16 Best Engineering Courses for Girls to Be Successful

There are engineering courses for girls to consider in their quest for a suitable career path. The ratio of female engineers in higher institutions, companies, and the world at large is just about 10%, the remaining 90% are male.

This is a result of the mentality that engineering courses and jobs are tough and rough, so girls tend to shy away from them because naturally their body does not like anything stressful and tedious.

Recent research has shown a 20% increase in female engineering and this is a good improvement as women are beginning to discover the power in them and believing the fact that engineering is not for men only, but that they too can discover and grow in engineering field.

It is not out of place for a girl to have an interest in studying an engineering course. Women should be encouraged to take a path that is meant for those who want to impact the world with their knowledge.

It is because of this singular reason that we have put together the best engineering courses, what the courses are about, the job opportunities, branches suitable for girls, and many other benefits that can encourage the girl child to take up a course in the engineering field. 

So if you are searching for the best engineering courses for girls to study then this is the best article for you, as you have to make your choice from a good number of engineering courses for girls that is less tasking.

What to Consider While Choosing an Engineering Branch


Interest – It may be a particular branch and even the sub-options like- core job, field education, planning, technical teaching/training or financial sector of that field.


Pay – Generally, computers, electronics, and electrical are highly paid.

Location of office

Location of office – Metro, Urban, Rural, deep Remote – Offices of CS, ECE, and BIOTECH are generally in the urban area and other branches may be in remote areas.

Type of work assigned 

Type of work assigned – @ corporate office, production, marketing, and servicing.( Outdoor / Indoor duty)

Chances of Job Switch Over

Chances of Job Switch Over – It is hard fact that female sacrifices/suffer a lot due to change of location due to marriage or husband transfer, baby birth, children’s education, and other social responsibilities. So the chances of job switching depend upon location and branch.

Gender Ratio at WorkPlace

Gender Ratio at Work Place – Generally corporate or urban located jobs have a higher female ratio. Now policies are more female-friendly.

Working from Home 

Working from Home – Only CS/ECE/few financial responsibilities especially software based may have the option of working from home.

The List of Best Engineering Courses for Girls

  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Biochemical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Food Engineering
  • Instrumentation Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Information Technology Engineering
  • Medical Engineering
  • Material Engineering
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

If you are good at chemistry then petroleum engineering is your best option.

This course also has job security for girls as they can work as supervisors, engineering assistants, project managers, or drill engineers.

Working as a drilling engineer requires you to monitor and supervise drilling jobs while the male engineers carry out the physical labor. 

When it comes to rig work, the female petroleum engineer must not necessarily be on shore as she can carry out other engineering duties in the office.

Most engineering companies have good working terms and conditions for their female workers. Maternity leave, not assigning them to tedious jobs and many more are some of the conditions for women.

Also, a female petroleum engineer can work as a researcher, consultant in the oil and gas industry, lecture in higher institutions and many more. Female petroleum engineers earn good money with other additional allowances depending on the company where they find themselves.

Electrical Engineering

If you intend to enroll in an engineering course as a girl then you should consider studying electrical engineering. It is the study of the designing and supervising of electrical equipment.

It does not involve too much labor as you can work on the design aspect of the job like designing circuits or wiring of a building or machine while they leave the labor to the male engineers. A good understanding of physics will help you during the course of your study 

A female electrical engineer who loves technology can do very well in electrical engineering and those who love being creative and providing energy solutions can go into power engineering.

This job comes with good pay and job opportunities. As a female electrical engineer, you can work as a:

  • Supervisor
  • Researcher
  • Lecturer
  • Engineering Assistant
  • Electrical Designer
  • Marketer

Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering is the application of engineering in the agriculture sector in order to improve the standard of farming and rearing of livestock.

It is one of the most populated female engineering departments.

Studying agricultural engineering requires a good knowledge of agriculture and chemistry inclusive.

When it comes to farming, the female gender is always at the top of the list as they are good at planting and rearing livestock.

However, an engineer does not have to go about planting but the knowledge acquired in school can be implemented in the agriculture sector.

She can also apply techniques or strategies to improve her farming system. This makes her stand out from other local farmers.

Just so you know that agricultural engineering is one of the best engineering courses for girls you can venture into. It comes with a good number of job opportunities which include:

  • Agricultural Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Self-employment
  • Lecturing
  • Supervising and Trainer
  • Agricultural Scientist
  • Marketing and many more.

Agricultural Engineers make enough money because they stand to benefit a lot from their farm products and services. All that makes them earn well. If you venture into this course, you can even start a student farm while in school and start earning from there.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is another good course for girls and deals with chemical plants and productions.

The basic foundation of this course is chemistry and if you are that badass chemistry student who wants to explore the scientific world then it’s an additional advantage for you as you won’t find it difficult to understand the course.

The course requires more laboratory work than fieldwork, so, you can go for it as you don’t have to carry machines from one place to the other as a mechanical female engineer will do on-site.

A female chemical engineer can work as safety personnel who ensures that jobs are carried out properly and regulates the health and safety of other engineers. You will be making a good decision if you go for chemical engineering.

Biochemical Engineering

This engineering focus on improving and developing new chemical products with the help of technology. It combines chemicals and biology to provide solutions.

A good example is the production of drugs where chemical contents are put into consideration as well as the effect on human health.

Enrolling in this course will open you up to high creativity as you have to think about how to improve certain chemical components to provide solutions. This means you will become a solution provider without climbing tanks or working on pipes.

So is less tasking, and you can go for it. As a female chemical engineer, you can work in the following areas:

  • Laboratory
  • Processing department
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • School
  • Research unit

Computer Engineering

Ladies are getting on board in the technology sector and studying computer engineering will be a good start into the big world of technology.

It will help you lay the right foundation in coding and understanding of computer languages.

If you ever see yourself going the extra mile when it comes to technology, then computer engineering is the best job for you. As a female computer engineer, you can work from home as a developer or a consultant.

The pay is mouthwatering and is coupled with the fact that you don’t have to do too much of physical jobs.

Environmental Engineering

This course fits perfectly for a girl as it does not require any special skills and gives you an edge to provide solutions to the world at large.

This course teaches you to enhance environmental cleanliness and hygiene. 

It does not involve much human labor and one can work as an environmental inspector, consultant, project manager on environment related jobs, lecturer etc. Female engineers do not need to carry out any heavy workload in this department and can work in an office or on-site as supervisors. 

If more girls go for environmental engineering then our world will become safer again as they will apply what they have learned to their homes and family around them and with that eradicate the high rate of disease and sickness in the society which has been as a result of poor environmental hygiene and sanitation.

Food Engineering

Girls are known to be foodies and taking a course in food sector will open their mind to how good they can operate in the food sector. 

All they require is creativity and innovation on how food can be manufactured, processed and packaged.  

Job opportunities that are the best fit for the female gender Include:

  • Chef
  • Nutritionist
  • Home Economic Tea er
  • Food Processor/Manufacturer
  • Food Inspector
  • Manager for Food Industries/Companies
  • And many more.

A food engineer can work in the following sectors: food industries, breweries, catering schools, secondary and tertiary institutions, and food processing companies.

They ensure the food production process is healthy for consumption, working as a food engineer has no limit to what you can do as a girl because most of the jobs involve inspecting and supervising which are less demanding.

Instrumentation Engineering

Instrumentation engineers control, install, develop, manage machines, and their process.

It is less demanding for female engineers who can work as human resource managers, business proposal designers, marketers, consultants, purchase representatives, water treatment companies, etc.

This course is not popular and the few persons who studied it have job security. You can go for it.

Industrial Engineering

Studying Industrial engineering as a girl is encouraging as it requires less physical energy but more knowledge from materials, energy, and the necessary information.

So you can contribute more as a female engineer by focusing on research and can work in the following sectors:

  • Communication Industry
  • Information Department
  • Banking
  • Food and Breweries Companies and many more

Information Technology Engineering

Studying ITE is a good one for an aspiring female engineer. The course deals with data entry, statistic,s and organization.

The Information technology engineers help companies in maintaining their information systems and also work on their networks. It has the following job descriptions:

  • Information System Manager
  • IT Consultant
  • Customer Service Provider
  • Human Resource manager
  • IT Trainer

Medical Engineering

This course is not very common but can be studied in top institutions. It applies the principles of engineering in the health sector and if you have the drive to bring advanced technology into medicine and surgery, then go for medical engineering. 

These engineers ensure the safety of staff and equipment and the production of new medical tools.

Material Engineering

Material Engineers are problem solvers who restrategize and implement new ways of how a job should be done.

They figure out possible means how they can correct a system. You can take up this course if you are a good researcher, good in mathematics, physics, and chemistry. It comes with good jobs which are less tasking.

Architectural Engineering

If you have the drive to go into architectural engineering then you are taking the best decision because it’s one of the best engineering courses for girls.

Below are some branches of architectural engineering that you can fit in properly:

  • Art and Design
  • Urban Planner
  • Research Architect
  • Artist
  • Furniture and Textile Designer

Software Engineering

Software Engineering is a good choice for female techies who are in love with computer languages, programming, and coding.

This course requires mind labor rather than manual labor.

You don’t have to carry a desktop or control unit around. All you need is software. If you end up choosing software engineering then you can specialize in one of the following areas:

  • Data Scientist
  • Business Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence Developer
  • Back End Developer
  • Frontend Developer
  • Machine Learning and many more.

Automobile Engineering

The automotive world is traditionally male-dominated, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t any women working in the industry.

In Conclusion:

It is sad but true that engineering had not been a hospitable profession for women. The industry is trying to change but it isn’t making enough progress. Still in such a situation, one thing is true- many women sailed against the air and pursued their passion in engineering.

Congratulations girl, you too will impact lives in the engineering world, just have a positive mindset about any course you are choosing from this top 15 best engineering courses for girls.

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