Writing An Excellent Essay for College: 5 Steps Guide

A compelling essay for college can be a deciding factor when it comes to getting admitted to a college. Admission officers pay special attention to words sent out by applicants with similar qualifications so they could decide which one is the best fit for their institution.

However, many students find writing essay for college applications challenging and this is often the reason they don’t get a positive answer even though their GPA and test scores are way above average. 

We came up with this simple 5-step guide that explains what it takes to write an astonishing essay for college admission. Read on to see how you can write an excellent essay for college.

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5 Steps Guide On How to Write An Excellent Essay for College

Pay close attention to the topic you choose

The list of topics you can choose from can be diverse in the sense that you could be closely related to several subjects or find it challenging to write about any of the topics on the list.

If you were to write about a theme that you can’t relate to, your work could be weak and lack structural or contextual strength.

This is why it’s so important to pick the topic that would allow you to show off the extent of your vocabulary, the strength of your argumentation, and other writing skills that you own.

It’s not a lousy idea to take notes on each topic and compare those later to come up with the best possible solution for you. Take under consideration the topic that would be most suitable for the college you’re applying to and the field of studies you are interested in. 

Create a proper structure

You should know the direction in which way your essay is headed and the best way to ensure this is through a strong initial structure. To create a well-structured college admission essay, you need to perform in-depth research so you could understand the scope of your topic and figure out the most important elements.

Think about your essay as a story you wish to convey to a person and consider what would be the most interesting way of telling it. The main points in your storyline should help you create a firm structure that you can use as a foundation to build upon.

The basics of all essays are:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

An introduction should be catchy and informative, allowing the reader to grow interested in reading more, and the conclusion should be a concise resume of everything you pointed out in the text. Body, however, is the most complex part of your work, and forming a substructure within the body is where all you should focus your attention the most.

Create initial draft

You should not submit your essay in its initial form, even if you seem happy with how you wrote it, however, don’t start making any large changes in your work until you finish the first draft. Try to think of everything you experienced through your high school period that would be of importance for the story you’re telling.

Emphasize your strengths but don’t forget to mention those weaknesses that helped you learn valuable lessons. Remember that your essay should showcase you as a person, but it should not be a self-glorifying piece.

When the first draft is complete, read through your text to see which parts of the content need improvement.

Trimming off the fat

Every college application essay is constrained by a certain number of words it should consist of. This number is usually around six hundred words, but it may vary. You’ll probably have written way more than you needed to in your initial draft, which is why this step includes removing the excess parts of the content.

It’s important that you edit your text in such a way that it keeps its potency. Remove only parts that appear as fillers and keep arguments, explanations, and pieces of text that carry weight for the subject.

Hire professional essay writer

If you’re not happy with your work after all the learning, research, writing, and editing it’s best to turn to a professional writer for help. Many students don’t even reach the middle of their task before they say, “I’ll have someone else write my essay for me” and contact an assignment writing service that deals with homework, essays, and similar academic tasks. 

Even if you’re happy with your work, a professional writer could help you proofread your text and make sure there are no spelling mistakes, plagiarism issues, or stylistic errors which most students overlook.


These were five simple steps that you should take for an amazing essay for college. Following this simple guideline allows you to approach your project with a plan. However, remember to unleash your creativity and stay focused on developing a piece of text that’s easy to read and understand. More than anything, make it interesting by making it about you.

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