10 Carpentry Courses In London:The Top Colleges to Consider

Both joinery and carpentry are considered building trades. In a workshop, joiners “join” wood, whereas carpenters build the building’s components on location. Carpenters will assemble the joiners’ goods and build the roof trusses, joisted floors, and stud-work for the building’s interior walls.

You can gain the expertise and information necessary to thrive in this field by taking these carpentry courses In London on our list or others that we are not able to mention. You’ll be instructed by industry professionals in settings that closely resemble the workplace.

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The List of Carpentry Courses In London

  • Apprenticeship in Carpentry Level 2 – Carshalton College
  • Apprenticeship in Carpentry and Joinery – Intermediate (West Thames College)
  • City & Guilds Diploma in Carpentry & Joinery Level 1 (Barking And Dagenham College)
  • C-Skills Level 2 Diploma in Site Carpentry – Carshalton College

Apprenticeship in Carpentry Level 2 – Carshalton College

The curriculum offers hands-on instruction and the chance to advance one’s abilities in the construction sector. This is accomplished by working a minimum of 16 hours per week in the workplace and attending college one day per week.

Carshalton College offers the theoretical understanding and practical training needed to perform safely and effectively in the building and carpentry fields.

The technical certificate covers the necessary information, and the program also teaches numeracy and literacy skills to help students meet workplace needs.

Additionally, you will be evaluated at work to demonstrate that you are performing competently in order to meet the NVQ Level 2 standards.

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Apprenticeship in Carpentry and Joinery – Intermediate (West Thames College)

Installation of floors, windows, and doors in household and commercial settings is the domain of carpentry.

During this apprenticeship, you will learn how to use specialized technology, building techniques, and technical drawing to construct first- and second-fix joinery and roof structures.

Additionally, you’ll discover how to sustain safe working procedures. It is possible to specialize in fields including the creation of movie sets, retail design, and concrete mold forming with additional training.

This 18-month apprenticeship is ideal for anyone who wants to learn the skills necessary to become a proficient craftsperson with abilities that are transferable across numerous industries and is designed for people who want to work in the construction business.

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City & Guilds Diploma in Carpentry & Joinery Level 1 (Barking And Dagenham College)

The whole range of topics and assignments specified by the awarding body in response to industry requirements are covered in all of their courses.

All of the practical tasks are completed in the art workshops, while the theory work is a combination of assignment work and classroom activities.

City & Guilds Diploma in Carpentry & Joinery Level 2

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C-Skills Level 2 Diploma in Site Carpentry – Carshalton College

You have another chance to improve your carpentry abilities with the help of this course. Additionally, you will increase your literacy and numeracy skills.

Events that will help students in this course advance their professional abilities will be open to all college students. In the past, students have participated in, for instance:

Drug education, tobacco cessation, resume writing, a healthy diet, sports, and many other topics are covered by the student services, learning center, and entrepreneurship.

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Other Carpentry Courses In London Can be Found in the Table Below:

Carpentry and Joinery Diploma for those already employedWebsite
Wood Occupations Advanced ApprenticeshipWebsite
Making Furniture with Power toolsWebsite
Wood Occupations Intermediate ApprenticeshipWebsite
Carpentry and Joinery – Cskills Level 2-3 Award (evening)Website
Ascentis Carpentry Certificate(Preparation for Employment in Construction) Entry Level 3Website
Carpentry Courses In London

Why Take a Carpentry Course?

More than only artistic talent is necessary for the profession of carpentry. Carpenters with the appropriate credentials can make more money and have greater career prospects.

You will begin at Level 1, which offers a fundamental comprehension of the trade. At Levels 2 and 3, after successfully completing, you can advance to Site Carpentry.

You could work in industrial carpentry, making wood frames and scaffolding for pouring concrete forms or erecting wood braces in tunnels, mines, power plants, etc., depending on your interests. You could also work in residential carpentry, constructing and remodeling domestic homes. You might decide to work for yourself.

How Much Do Carpenters Earn In London?

Carpenters typically earn a gross annual pay of £31,600 (or £13.80 per hour), which is £2,000 (+7%) more than the average UK worker.

An average starting wage for a carpenter is £15,500. Most employees earn more than £52,000 annually.

The lowest paid carpenters are Apprentice Carpenters, while highly qualified employees like Experienced Self Employed Carpenters get the most money.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Be a Carpenter in the UK?

For an intermediate apprenticeship, you’ll typically require some GCSEs, usually in English and math, or the equivalent. For an advanced apprenticeship, you need five GCSEs with marks ranging from 9 to 4 (A* to C) or equivalent, including English and math.


How Long Does it Take to Train as a Carpenter in UK

For up to three years, you would need to be an apprentice to gain the skills necessary to complete work on your own if you wanted to become a carpenter.


What Can You Do With Level 2 Carpentry?

  • 1. Carry out first-fix flooring and roofing.
  • 2. Carry out first-fix frames, partitions, and stairs.
  • 3. Perform a second round of repairs.
  • 4. Carry out carpentry service.
  • 5. Organize and use a circular saw.


What Trades Pay the Most in the UK?

The average yearly wage for trades in the UK is £38,775, which is the highest among all occupations.

As figures reveal, the number of completed residences reached about 50,000 last quarter, which is the highest in over 20 years, builders are particularly in high demand.


Is Carpentry a Stable Job?

Due to their versatility, carpenters may work in almost any area of the building industry. As a result, one of the construction industry’s most secure careers is carpentry.

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