15 Best Art Schools In Hong Kong:Tuition & Requirements

If you live in Hong Kong and you dream of becoming an artist one day, the best way to achieve this dream is by attending one of the top art schools in Hong Kong.

This article will help you in kick-starting your career by providing you with the list of best art schools in Hong Kong to apply to.

Without creativity, it is impossible to be open-minded and pose more challenging queries. The opportunities for thinking outside the box are made possible through art.

Learning through and about the arts enhances the academic experience and helps learners get ready for life after school. Arts education fosters creativity and self-expression, and it can increase self-assurance and personal identity.

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Additionally beneficial to well-being, creativity can enhance one’s happiness and health. Critical thinking and the capacity to interpret our surroundings are two more skills that can be developed via the study of the arts.

For those of you who have never been to Hong Kong, but are willing to explore education in a new setting, the Hong Kong educational system is well-known for its stringent testing.

With the exception of those that focus on test scores, its students have consistently ranked at the top of international education rankings.

Hong Kong students, on the other hand, fare well in comparison to other countries.

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When studying abroad, safety is an important factor to consider. According to the most recent Numbeo Safety Index, Hong Kong has a score of 78.30, placing it 29th out of 461 cities worldwide in terms of safety.

Tuition fees in Hong Kong can be quite high, but they are well worth it! They typically range between 9,700 and 28,700 EUR per year. Keep in mind that they do not cover other expenses such as books, on-campus housing, and so on.

The List of Top Art Schools In Hong Kong

You can study a wide range of topics in an art and design school, from history to sculpting, theater to fashion.

Due to the variety, learners remain interested, and a challenging curriculum encourages them to think beyond the box. The top art schools in Hong Kong are listed below.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Since 1964, PolyU Design has served as a significant center for design education and research in Hong Kong.

The School benefits from its location as a link between the East and the West, enabling its students to hone their creative skills while also gaining a distinctively global cultural awareness on both a professional and social level.

Students at PolyU Design can explore and experiment with materials (such as clothing, ceramics, wood, plastic, metal, and fine metal), tools (such as photography and knitting), processes, and concepts in fully equipped modeling studios.

Practical skills are thought to be a crucial component of the problem-solving process, which students must practice through practical workshop activities.

The workshop facilities give students the chance to become familiar with the techniques needed to perfect making.

Tuition: see the cost of programs here.

Find out more information here.

The University of Hong Kong

 Study subjects that interest you and select from a large range of beginner arts courses to learn about new themes.

You have the freedom to create a course of study that is ideal for you thanks to the program’s adaptable curriculum and alluring dual degree choices.

You will choose your own combination of disciplines during your first year from a wide range of basic arts and humanities courses.

Because of the program’s flexible curriculum, you can choose to focus on the major(s) you want to declare and pursue, or you can combine an art major with a range of other arts and non-arts courses.

Tuition: see the cost of programs here.

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YMCA College of Careers

The “Paris Purpose” of the YMCA, a global organization for Christian youth, is to “unite fellow youth,” or “those who are prepared to follow Jesus Christ as God and Savior according to the Bible, be committed to their disciples, and are more willing to work together to promote the kingdom of heaven among the youth.”

On the basis of this goal, the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong was likewise established in 1901.

According to the association’s charter, its goal is “to foster in young people the character of Christ and the spirit of Christ’s service in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ.”

They offer various art courses which you can discover on their official website using the link below.

Tuition: HK$29, 800

Find out more information here.

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The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Faculty of Arts at CUHK has always been essential to the university’s commitment to fusing Chinese and Western traditions, to bilingual teaching, and to cutting-edge interdisciplinary research.

It was established in 1963, the same year the Chinese University of Hong Kong was established.

Today, CUHK ARTS is Hong Kong’s largest faculty devoted to humanities study and instruction, encompassing fields like translation and anthropology.

There are 19 MA programs and 16 undergraduate majors. Additionally, all departments offer Ph.D. and M.Phil.-level research programs.

With about 300 professors and lecturers, the Faculty assists in educating not just the next generation of academics in various subjects, but also creative students and upstanding members of society.

Tuition: see the cost of programs here.

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Vocational Training Council (VTC)

This multidisciplinary program exposes students to a wide range of modern visual arts mediums and actively involves them in the larger cultural sectors.

The program promotes a vibrant climate where interdisciplinary arts projects grow via collaboration and creativity within the arts sector. Graduates are also encouraged to pursue careers as professional artists.

The curriculum offers a dynamic and energetic environment that encourages students to experiment with ideas and build their own artistic language to stimulate originality in art creation, from conceptual to practical.

Graduates are trained to direct and support their artistic notions based on theoretical comprehension, practical abilities, and cultural understanding.

Such ideas can be developed into professional fine artworks and the foundation for business ideas with the help of faculty mentoring.

Tuition: see the cost of programs here.

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Savannah College of Art and Design     

SCAD Hong Kong, which has been operating since 2010, has a $4 million financial loss, according to ArtAsiaPacific. This is because of the school’s poor enrollment.

An internal email was sent to all SCAD Hong Kong employees and students on March 13, 2020, informing them that the campus would close after the Spring 2020 quarter.

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RMIT University in Hong Kong

RMIT provides a distinctive environment for students to draw from a wide range of artistic techniques in collaboration with the Hong Kong Arts School (HKAS).

A division of the Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC), HKAS was established in 2000 and is closely connected to the HKAC’s environment of cultural institutions, client art groups, and creative businesses.

Through this collaboration, they provide fine art programs at the bachelor’s and master’s degree levels.

You will gain an international viewpoint from an approved institute, manned by a group of committed artists who are active and distinguished practitioners in the area, by choosing to study with HKAS and RMIT.

Tuition: see the cost of programs here.

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The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK)

The goal of the double degree program is to train community-based artists and professional teachers of visual arts who are knowledgeable about their fields and can demonstrate their proficiency in both teaching and other types of creative expression.

Graduates will be qualified art teachers in Hong Kong and have the skills necessary to hold a variety of jobs, including curators for museums and galleries, directors of organizations that support the arts and cultures, researchers in cultural studies, working-class artists and designers, and art educators.

Tuition: see the cost of programs here.

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UOW College Hong Kong

Currently, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities offers seven associate degree programs, one higher diploma program, two-degree programs, one top-up degree program, and two top-up degree programs.

Their alumni are all well-equipped for further study and work thanks to the information and abilities they have earned in their specialized fields.

There are more than 30 highly competent academics working full-time in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

They are a global, multiracial community, and their teachers currently hail from Hong Kong, the People’s Republic of China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Korea, Spain, France, and Canada.

Tuition: see the cost of programs here.

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Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts is a premier tertiary institution for the performing arts in Asia.

It was founded by The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Ordinance in 1984.

It offers professional undergraduate education as well as postgraduate study with a focus on practice.

Chinese opera, dance, drama, film and television, music, theater and entertainment arts are all included in the study.

Its educational concept places a strong focus on Chinese and Western traditions as well as an interdisciplinary study, reflecting the cultural variety of Hong Kong.

Tuition: see the cost of programs here.

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Other Art Schools In Hong Kong:

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Hong Kong Art SchoolWebsite Tuition: see cost of programs here.
Hong Kong Baptist UniversityWebsite Tuition: see cost of programs here.
Chu Hai College of Higher EducationWebsite Tuition: see cost of programs here.
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Art Schools In Hong Kong

What is Hong Kong University Famous For?

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, founded in 1991, is one of Asia’s most prestigious universities.

Its research and teaching in technology, engineering, and business management are particularly strong.

Do Art Schools Look At Grades?

While grades are important, having a strong portfolio is the most important requirement.

However, having good grades is important because the competition for admission to art school is fierce, and grades are frequently the deciding factor between two applicants of equal artistic ability.

Which Master Degree Is Best For Arts Students?

  • Masters of Arts Teaching.

  • Masters of Arts Communication.

  • Masters of Arts Political Science.

  • Masters of Arts Theology.

  • Masters of Arts Media.

  • Masters of Arts Area studies.

  • Masters of Arts Cultural Studies.

  • Masters of Arts International Relations.

Is Art A Hard Major?

Working on an art degree in college might be difficult because it needs a lot of time, hard effort, and dedication.

It can also be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining for students.

When pursuing their artistic endeavors, art students typically devote 15 hours per week to study.

Is Art School Expensive?

The average net cost of attending art school, including fees and tuition, is $42,000.

When considering how they will pay for art education, students must be sure to take these additional costs into account.

Should I Go To College For Art?

Students can greatly benefit from the structured setting that an art school can offer by maintaining their drive in that environment.

Additionally, learning some art techniques on your own could take years.

However, with the aid of knowledgeable professors and fellow classmates, art schools enable students to acquire the necessary abilities far more quickly.

Is Hong Kong Education Stressful?

It has been found that students in Hong Kong are significantly more pressured academically than students in other nations, from elementary school children through secondary school students to university/college students.

Is It Hard To Get Into Hong Kong University?

HKU admissions are quite difficult. Over 16,000 of the 40,000 undergraduate applications the institution received in 2016 came from students outside the Hong Kong school system.

One student was accepted for every 21 applications from applicants from Mainland China.

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