13 Top Adoption Agencies In Oregon:Steps to Take

When couples desire to grow their families, they frequently think about using adoption agencies.

Couples do, however, harbor hidden anxieties about adoption.

Their worries may include things like the difficulty of locating the ideal birth mother, unrecognized medical conditions, and the looming risk that a biological parent would decide against adoption before it is done.

New parents could be wary of the adoption process in addition to the practical and emotional worries

However, Oregon is an adoption-friendly state, so you don’t have to be concerned about working with adoption agencies here.

This article contains the best adoption agencies in Oregon and what you need to know about adoption processes.

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How long does the adoption process take in Oregon?

The time it takes to complete training, the home study (family assessment), and the criminal history check might range from four to six months.

Depending on your individual circumstances and the child you want to adopt, it could take up to a year from the time of your initial inquiry before a kid is placed with you.

Usually, families open to older children, sibling groupings, or children with impairments will have shorter wait times than families open to younger children.

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How Do I Adopt A Baby in Oregon

There are certain things you need to be aware of before moving ahead to adopt a baby from the adoption agencies in Oregon.

1. Choose Adoption

Choosing whether or not adoption in Oregon is suitable for you and your family is the first—and occasionally most challenging—step in the process of adopting a child in Oregon.

Although adoption is a wonderful way to add children to your family, not everyone should choose this route when starting a new one.

However, there are benefits and drawbacks to the Oregon newborn adoption procedure that could affect your choice.

 Before pursuing your adoption objectives, as a couple, you would need to be equally certain about adopting a child in Oregon.

Before moving on to the adoption process, many people must either deal with their sadness over infertility issues or give up their hopes of having a child biologically.

2. Choose Your Oregon Adoption Professional

You must choose the kind of Oregon adoption you wish to proceed with if you have determined that adoption is the best way for you to expand your family.

Every type of child adoption in Oregon has a unique set of requirements, and knowing the distinctions between them will help you make a more informed choice.

Foster care, domestic adoption, and international adoption are the three main categories

3. Begin the Process for Adoption in Oregon

You can start the adoption process once you’ve determined which kind of Oregon adoption expert and agency you want to work with to accomplish your adoption in Oregon.

Adoptive families working with American Adoptions will finish their adoption profile, Oregon adoption home study, Adoption Planning Questionnaire (APQ), and other tasks at this first stage of the adoption process.

Although the actions you must perform and the accompanying paperwork can seem laborious, they are necessary to obtain state, federal, and agency clearance for you to adopt in Oregon.

Following the completion of this process, pregnant women who are looking to discover adoptive parents similar to you can view your adoption profile.

4. Enter into an Oregon Adoption Opportunity with Expectant Parents

Before you get a chance to adopt with one of those pregnant parents who thinks you’ll be their child’s family, it could take weeks or even months.

Your ability to be open to prospective birth mothers, your willingness to maintain touch with the prospective birth family after the adoption, and the individual preferences of each expectant mother looking for an adoptive family can all affect how long you wait to adopt.

5. Finalize Your Adoption in Oregon

Adoption finalization is the ultimate stage of the adoption process in Oregon.

The biological parents of a child must first express their written permission for the adoption and have it certified by the court or another authorized party.

Prior to placing their child for adoption and three sessions after placement, the prospective birth parent(s) must be informed in writing by an attorney or adoption agency of their right to receive three sessions of adoption-related counseling at no cost to them.

You’ll finish the post-placement procedures with your home study expert once you’ve been assigned to your child and are given the all-clear to go back home to Oregon.

There will be a minimum of six months between now and the date of your adoption finalization hearing.

In Oregon, your county court will serve as the venue for your adoption finalization hearings.

The final decree of adoption, which formally concludes the adoption process in Oregon, will be issued during this hearing along with the legal parental rights that go along with it.

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What you need to know about adopting a baby in Oregon

In Oregon, you must be at least 21 years old unless one of the following circumstances applies:

An applicant who is at least 18 years old for relative adoption has been given the agency’s approval.

The adoptive applicant is an Indian and a member of the child’s extended family, tribe, or another Indian family.

In order to be eligible for adoption, you must also fulfill the following conditions:

  • Finish an adoption home study that recommends you for adoption parenthood.
  • Show proof that the appropriate training program was completed.

Show off your knowledge, abilities, and capacity to take care of the child’s:

  • Integration into the family Connections to their Birth Physical and emotional well-being.

  • Social, academic, and developmental requirements.

  • The heritage of one’s identity, culture, religion, and spirit.

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Best Adoption Agencies In Oregon

1. Boys And Girls Aid

Foster care, adoption, and housing and shelter programs are among the services they provide.

The children in this Foster Care Adoption program require the care of understanding, stable parents.

Boys and Girls Aid is delighted to serve families of all races, ethnicities, religions, marital statuses, and sexual orientations.

Since 1885, this adoption service, which is non-sectarian and nonprofit, has been helping Oregonian children find stable homes.

This adoption agency was a founding member of both the Special Needs Adoption Coalition and the Child Welfare League of America.

They are held to a higher standard than other organizations in our field because they are one of the few authorized agencies in Oregon. Boys & Girls Aid is dedicated to finding families for kids, not families for kids.

To put it another way, they always give what is best for the child top priority.


2. Open Adoption & Family Services

 This is a pro-choice, non-profit organization that values diversity. As they consider all of their pregnancy options, expectant women are given compassion and unbiased support.

If they prefer to arrange an open adoption, they pick, meet, and develop a relationship with adoptive parents that is comparable to that of an extended family.

This adoption agency is totally accessible for adoptions, including ongoing check-ins and lifetime support.

They have offices in Portland, Eugene, and Seattle in Oregon and Washington, respectively, or they’ll come to you if you live in those states .

Additionally, if you desire to place your kid for adoption, they offer lifetime counseling services and support for open adoption relationships. You will not be charged for any of their services.

Additionally, financial aid is given to you for living, healthcare, and pregnancy-related costs.


3. A Family For Every Child

This adoption agency has a license to operate in Oregon and Washington.

They provide orphanage care, assist families in overcoming poverty, and facilitate adoptions of children.

Foster adoption is A Family For Every Child’s area of expertise. They support children in the Oregon foster care system in finding families as a part of the nationwide Heart Gallery


4. Graceful Adoptions

One of Oregon’s top adoption agencies that provides open and honest communication is this one. It has one of the lowest rates of disruption in the nation.

Additionally, they only accept qualified families that we think we can quickly and successfully place.

Their rates are the same regardless of the child’s age, race, or gender because they base their charges on the services offered rather than the child’s qualities.


5. Journeys of the Heart Adoption Services

An accredited, mid-sized non-profit organization, Journeys of the Heart Adoption Services offers social work services all throughout Oregon from its home office in Hillsboro, which is near to Portland.

The team at Journeys of the Heart works with families around the country to place children in permanent, adoring homes.

Children who were born in the US, China, Colombia, and Uganda are placed by Journeys of the Heart. Both their political and religious views are neutral.

Additionally, the organization has a Seattle office and is authorized in the State of Washington.

Under the direction of the U.S. Department of State, Journeys is recognized by the Council of Accreditation to offer adoption-related services for international adoptions.


6. American Adoption

You deserve to collaborate with the top adoption agencies and specialists in Oregon if you’re thinking about adoption there.

This quick overview of adoption in Oregon can get you started, whether you’re a potential birth mother thinking about adoption or a hopeful family looking for adoption information.

Having an adoption agency and expert that is constantly on your side and able to give you the help and resources you require is crucial in this process.


7. Tree of Life Adoption Center

This adoption agency is a non-profit adoption agency registered to conduct home studies in Oregon and Washington.

They are committed to assisting families as they navigate the difficult process of adoption.


8. Holt International Children Services

This adoption agency is a charitable organization with a religious foundation that is based in Eugene, Oregon, in the United States. It is well-known for its work in child welfare and international adoption.

The organization operates in 13 nations, including Cambodia, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Mongolia, the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Uganda, Vietnam, and the United States.

As part of this work, efforts are made in the areas of nutrition, education, family strengthening, orphan care, foster care, family reunification, and child sponsorship.

A world where every child has a devoted and safe home is what this adoption agency aspires to.


9. Choice Adoptions

Choice Adoptions unites expecting mothers who become pregnant unexpectedly with families.

Choice puts the power of choosing an adoptive family on the shoulders of pregnant parents.

The expectant parent(s) chooses a prospective adoptive family, and that family is given details regarding the birth parents.

The chosen family is then given the choice to accept and proceed with an official match or to reject and wait for another expecting woman to be chosen.

Advocacy roles are provided to both adoptive and expecting families, who will have someone by their sides to support them during the adoption process.

Due to choice, pregnant and adoptive families can interact in person before the baby’s arrival in order to get to know one another and determine their desired level of communication transparency.


10. Adoptions Northwest

They offer home studies for both foster care and out-of-foster care adoptions. They assist young people transitioning out of foster care by offering resource materials and training in life skills.

If you’re considering adoption, this agency can support you from the planning stage through the adoption’s completion.

Services for private infant adoption and foster care are provided in the Pacific Northwest through Adoptions Northwest.

Oregon families can receive licensed assistance from Adoptions Northwest as they navigate the adoption process.

They will assign you a committed professional who will help you with the paperwork, represent you during the adoption procedure, move the child into your house, and then cooperate with you until everything is finalized.


Other Adoption Agencies In Oregon Include;

  • Adoption Avenues


  • Oregon Surrogate Agency


  • Angel Adoption


Let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions on adoption agencies in Oregon.

How many children are waiting for adoption in Oregon?

Approximately 8000 children in Oregon are in foster care on any given day, according to recent reports. 100 to 200 of these kids might be up for adoption and waiting for adoptive parents.

Can you choose gender with adoption?

You can select a gender in foster care. The majority of foster organizations allow you to specify gender, while some only do so if you are fostering or adopting an older kid.

You are able to adopt abroad by selecting a country and agency that will let you determine the gender.

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