by University of Bedfordshire.

  • Registration Fee of 500Euros to be paid first year only.
  • Fee per academic year: 11.500Euros.
  • The BA Validated programme in Fashion Design & Manufacture starts twice per year: In September and in January.
  • September intakes (3 years of study): Three academic years beginning in September ending in June.
  • January intakes (2,5 years of study): Three academic years: 1st academic year begin in January and ends in the beginning of August. 2nd and 3rd academic year begin in September ending in June.
  • Upon successful completion you will be awarded.

IED Barcelona

  • Website: ied.edu
  • Master in Fashion Management
  • Taught in English.

Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) Barcelona Escola Superior de Disseny describes itself as “the most international and multicultural education center in Spain.”

This school offers courses in fashion, design, visual communication and management for creative industries.

Furthermore, dealing with fashion in IED means interpreting contemporary cultural, social, economics and taste trends, suggesting future cornerstones in styles, shapes and materials.

IED approach to fashion points the way for its students to have a full comprehension of the whole industry and to the effective ability to operate in its specific professions.

Velez-Per, Schools of Design and Fashion

  • Website
  • 91 402 80 35
  • Local Superior, C. Dr. Esquerdo, 8, 28028 Madrid, Spain

Vélez – Per is a center that is dedicated to training Professionals in the Field of Fashion.

It was founded in Madrid in 1958 by Ms. Sagrario Vélez Perea (President) and since then they have not stopped in their quest to train the best professionals in the world of fashion, both in Spain and abroad, that is the guarantee of the quality of their teaching. They offer the following courses:

  • Hats and Headdresses

  • Cutting and Sewing for Beginners

  • Design-Styling and Fashion Creation

  • Indurstrial Pattern Making and Scaling by Computer

  • Industrial Patronage and Scaling

  • Jewelry Design by Computer

  • Transformation of Patterns

  • Fashion Design by Computer

  • Bags and Accessories

IED Madrid

  • Bachelor in Fashion Business: Taught in English
  • Master in Fashion Companies Management: Taught in Spanish
  • Master in Fashion Product Management: Taught in Spanish
  • Master in Fashion Buying and Licencing: Taught in English
  • Website: ied.edu

All IED schools and programs come together to unlock creativity, intellect and potential.

The Fashion Institute

  • Website
  •  Costa Málaga ES, C. Huelva de Calahonda, 14, 29649 Calahonda, Spain

‘The Fashion Institute’, or ‘The Fashion Workshop’,  is 10 to 15 mins from Marbella on the toll road and offers a variety of courses for those who are seeking for dedicated classes and tuition in Sewing, pattern-cutting and fashion Design on the Costa del Sol.

Whether you are looking for specific help, WEEKLY classes, can only spare a couple of hours a month, or have the ideas and hope to start your own business, we have something for you. 

For the weekly classes, they take adults & ages 13 years upwards and it doesn’t matter if you have experience or not.  

If you have a sewing machine and want to bring it with you to class then that’s fine, but you are also more than welcome to leave yours at home and use their at no extra charge!

ISEM (University of Navarra) Fashion Business School

ISEM Fashion Business School, (University of Navarra) describes itself as “the first business school specialised in fashion companies that exists in Spain, since 2001.” It is a school born with the objective of training professionals with negotiation and leadership skills that is needed in the fashion industry.

Also, the goal of this institution is to train people who manage fashion companies, a sector of special relevance both for its importance in business and the economy of countries.

They offer:

  • Executive Master in Fashion Business Administration (FBA)
  • Advanced Fashion Business Management Program (PADEM)
  • Two-week Summer Course in Fashion and Creativity Management
  • Two-week course in Miami, Florida, in Fashion Entrepreneurship 101: Building a Successful Brand
  • Five-day course in New York in Fashion Business iQ: An Insight into the Industry
  • Expert in Fashion Business Management

Centro Europeo de Estudios y Formación Empresarial Garrigues S. L. P.

  • Master in Business Management of the Fashion and Luxury Industry: Taught in Spanish.

The European Center Business Education Garrigues is a business and law school in Madrid that offers some fashion programmes. ​​

It is a school that offers Master in Business Management of the Fashion and Luxury Industry.

ESNE – University School of Design, Innovation and Technology

  • Website: esne.es
  • P: +34 915 55 25 28
  • E: madrid@esne.es

ESNE is a design school that is part of the University of Camilo José Cela. It describes itself as “the largest creative industries campus in Madrid”.

This school made it to our list of fashion schools in Spain because they offer Bachelor in Fashion Management and Communication. This program is taught in English.

ISDE – Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía

  • Website: isde.es
  • P: +34 911 26 51 80
  • E: info@isde.es

ISDE is an academic institution “born out of the heart of the legal profession” in Spain and offers one fashion programme, in collaboration with IED Barcelona.

They offer fashion business programme in collaboration with IED Barcelona in Fashion and Luxury: Law, Business and Marketing and the program is taught in English.

Condé Nast College Spain

This institution offers Master offered by Vogue in collaboration with Carlos III University in Fashion and Beauty Business Management.

Madrid School of Marketing

Madrid School of Marketing is part of the University of Science and Technology MSMK located in Madrid. 

This institution made it to our list of fashion schools in Spain because they offer bachelor in Fashion and Luxury Master in Marketing Management for Fashion and Luxury Companies.

Catalan Fashion Institute

  • Course in collaboration with Flip Flop College and the Footwear Museum in Elda, Spain in: Fashion Management

The Catalan Fashion Institute (ICModa) describes itself as “the pioneer school in fashion design training in Barcelona”.

ICModa’s programs are aimed at students who are just starting out in the world of fashion, as well as professionals who wish to update their knowledge of fashion.

IADE Escuela de Diseño

IADE is a design school in Madrid that also offers several fashion programmes.

Master programme in Fashion Management and Design is one of the programs they offer.

Esden Business School

Esden is a business school in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao) and Latin-America that also offers some fashion-oriented programmes.

MBA in Fashion Business Management is one of the programs they offer in fashion.

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid)

This institution offers Master in Fashion Management from the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid.

Universidad Loyola (Andalucía)

Loyola University is a private university in Anadalucía,South of Spain, and offers a variety of undergraduate and master programmes.

Master in Fashion Business Management is one of the programs they offer and it is a program taught in English.

What is the Highest-Paying Job in The Fashion Industry? 

According to Indeed, the highest paying job in the fashion industry is a design director. They earn an average yearly salary of $97, 530.

Can I Get Into Fashion School Without Sewing Experience?

Yes, you do not need sewing experience to get into fashion school.

if you are interested in fashion journalism or fashion history degree, it is unlikely that knowing to sew will be relevant.

However, general sewing knowledge could be a huge advantage for fashion design degrees. Don’t worry, while attending fashion school, you will learn all the necessary sewing techniques.

What Does a Fashion Buyer Do?

Professionals who are involved in fashion buying are responsible for selecting accessories and apparel but are not involved in the design process.

They usually work on behalf of department stores and boutiques. they choose these items and decide which apparel collection best fits each other.

Can I Be a Fashion Designer Without a Degree?

To become a fashion designer without a degree, you must learn and improve your basic knowledge of photoshop, illustrator and CAD.

You can gain as much as you can from online courses on fashion related subjects. Drawing and filling sketchbooks are other things you must be doing.

Other things you must do in order to become a fashion designer without a degree includes:

  • Building up a solid portfolio of your ideas and creative designs.

  • Learning & improving the basics of sewing from magazines, books or the internet.

  • Giving your best to get an internship job with a brand manufacturing firm.

  • Trying to get connected with as many fashion industry brands as you can.

  • Send theoretical or practical applications to companies you’d like to work for.

  • Try to register and participate in all fashion design related events, stitching and sewing competitions.


Fashion designing is one of the most attractive career choices anyone can venture into. Younger people are getting inspired to take up this career.

Finally, it is an industry that needs hard work, creativity, and persistence.

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