6 Best Schools to Study Data Science and Get a Top Job After Graduating

Information is getting broader daily, requiring huge data organization, analysis, and processing. Data science is one of the hottest courses to study at the moment, with an enormous spectrum of applications for data science in society and enterprise.

Yes, data science is extensively deployed in clinical research. But here is even something more interesting. How do you think your favorite bookies come up with their odds?

The top bookmakers deploy massive data analytics architecture to calculate their odds (feel free to esports crypto for top odds).

Inevitably, data scientists who are at the forefront of data analytics are currently insufficient for the industry’s demand.

This makes data science one of the most promising courses to study, as opportunities are always open in the sector. 

If you’re a student looking to study data science, this article is for you as we have compiled a list of the six best schools to study data science

Best Schools to Study Data Science

1. Stanford University

Stanford University is one of the world’s best institutions to study data science. The school is located in Stanford, California, and was founded in 1855. Aside from data science, Stanford University offers many other undergraduate courses.

The school established the course within the current structure of MS Statistics; it concentrates on developing sound statistical, mathematical, programming, and computing skills in the students to make them reputable data scientists. 

Stanford University’s tuition fee for studying data science is around $56,000. Studying data science at the school will make you a well-sought data scientist in any part of the globe.

2. Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

Carnegie Mellon University should be on your list of options if you’re looking for a school that’ll teach you the fundamentals of data science the best way possible. 

Carnegie Institute of Technology and Mellon Institute of Industrial Research merged to form the institution in 1967. Since then, the school has produced some of the best technological minds, contributing massively to modern technological development.

The school collects around $58,000 in tuition fees and has a 4.9 reputation score. Although the school’s data science course goal is similar to most other institutions, its teaching method is one of the best globally.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Not many schools can rival the Massachusetts institute of technology regarding technological developments in the world. The school has a plethora of ex-students who’ve made significant innovations in data science and modern technology as a whole. With a 4.9 reputation score, it is one of the best places to study data science globally.

You’ll have to pay a tuition fee of around $60,000 to study data science at a globally renowned institution. The school will teach you all the crucial aspects of data and computer science, making you a seasoned data scientist. 

Additionally, it’s a technology-only university, meaning you’ll get the best data science studying experience at the school.

4. Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the oldest and best universities globally, and it’s particularly renowned for providing academic and moral excellence. 

The school has a history of high achievers, with more than 150 Nobel Laureate winners across various fields. 

There seems to be no better way to become a master of data science than learning at an institution with a perfect reputation score.

The school focuses on breeding data experts using a math-free strategy. It costs around $55,000 in tuition fees annually to study at Harvard.

5. University of Washington, Seattle

The well-known institution of learning is 160 years old. Despite offering many courses, the school is famous for its research strides in science and engineering fields. The tuition fee in the institution is around $40,000 for out-of-state students and $12,000 for in-state students.

Students willing to become data scientists can apply for full-time or part-time courses in the school. The school understands the increasing demand for data scientists, so it breeds graduates with excellent statistical modeling, data visualization, machine learning, and other crucial aspects of data science.

6. University of Oxford, United Kingdom

The only non-US University on the list, Oxford university is widely regarded by many as the best in the world. Oxford University offers many courses and has many hugely successful ex-students.

The school’s ex-students have won 72 Nobel Laureates and numerous other academic and non-academic awards.

Oxford University offers numerous data science courses, providing students with unmatched knowledge in the field. 

United Kingdom students will pay around $12,000 per year in tuition fees, while international students might pay up to $30,000. The school has a good reputation score and is one of the best to study data science or any course.


Many schools offer data science, but only a few offer the best data science programs. 

Whether you’re a new student or looking to further your knowledge in the field, these reputable institutions are six of the best for you globally.

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