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Are you looking for Physiotherapy Schools in Canada? There are a lot of different options out there.

You may want to consider the ones that are recognized by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. Unfortunately, some programs offer courses that will not give you the right certification. 

Physiotherapists must earn a minimum of an undergraduate degree, a post-graduate degree, and a two-year diploma before they can call themselves physiotherapists.

If this is your goal then these physiotherapy schools in Canada are the best possible options. 

What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists are important healthcare professionals trained to work with people to help them regain mobility and motor functioning, especially after suffering an accident that caused them pain or trauma.

As we mentioned earlier, your path to becoming a fully certified Physio professional must set you up to attend programs that are recognized by the Physiotherapy Association body in a country.

More so, if you have intentions of studying in Canada, there are elite Physiotherapy Schools in Canada that are recognized and accredited to offer physiotherapy programs in Canada.

Additionally, international students are not left out. Canada is widely known to be home to international students and they offer admittance into their finest physiotherapy schools for foreign students looking for opportunities in Canada. Here is the list of the physiotherapy schools in Canada.

The List of Physiotherapy Schools in Canada

According to Physiotherapy Education, there are currently only 15 schools accredited Physiotherapy Schools in Canada for an advanced Master’s Degree for students looking to pursue their ambitions in Physiotherapy.

In no particular order, here’s an exhaustive list:

  • University of Ottawa
  • UBC
  • University of Alberta
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • University of Manitoba’s
  • University of Ottawa
  • University of Toronto
  • Queen’s University
  • McGill University
  • McMaster University
  • Western University
  • Université de Montréal
  • Université de Sherbrooke
  • Université Laval‘s
  • Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
  • Dalhousie University

Now, let us review these physiotherapy programs in Canada.

UBC Master of Physical Therapy Program (MPT)

Department of Physical Therapy

Located in British Columbia, the University of British Columbia is one of the foremost medical institutions in Canada right now.

Their Master of Physical Therapy program (MPT) is the only fully distributed, entry-to-practice Physical Therapy program in British Columbia. 

Entry access to the MPT program allows you to stud at one of these two locations: UBC’s Point Grey Campus or the University of Northern British Columbia’s campus in Prince George.

Furthermore, you have a whole catalog of programs to take part in from rehabilitation research to clinical and basic sciences, you also have these options:


  • Master of Physical Therapy (MPT)
  • MPT/Ph.D. program


  • Master of Science in Rehabilitation
  • Online Master of Rehabilitation Science
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Rehabilitation

Professional Development

  • Graduate Certificate in Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy (GCOMPT)
  • Online Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation

Exam Preparation/Bridging Program

  • Internationally Educated Physiotherapist Exam Preparation Program (IEPEP)

University of Alberta Master of Science in Physical Therapy (MScPT)

Department of Physical Therapy

Like UBC’s MPT program, the University of Alberta also offers a fully certified, professional entry-to-practice Physical Therapy program.

You are offered creative freedom to pursue your medical professional career.

The MScPT degree is designed to prepare graduates to meet the current and future challenges of client-centred, evidence-informed, interprofessional practice.

The MScPT Program develops highly skilled physical therapists who can use lifelong learning skills to adapt their practice to ensure that the people of Alberta, Canada, and the global community are receiving reliable, cost-effective physical therapy care.

Find out if this is a suitable fit for you.

University of Saskatchewan Masters of Physical Therapy

School of Rehabilitation Science, College of Medicine

Located in the College of Medicine, the School of Rehabilitation Science engages students, faculty, and staff in a supportive environment.

This supports a positive work environment, lifelong learning, and professional achievement.

The University of Saskatchewan is located in the vibrant city of Saskatoon and on Treaty Six territory, the traditional homeland of the Métis.

The college’s flagship program is the Master of Physical Therapy (MPT), governed by the College of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies and Research (CGPS).

Upon completion of the MPT program, the graduate will obtain the entry-level clinical requirements to apply for a license to practice physiotherapy in Saskatchewan and Canada.

At present, 40 students are accepted each year for the two-year and six-week MPT program.

In addition, the institution train graduates from rehabilitation and postsecondary disciplines who wish to pursue advanced research training under faculty supervision at the School of Rehabilitation.

Candidates are encouraged to apply to the master’s and Ph.D. programs at the College of Medicine.

Please refer to their website for more information.

University of Manitoba’s MPT program

Rady Faculty of Sciences

If you are looking for an MPT program that does not only value your professionalism but also seeks to collaborate in all fairness with your skill and expertise to create a healthy living space for people in Canada, then the program offered at the University of Manitoba may just be a great selection for you.

University of Manitoba’s MPT program is one of the physiotherapy programs in Canada that prepares students to pursue licensure as entry-level physiotherapists in Manitoba and Canada.

The College also houses an MSc Rehabilitation Sciences program and is a partner in the Applied Health Sciences Ph.D. program for those interested in pursuing research-based degrees.

Refer to their website for more information.

University of Ottawa Physiotherapy Program

School of Rehabilitation Sciences

The University of Ottawa may by far be one of the most popular institutions on this list.

And yes, they offer great courses for young students looking to forward their Physiotherapy studies.

Located in Ontario, the mission of the University of Ottawa’s physiotherapy program is to train bilingual physiotherapy professionals able to serve the needs of the francophone population of Ontario and the other francophone communities of Canada in its bilingual and multicultural contexts and to promote a high level of excellence in the activities of rehabilitation research and education. 

The program is one of the physiotherapy programs in Canada that supports a client-centered approach and focuses on integrating evidence-based results obtained through research in clinical decision-making.

The program’s conceptual framework is based on the human movement sciences (kinesiology and pathokinesiology) and the clinical sciences and implements the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF) framework as the standard for describing and measuring health and disability.

University of Toronto Master of Science in Physical Therapy (MScPT)

Department of Physical Therapy

Another great option to study Physiotherapy is the University of Toronto.

The MScPT offered by the University of Toronto is a twenty-four-month program leading to professional practice as a Physiotherapist.

The program is fully accredited by the Physiotherapy Accreditation Education Canada (PAEC), and it boasts a wide range of competency and state-of-the-art delivery in equipping students for a professional healthcare career.

Graduate students are required to write a Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE) which qualifies them to practice physical therapy in Canada.

Queen’s University Physical Therapy

Faculty of Health Sciences

Queen’s University is also one of the elite Physiotherapy Schools in Canada that offers one of the Physiotherapy programs for students.

The School of Rehabilitation Therapy at Queen’s University is committed to leading and inspiring positive changes that transform lives through rehabilitation research, education and practice.

As part of this commitment, our core mission is to educate occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and rehabilitation scientists who contribute to health and well-being globally through collaboration, creativity, and the discovery of new knowledge.

McGill University Professional Master of Science (Applied) in Physical Therapy

School of Physical and Occupational Therapy

The professional Master of Science (Applied) in Physical Therapy is a 63-credit degree program that includes one thousand and twenty hours of fieldwork education over 5 semesters.

A distinctive aspect of the educational approach is that it focuses on self-directed learning and case studies of individuals across the lifespan. 

The educational program emphasizes the importance of academic and clinical fieldwork links.

Along with fieldwork, students will study client-centered and evidence-based practice in orthopedics, neurology, and cardiorespiratory areas.

Courses also cover professionalism, advanced clinical practice, research methodology and health management and education.

The master’s project is designed to develop research skills and scholarly appreciation of rehabilitation practice and research, management/health care delivery and clinical education.

McMaster University Master of Science (Physiotherapy)

School of Rehabilitation Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences

The McMaster University, Ontario, is equally an option for aspiring physiotherapy professionals.

It is a suitable option for graduates who are looking for clinician opportunities and want to be part of a research-based team.

Western University Master of Physical Therapy

School of Physical Therapy

You can apply to study for a Master’s Degree program at the Western University of Canada, Ontario.

The program is usually a 2-year merit course for both local and international students looking to advance their physical therapy practice to a professional level.

Université de Montréal Master’s Physiotherapy Continuum

School of Rehabilitation Sciences, School of Medicine

The School of Rehabilitation of the Faculty of the Université de Montréal (located in the province of Quebec) offers education based on the development of professional skills in physiotherapy’s various specific areas of practice.

The goal of the undergraduate master’s in physiotherapy continuum program is to train an autonomous physiotherapist that fulfils the requirements set by the Ordre Professionnel de la Physiothérapie du Québec (OPPQ) and by the national organization for physiotherapy program accreditation (Physiotherapy Education Accreditation Canada-PEAC).

Université de Sherbrooke Master’s in Physiotherapy Program

School of Rehabilitation

The Sherbrooke boasts a unique entry-to-practice program like many other universities on this list.

Similarly, its Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy program lasts an intensive, clinical training period of 2 years; where your skills and expertise as a healthcare giver are further sharpened.

The program allows for the active development of its students’ competencies.

Their school is one of the physiotherapy schools in Canada that offers active teaching methods that will enable you to learn, find the necessary information to understand a problem, proffer solutions, and consolidate it through peer exchange.

This program includes 1190 hours of clinical training. 

Université Laval‘s Bachelor’s/Master’s Physiotherapy Continuum

Bachelor’s/Master’s Physiotherapy Continuum

The Université Laval is one of the oldest schools housing the physiotherapy program since 1965.

Their school is one of the physiotherapy schools in Canada that has had a huge impact in influencing professionals into clinical training and help establish them as 

The program is a continuum degree that grants students access to the Ordre Professionnel de la Physiothérapie du Québec (a professional body of Physiotherapists in Quebec, Canada). Additionally, the program is spread into 146 credits over two graduate courses.

The Université Laval‘s physiotherapy program is one of the physiotherapy programs in Canada that aims to foster humanity’s excellence by encouraging innovation to solve problems in the physical therapy healthcare, and so far, they have done so incredibly.

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Bachelor of Science (Rehabilitation Science in Physical Therapy) and Master of Science (Applied) in Physical Therapy

In addition to the decent list of fully accredited Physiotherapy schools in Canada that offer physiotherapy programs, the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi complements the plethora of quality, state-of-the-art schools that already populate our list.

This school is true, a beauty to behold. And it doesn’t just end there; it offers both the 90-credit Bachelor’s Degree program (for students just starting out) and the 60-credit Master’s program. 

They have a mission to develop reflective and collaborative professionals who are skilled in the use of clinical reasoning and scientific evidence. And this is what they have been doing for years.

Dalhousie University

MSc Physiotherapy | MSc Rehabilitation Research | Joint MScPT – Rehabilitation Research, School of Physiotherapy

Finally on our list of physiotherapy schools in Canada is the Dalhousie University.

However, this is not to say that this bright school from the Atlantic Region of Canada is not one of the best.

In fact, this school offers a Research-based Master’s program.

Their program is one of the physiotherapy programs in Canada that is committed to providing education and preparation for physiotherapy students for a truly rewarding career serving people and helping to promote healthier lifestyles in therapies.

Physiotherapy Courses in Canada for International Students

It is true that international students are continually seeking opportunities to better themselves.

And this holds especially true for students from other countries that are looking for physiotherapy schools in Canada. 

Moreover, it is no longer news that international students for graduate studies make up the larger portion of most schools in Canada.

So, what physiotherapy courses are suitable for international students?

Virtually all 15 Canadian Institutions we have listed in this article offer fully accredited Physiotherapy programs, and as an international student, you will find no trouble studying in any of them.

However, the difficult decision you will have to make is selecting which one of these brilliant Canadian universities you’d want to study.

Sports Physiotherapy Courses in Canada

Many of these Physiotherapy Schools in Canada mentioned above offer comprehensive physiotherapy programs in Canada in Sports Physiotherapy like:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Human Kinetics
  • Occupational Sciences
  • Physiology
  • Kinesiology, and 
  • Exercise Therapy.

So, going through these universities’ brochures will give you deeper insights into what you are really looking for.

You can begin looking here for sports physiotherapy courses that might interest you.

Are Physiotherapy Courses Free in Canada?

At the time of posting this article, there are no scholarships being offered by any of these Physiotherapy Schools in Canada.

So, this means that these programs are 100% paid for (however, financial aid and student loans may apply).

The tuition fee for studying advanced Physiotherapy programs in Canada is quite expensive, ranging from at least $ 10,000 for the two-year length.

Wrapping It Up

Canada has some of the best physiotherapy educations in the world, and no shortage of amazing physiotherapists among its ranks.

Because of its universal healthcare system and the need for holistic healthcare, physiotherapists are one of the most popular specialized health care professionals in the country, and that’s not likely to change any time soon.

What are your thoughts about these physiotherapy schools in Canada? Please share your thoughts below.

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