Career Scope of Veterinary Science- Top 4

Attention animal lovers! The career prospects of veterinary science are on a rise with many opportunities popping up every day.

Veterinary science deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases in animals. A career in this field calls for care and affection toward animals aimed at their well-being.

Studying veterinary science introduces you to the world of animal care, right from basic treatment to complex surgeries. Basic veterinary science has gained popularity among animal lovers and others alike due to its holistic approach toward the sustenance of animals and the growing opportunities in a pet-friendly world.

If you wish to pursue a career in veterinary care, here’s a look at the career paths awaiting you.

Animal Nutritionist

Just like humans need nutrient-rich food for good health, animals also need it for their productivity and well-being. As an animal nutritionist, you are responsible for suggesting diets that improve the health of animals.

Evaluating the nutritional value of food and formulating diets that maximize the growth of animals falls under the area of concern of a nutritionist.

They work with veterinary surgeons to investigate nutritional disorders and propose balanced diets for animals.

Veterinary Surgeon

A veterinary surgeon is responsible for the medical and surgical treatment of animals. You will have to make visits to pet houses and inspect them for any diseases.

Prescribing medicines and performing surgeries in case of need are the primary duties of a vet.

A veterinary surgeon immunizes animals and prevents the spread of any infections that may harm both animals and humans in an environment of co-existence.

Veterinary Pathologist

Veterinary pathologists assist veterinary surgeons in the diagnosis of diseases.

They examine the body fluids and tissues in animals to understand the nature of the illness.

As a pathologist, you must collect fluids and tissues and conduct laboratory research to come up with solutions to certain diseases. 

Veterinary Epidemiologist

The study of the covid pandemic and its effect on humans was conducted by scientists. Similarly, veterinary epidemiologists study the outbreak of diseases among animals and suggest measures to contain the spread.

They are the links that prevent animal infections from spreading to the human species. We have all heard of warnings about eating meat due to the discovery of some disease in a particular animal species?

These warnings are issued by epidemiologists after careful study of the nature of the disease. Epidemiologists also come up with vaccines to contain the severity of the disease.

As per reports in the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the career prospects in veterinary science are expected to grow by 17% between the years 2020 and 2030.

It also states that the unemployment rate of the job is very less and around 0.1%. In many countries, the number of veterinary doctors is less compared to the required number.

Hence a certificate in veterinary science opens the door to a world of lucrative opportunities.

If you are an animal lover looking for a heart-warming job that pays well and offers job satisfaction, veterinary science is the right choice for you.

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