12 Best Acting Schools in Toronto-Cost & Classes

Do you need a lead to the top acting schools in Toronto? This article may very well be the key to your much-anticipated acting vocation!

You’ll track down the best acting schools in Toronto for beginners, experts, and those intercepting from film to theatre or the other way around. 

Acting in front of an audience is a demanding and however thrilling career path. In addition to natural talent, there’s likewise a ton of specialized training involved, and that is where acting schools and programs come in.

Acting schools in Toronto further develop your acting skills in a welcoming environment that likewise advances your development as an entertainer. At these schools, you won’t just meet similar individuals yet in addition work with top-notch educators who can assist you unlock your full potential. 

Step By Step Instructions To Become An Actor

If you are planning toward or considering becoming an actor, here are a few steps you can follow to do as such:

  • Get all the necessary training and vital information as regards this career path.

  • Some acting firms would demand you make a resume, get headshots, and demo reels. You can make inquiries about your choice of acting school and its requirements.

  • Go for acting auditions and casting calls.

  • Get an acting agent, and make sure it is someone experienced in the field to get acting offers for you.

  • Join an acting association

What Skills/Abilities Do I Need To Become An Actor?

Various kinds of productions and jobs require various skills, yet here are a portion of the common abilities actors ought to have to find success in an acting career:

  • Composed Written and Verbal Communication Skills: These skills will help you to converse effectively with your crew and others.

  • Imaginative Skills: Although actors follow scripts, they should be able to decipher and communicate how a particular character is feeling or thinking and convey their lines inventively.

  • Ability to Memorize /Retention: This skill is very important and necessary as an actor. Actors continually need to memorize new scripts and signs to give a great performance.

  • Ability To Fit into roles:  Many productions require actors to play different kinds of roles. An actor needs to be able to fit into any given role; these could be at least basic singing and dancing skills.

  • Confidence: Actors perform in front of large groups of people all the time. As an actor, you need to be confident and self-assured at all times.

The List of Top Acting Schools In Toronto 

Here is a list of some of the top acting schools in Toronto.

# EVN Film Studios

EVN Film Studios is an acting school in Toronto that stands taking on a more personal approach to acting classes. They offer lessons in smaller groups so that instructors can give proper attention to each student.

EVN Film Studios has comprehensive courses available based on an acting specialty. There are Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced scene studies, Audition Techniques On Camera, and more.

They offer a wide collection of courses that make up all the core lessons for acting, giving a pretty rounded experience. 


Address: 2465 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P 1X3

Contact Details: +1 416-536-6939

Visit The Website.  

# Alza Acting Studio

Alza Acting Studio is an acting school in Toronto. They have various learning formats, comprehensive class descriptions, and a proven track record with outstanding faculty.

Alza Acting Studios has a multiple-time award-winning faculty with over 50 years of blended professional working experience in film, television and theatre. 


Alza Acting Studio has helped shape the careers of actors working in Toronto and around the world. They offer private coaching and career planning for experienced, emerging and aspiring actors, and acting classes for adults and teens to produce skilled actors. 


  • Introduction To Acting on Camera & Alza’s Technique 

  • Beginner/Intermediate Acting For Film & Television

  • Advanced Acting For Film & Television

  • Next Level Acting Class (Sat or Sun)

  • Online & In-Person Private Coaching Classes

  • Actors Plan (Blueprint for success) ™ with Walter Alza

  • Craft Class

  • Shakespeare Classes

Address: 7 Hayden St Suite 207S, Toronto, ON M4Y 2P2

Contact Details: +1 416-850-8936

Visit The Website

# Milne Acting Studio

Milne Acting Studio has been preparing actors for professional success in the studio and online since 1999. Whether you’re looking for an acting coach or classes, courses, workshops, seminars or boot camps, you can meet your training needs and more at Milne Studio Toronto. 

They have state-of-the-art Actors Studio training that guides actors to create roles from a deep sense of truth, from an award-winning faculty of successful working actors that deliver years of combined industry experience. 

At Milne Acting Studio they provide actors career counseling, actor on-camera acting training, and actor private coaching. 


In Studio Classes

  • Adult Acting Classes for Beginners & Professionals

  • Teen Acting Classes for Beginners & Professionals

  • 48-Hour Acting Bootcamp

  • Coaching | Selftape

Online Virtual classes

  • Adult Acting Program: Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced

  • Teen Acting Program: Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced

  • Jason Weinberg Audition Classes: Intermediate – Advanced

  • Voiceover Drop-In Classes

  • 48-Hour Voiceover Bootcamp

  • Alan Peterson Method Acting Workshop

  • Matthew Rossoff Body Presence Workshop

  • Michael W Johnson Accent Workshops

  • Coaching | Selftape

Address: Queens Quay W Suite 300, Toronto, ON M5V 3M8

Contact Details: +1 647-782-4888

Visit The Website

# Miriam Laurence Studio

Miriam Laurence Studio has been training actors for over 35+ years.  Miriam Laurence has been influential in the growth of a long and impressive list of recognized actors, directors, writers, and teachers.

Miriam has experience coaching actors for auditions and roles for all media, and this studio is a great place if you want a more personal experience with your acting lessons. 

For starters, they offer online and in-studio acting sessions. With a multi-faceted approach, they’ve helped students work in multiple skill levels. Moreover, the experience is super engaging, even in a remote setup.

Address: 693 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G 1L5

Contact Details: +1 416-399-9457

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# Cindy Tanas Actors Studio

Cindy Tanas Actors Studio is an acting school in Toronto with over 25 years of experience. This school provides an approach for actors that includes both art and life.

Cindy addresses the root of the creative blocks which are not only seen on stage and in film, but also in the life of the actor. Each actor/artist is recognized as a unique human being to bring out their process. 

Cindy Tanas Actors Studio offers a great range of in-person and online acting classes. Students can try anything from an embodiment class to an emotional connection class, channeling characters class, and more.

Acting Classes

In-Person Acting Classes

Online Acting Classes

Address: 643 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z9

Contact Details: +1 416-565-5005

Visit The Website.

# Toronto Academy of Acting for Film and Television

Toronto Academy of Acting For Film and Television is an acting and film school in Toronto. The school was established in 1998 and recognized as a private career college registered with the ministry of training of colleges and universities offering vocational programs.


Diploma Programs:

Certificate Programs




Visit The Website.

# George Brown Theater School

George Brown Theater School is an acting school in Toronto, with deeply respected programming delivered by instructors who are industry professionals. They offer small class sizes for more focused learning. 

Students are taught the skills they need on stage and get to connect with people who can help shape their future careers.

As students train at the Young Center for the Performing Arts, they are exposed to professional directors, stage managers, designers, and technicians. And in the final year of their studies, students get to experience what it’s like to perform a season.


Visit The Website.

# Toronto Film School – 460 Yonge

Toronto Film School offers a fast and effective path to an exciting career in film, television, theatre, fashion, graphic design or video game design. This acting school in Toronto is dedicated to helping students realize their dreams.

They offer a fast-paced, and highly collaborative learning environment, designed to arm students with the theory and skills needed to align career aspirations with creative talents.

Whether you are passionate about film, design, video games or fashion, Toronto Film School offers a supportive community, award-winning instructors, and a network of creative peers to propel each other into a career dreamed of.


View Admission Requirements.

And Tuition Details

Address: 460 Yonge Street Toronto, ON, M4Y 1W9

Canada: 1-416-929-0121

Visit The Website.

# Talent INC Canada

Talent INC Canada is an acting school that empowers entertainers for successful careers. They provide top-notch instruction, invaluable career guidance, and exposure to professional opportunities in television, film and live performances. 

Talent INC Canada works as a collective to promote talent in proper training and professionalism for the Canadian Television and Film Industry. This is achieved Through a professional network of actors, agents, casting directors, producers and directors handling the Acting classes.

Address: 550 Queen St E G120, Toronto, ON M5A 1V2, Canada

Contact Details: +16477487200

Visit The Website.

# Bongo Productions

Bongo Productions provides working actors and beginners with the skills and confidence needed to perform with outstanding results. Instructors bring over 30 years of experience as successful working actors in theatre and Canadian and U.S. film and television.

Classes, workshops and private coaching are always tailor-made for individuals. Focused on their specific needs, the things that may be holding them back while nurturing their strengths and talents.

Certificate Program

The Certificate Program has three steps:

1. Private Coaching Session – 6×1 hour sessions 

2. Semi-Private, On-Camera Scene-Study – 3×2 hour sessions 

3. On-Camera Audition Workshops

Address: 2142 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S 1M8, Canada

Contact Details: +14167669092

Visit The Website.

# Armstrong Acting Studios

Armstrong Acting Studios is a professional film + television training studio. From emerging talent to series regulars, they have a class that will transform every craft.

Classes are assigned by age and experience so that students engage in class with peers as they develop together. 

They also offer virtual classesworkshops and In-studio Classes

Address: 9 Davies Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 2A6, Canada

Contact Details: +14164830056

Visit The Website.

# Bravo Academy For The Performing Arts

Bravo Academy for the Performing Arts has been a leader in performing arts education in Toronto attracting students from all over the GTA since 2007.

They offer private music lessons, musical theatre programs, production experiences, camps, intensives, and workshops for youth, teens, and emerging artists.

Address: 77 Samor Rd Unit#4, North York, ON M6A 1J2, Canada

Contact Details: +16473507464

Visit The Website.


What Is The Cost of Attending Acting Schools in Toronto?

Educational expenses for acting schools around Canada range from $4,000 to $20,000+ each year, although this depends on the school. This is different if you’re just taking a class or a workshop.

Acting studios in Canada can cost around $280 per quarter and begin at around $100 each hour.

Can I Be An Actor With No Experience?

Acting is a unique gift and isn’t a job for everybody. Regardless of that, you may not have to seek a degree to excel in this career path.

However, even with your talent in acting, you will have to train your acting skills.

Without acting experience, it could be hard to get acting gigs since your portfolio will be insignificant. 

Is Canada Good For Acting?

Absolutely yes! Vancouver and Toronto are indeed the top cities for film, television, theatre and all things relating to acting.

Of course, there’s the option to audition virtually, but you are more likely to be considered for roles if you’re located where the industry is thriving and the auditions are taking place. Find out more here.

How Do Actors Get Discovered?

Actors are found in a variety of ways including auditions and also by promoting yourself and your skills online.

Also, having the right network of industry experts can help you go a long way too.

Do All Entertainers Go To Acting School?

Going to acting school is a big plus, but then it is not necessary to become an actor. Truly, there are a ton of huge names out there that didn’t go to acting school. For instance Jim Carrey and Tom Cruise. 

What makes the biggest difference in the acting business are your skills, your charisma, your expert organization, and your ability to face challenges in jobs.

What’s The Average Cost Of Acting Classes In Toronto?

The average cost for most full-time acting programs has a term tuition fee of between $3000 – $5,000. These programs are either 12 or 18 months long with 5 or 6 terms each.

Individual classes are usually priced from $100 to upwards of $1,000. Final prices are determined by class sizes, the reputation of the teacher, and location.

Is Going To School For Acting Worth It?

Formal training in an acting school gives you a specific family and admittance to endless open doors that you may not have known about previously. However, training is not a dependable pass to progress in the field. 

Are actors in demand in Canada?

Acting and actors are very much in demand in Canada right now. The Acting occupation falls under NOC code 5135 and it includes everything from Acting Teacher, to Comedian to Voice Coach etc. 


Acting is a dream profession for some individuals. Sadly, a vast majority never take the time to improve their abilities and acting skills. The most effective way for you to develop your craft is to learn from the best. 

If you have a dream of acting on stage or flaunting your acting ability before a camera, enrolling in an acting school is the initial step to stardom.

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