25 Best Attendance Apps for Teachers:How Each Works

  One of the most difficult challenges that teachers can face during the school year is student absenteeism. Indeed, we understand how difficult it can be to keep track of everyone’s class attendance when managing a large number of children (and sometimes even several classes!) at the same time.

If you’re having trouble determining which students are frequently absent from class, consider using attendance apps for teachers designed specifically for teachers.

The Classroom explains everything you need to know about these new tools that can help you in your daily work as a teacher.

Why Should Teachers Use an Attendance App?  

In the busy lives of teachers, every minute counts! So, if you feel like you’re wasting time taking attendance the old-fashioned way, you should try it with an app.

Indeed, a digital attendance app can be both time-saving and extremely convenient for teachers who don’t have enough time to organize everything or who are tired of stacking up paper reports.

You won’t have to memorize every single attendance result to keep track of your student’s attendance with an attendance app for teachers!

Everything is saved within the app, and you can later access and download the reports to see what you missed during the roll call.

Furthermore, the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns have shifted teaching practices, forcing teachers and students to work remotely.

It can be difficult to call a roll in such a complicated situation where students are stuck at home! An attendance app is an excellent way to simplify your remote education routine.

Attendance Management Apps for Teachers

Replacing manual tasks such as attendance taking, assignment management, and feedback collection with comprehensive apps can save a significant amount of valuable teaching time.

Furthermore, features such as detailed attendance report generation, easy sharing of reports with parents, and cloud storage make the job much easier. There are numerous attendance management apps for various mobile platforms.

Are you a teacher looking for some cool apps to help you with attendance management? Here we will look at some of the most commonly used and best-featured apps for teachers that can help you save time in the classroom.

1. Attendance

You can easily list out students’ courses and also, their corresponding attendance times. The missing attendance alert display allows you to keep track of which entries are missing and stay organized.

The app also includes a check to see if a specific student has missed attendance in the previous 10 days.

2. MyClass Attendance

This is a simple, user-friendly app for tracking student attendance on your mobile device. it is also, a lightweight app that saves device memory and can be used without an internet connection. Attendance reports can be easily generated and transferred to any other device for convenience.

3. Chalk Attendance

 This smart attendance can significantly improve your teaching workflow. The app simplifies and expedites the entire process, allowing you to begin your daily lessons right away.

By default, all students are marked present, and you only need to mark the absentees. For faster reference, the pre-loaded attendance can be verified whenever needed.

4. TeacherKit

When you incorporate this app into your routine, classroom management can become very simple and enjoyable.

The app not only assists you with attendance management but also with a variety of other daily classroom tasks. This app requires no special skills or training to use and is suitable for all grades, from K12 to higher education.

5. Attendance Manager

This app is an excellent option for quickly and easily tracking a student’s attendance or participation in any given event, program, or class.

However, busy teachers can use this app to get detailed attendance reports, and identification is simplified by including student names and photos.

6. Attendink Attendance Apps for Teachers

With this user-friendly app, managing reports and taking attendance is much easier than ever before. All you have to do is begin a new session, make a list of the attendees, and start the registration process. The app is free to use and operates flawlessly in offline mode.

7. A+ Teacher’s Aide

This attendance app’s unique feature is the ability to manage user-defined attendance statuses. Additionally, you have the option to track behavior and compute grades based on attendance.

The app allows you to create individual and class-level graphical reports that can be easily shared with parents while maintaining the privacy of the data.

8. MyAttendanceTracker

You can easily track and report attendance online using this app. You can generate reports in a variety of categories that suit your needs. The application is available for free.

Since it is entirely web-based, if you have an internet connection, you can access the information whenever and wherever you like.

9. Attendance Taker

You can easily take attendance in your class using this professional attendance taker. It also keeps a history of the reports that can be accessed at any time for reference.

You can keep tabs on the weekly or monthly attendance rate or other comparable statistics and get an excel report of any attendance list whenever you need one.

Additionally, it is much simpler to edit the previously entered data for the selected student or date.

10. Teacher’s Notebook Lite

This is the main version of the app, which is available without charge.

You can create and track attendance for two groups of students, as well as generate reports for three different categories. If the basic version meets your needs, you can upgrade to a more professional version for many more options.

11. TrackCC Attendance Apps for Teachers

Teachers can track students’ attendance in class and send a report to parents with the aid of this free and simple-to-use tool.

Additional options exist for adding specific notes or comments for particular students that can be used as future references.

However, you can easily view previous attendance by student or date, and you can even personalize it for ease of use.

12. Attendance Master App

You can take student attendance in the most intelligent way possible thanks to this wonderful app. Therefore, the information between servers is automatically synchronized by ROL Cloud Technology.

Also, the app is free to use, it doesn’t require an internet connection and it has an auto-SMS feature that lets you send attendance reports to parents.

For added convenience, these attendance apps for teachers can be integrated with school management software.

13. Edevo Teacher

This guidebook and organizer will help you keep track of time-consuming classroom duties like attendance.

This serves as a classroom manager, an attendance record, and a quick way to get in touch with the parents of students.

It has a handy home screen, export options for CSV files, and a quick register feature that makes taking a roll incredibly simple.

14. RollCall

This is a free app for managing attendance that has a number of useful features built in to streamline a teacher’s workflow.

It is simple to group students by subjects and track each student’s attendance for individual classes. You can easily backup and restore data at any time and have the option to export attendance of desired subjects to an a.CSV file.

15. Teacher’s Aide

Your job of classroom management will become more organized and simple with the help of this comprehensive package of attendance and grade books.

User-defined attendance statuses are available for your convenience. Moreover, the app features allow you to track student behavior using attendance. It is also advantageous to have the option of automatically calculating grades based on attendance.

16. Attendance Register

As the name suggests, the app definitely fulfills the function of an attendance register and makes it much simpler for you to manage attendance.

It is a very straightforward and user-friendly app that takes the place of the time-consuming manual attendance task, helping you to stay more organized, be more productive, and be more focused on your other daily tasks.

17. Attendance Manager & Tracker

This app makes it easy to track student attendance more methodically and is quick to set up. You can manage teams of any size and keep track of class dates using the app.

You can use the option to define groups to mark attendance for many students at once for added convenience.

18. Register

You can complete the task using this extremely user- and environmentally friendly attendance register while also saving paper and valuable time.

This app is available without charge, and you can use it to manage up to 20 classes. With just a few clicks, you can connect the app to another online server and access new features like a robust notepad and a simple calculator.

19. 360 campus teacher

With this comprehensive app, you can complete many of your daily tasks in one location. You have the choice to easily track your attendance, salary, pending benefits, and much more, in addition to managing your student information and class attendance.

For greater convenience, you can choose to view both individual reports and reports by classroom.

20. AccuClass Attendance Apps for Teachers

One of the simplest ways to monitor student attendance on an iOS device is through this. You can add personalized entries for each student in the list, such as the present, absent, tardy, and more, which can be used for future quick reference.

You can even sync with the cloud-based AccuClass portal for better memory management.

The presence of such fantastic attendance management apps on your device really enhances your efforts to keep up a quality teaching schedule.

These apps can significantly improve your overall teaching experience and help you finish your lessons on time. Additionally, by improving the system due to the effectiveness of reporting and tracking attendance, students will be encouraged to attend as few classes as possible.

21.  K12 Attendance

If you use an iPad in the classroom, you can easily keep track of attendance with this software. Students’ absences from class over the last 10 days can be easily tracked with K12 Attendance. It can also send you warnings when pupils are absent from class.

22. WiFi Attendance

Wifi Attendance is an innovative solution for businesses in need of a simple system to record and analyze employee presence. Workers at any workplace can connect to the Internet for no cost. Common method. Why not use it as a method of taking roll?

If an employee’s smartphone checks in to your WiFi network, you’ll know they’re present; otherwise, you’ll know they’re absent. Further, what’s the deal? When they came, when they left, and how long they were in the workplace can all be recorded.

Just because a worker is in the office doesn’t guarantee he’s putting in a full day at his desk. With WiFi Attendance, you’ll always know exactly where your staff members are.

The first 10 employees can use the app for free after which paid options start at $1 per user each month.

23. Virtual Attendance

Virtual Attendance claims it can cut down on the time you spend tracking staff attendance. Simply create profiles for your staff after installing the app.

There must be department heads if there are multiple divisions or groups to oversee. Departments, supervisors, and even shifts can be set up with Virtual Attendance, making this a non-issue.

Therefore, you can place each worker under the supervision of a specific department head. It is simple to generate reports and view attendance by division. Specifically, QR codes are used for all of this. Employees will check in by scanning their own unique QR codes. Users who value their privacy will appreciate that this software doesn’t record their whereabouts.

24. AttendZone

The AttendZone app is zone-specific; it follows workers around and reports back on which zone they’re in. The employees’ check-in and -out times can be monitored using GPS tracking. Companies with a marketing team whose workers are frequently on the road can benefit more from AttendZone.

If your company is large enough to span numerous “zones,” or locations, you can give each zone the authority to monitor who comes and goes from each location. Monthly fees range from $5 for up to 10 users to $50 for unlimited users.

25. Jibble

Organizational attendance records are insufficient. It’s also important to monitor how much time each employee spends working from home vs in the office or on the road. Jibble’s role in the story begins here.

Jibble is a biometric verification app that may be used to keep track of time and attendance. How? To sign in or out with a selfie, punch in or out. This lessens the likelihood that one worker may use his smartcard to physically assault another.

Jibble also employs global positioning system (GPS) tracking to monitor where each linked device is at any one time to ensure that buddy punching is totally eradicated.

As soon as you enter the building and punch in, your shift will begin. In a similar vein, when you punch out, too.

You’ll be able to see how each employee fared over the specified time frame thanks to the weekly and monthly reports generated by the system.

Enjoy the company of several customers at once? Maintain an accurate time log for each client using Jibble, then use that data for payroll. Even Slack users can use Jibble because it works on multiple platforms.


There’s an app for that, whether you’re a teacher trying to streamline the attendance process for your pupils or a business owner keeping tabs on staff time and attendance.

Whether you require a complex, enterprise-level solution or something more basic for use in a classroom or as a startup, your needs will dictate the path you take.

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