6 Best Accelerated Nursing Programs in Colorado: Tuition

If you are currently searching for the shortest route to becoming a registered nurse in Colorado, then you have come to the right place.

Even if you already have a bachelor’s degree in a discipline unrelated to medicine, you may still become a registered nurse in Colorado. In this article, we have covered the accelerated nursing programs in Colorado, the cost, duration, and every other thing you need to know.

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Overview of Accelerated Nursing Programs in Colorado

Program Length: If you reside in Colorado and attend a nursing school offering accelerated programs, you may be able to complete your Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 15 to 24 months rather than the traditional four years. You are eligible for credit since you have previously completed the prerequisite courses for these programs.

Salary of Registered Nurses in Colorado: A registered nurse in Colorado may earn an average of $80,670 per year with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. They should have around 30% more work prospects during the next 10 years.

Tuition: Below is a table showing the tuition information of accelerated nursing programs in Colorado.

S/NNursing Schools in ColoradoTuition Info (Per year)Program LengthCurriculum Highlights
1Colorado State University-Pueblo$12,14614 monthsGerontology, Psychiatric Nursing Practice
2Metropolitan State University-Denver$45,500 (Total Cost of Program, excluding living expenses)17 monthsGerontology Nursing, Ethics and Professional Nursing Practice
3Regis University$42,08412 monthsHealth Assessment Across the Lifespan, Clinical Leadership in Professional Nursing
4University of Colorado$30,45212 monthsPeak Nutrition Clinic, Nurse-Family Partnership, and Primary Care Clinic
5University of Colorado-Denver$11,80412 monthsGeriatric Nursing, Nursing Leadership
6University of Northern Colorado$29,11820 monthsTheory of Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing, Research and Evidenced Based Practice, Clinical Practice: Advanced Acute Care

People in Colorado often believe that becoming a registered nurse is one of the greatest and most fulfilling careers a person can have.

To get a jump start on your studies, check out our list of the top accelerated nursing programs in Colorado for 2022.

List of Accelerated Nursing Programs in Colorado

Students who want to study accelerated nursing programs in Colorado will be able to pick from the six accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs listed below. These programs will be available to all students in the state, and internationally.

Colorado State University-Pueblo, Pueblo

The Colorado State University-Pueblo Nursing Program has been training students to be nurses since 1964, although the institution did not get its formal name until 2017. Even though the program has been running since 1964, this is still the case. This has occurred despite the fact that the program has been running since 1964. Higher education has evolved in more ways than I can enumerate here.

The school’s cutting-edge teaching techniques, cutting-edge simulation lab settings (such as emergency departments, critical care units, and medical-surgical units), and experienced teaching staff will provide students with the information and skills they need to begin successful careers as registered nurses.

Students will graduate with the information and skills they need to begin successful careers as registered nurses thanks to the school’s cutting-edge teaching methods and simulated lab settings (such as emergency departments and critical care units).

Career-change Students interested in becoming registered nurses at Colorado State University-Pueblo may enroll in a shortened curriculum (CSU-Pueblo). ABSN is the name of this program, and it lasts a year and a half. Before you may be considered for admission, you must first fulfill a series of criteria known as “prerequisites.”

Because this is one of the prerequisites, you will need to demonstrate that you have attended coursework in the natural, social, and behavioral sciences. The program incorporates difficult classroom lectures, real-time clinical encounters, and practical training in laboratories on the leading edge of respective areas. This is a full-time program, and your grade point average must constantly be greater than 3.0 to continue.

Metropolitan State University of Denver, Denver

Also referred to as “MSU Denver.”

The Department of Nursing is located on the Auraria Campus of the Metropolitan State University of Denver, near the city’s core business sector. You will have many options for clinical experiences and internships, but you will also have many pleasant activities since you will be near the business and entertainment sectors.

This is due to the fact that clinical experiences and internships are two of the most prevalent methods for individuals to get medical experience.

Graduates are often hired by well-known Denver corporations and institutions, such as hospitals such as SCL Health, Denver Health, Centura Health, and HealthOne. Other notable examples are the Denver Public Library and the Denver Art Museum. People are also employed by local schools, non-profits, and government entities. Centura Health and HealthOne are two other organizations that are part of this alliance.

ANO, or their Accelerated Nursing Option, is a lengthy degree program at Metropolitan State University. This curriculum lasts 17 months and is divided into four semesters that run concurrently. This fast-paced curriculum will teach you what you need to know via a combination of theoretical lectures, simulation exercises, lab training, and 765 hours of clinical interactions in various locations across Denver.

You’ll be able to satisfy the program’s criteria this way. If students do well in this course, they will be prepared to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN).

This program’s graduates will be able to work in hospitals, medical clinics, blood banks, rehabilitative services, crisis intervention services, and a variety of other healthcare-related sectors.

Regis University, Denver

Loretto Heights School of Nursing is one of three schools of Regis’ College for Health Professions. The School of Medicine and the School of Physical Therapy are the other two schools. There are two more schools at this institution. The Occupational Therapy School and the Physical Therapy School are the two.

Graduates of this curriculum are distinguished for their knowledge, talents, leadership, ethics, and compassion, in addition to their professional abilities. This is due to the fact that, in addition to being outstanding at their occupations, they also possess all of these personal characteristics.

Regis provides a Jesuit-based education to all of its nursing students, teaching them to strive for excellence and to be cautious on the job. This is feasible because instructors really care about their students and have a wealth of expertise and experience.

Students may select from a variety of activities that will not only help them enhance their abilities but will also allow them to do good in their communities. One of these opportunities is to participate in one of the several types of volunteer work available. There are several types of volunteer labor.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree in a field other than nursing and want to become a successful nurse, the Accelerated Nursing Program may be the ideal option for you. This program is open to anyone with a bachelor’s degree in a field other than nursing. The next January term’s registration date is June 15, while the following May term’s registration deadline is November 1.

Training will last a whole year. The clinical training phase of the curriculum lasts 756 hours in total, however, the most engaging learning occurs in the last 180 hours. This term, you will work independently with a clinical preceptor. This preceptor will assist you and guide you so that you may learn more. You will have this opportunity throughout this time.

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

This college is located in Colorado Springs and is affiliated with the University of Colorado at Boulder. Students can view the gorgeous mountains in the region since the college is located near Colorado Springs.

The best part about studying at the University of Colorado is that students have numerous opportunities for scholarships, to benefit the community, and get unique hands-on experiences at the school’s Center for Active Living, Peak Nutrition Clinic, Nurse-Family Partnership, and Primary Care Clinic, in addition to the thrill of adventure that comes with the school’s location.

The school’s location provides its students with a feeling of adventure, and these activities provide them with even more opportunities to have fun. Students must study a variety of subjects since the institution focuses heavily on health sciences. This increases their confidence in all areas of patient care, which leads to improved health results in the long term.

The accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is one of Colorado’s most popular nursing programs. This degree may be completed in as little as 16 months, making it one of the most quickly completed nursing programs. Before enrolling in this class, you must have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.5 in all of your undergraduate courses. If your GPA is less than 2.5, you will be unable to enroll in this class.

You will not be allowed to register for this class unless you can demonstrate that you satisfy this criterion. The purpose of this course is to prepare students to work in a range of healthcare settings with a good understanding of clinical reasoning and a concern for patient safety.

University of Colorado-Denver, Aurora

In its 120-year history, the University of Colorado College of Nursing has done an excellent job of teaching registered nurses for more than one generation. This demonstrates that the institution can properly educate the next generation of nurses. Students in this program learn how to be future leaders in nursing, research, and community service.

This implies that the program has the potential to revolutionize the way nursing, research, and community service are carried out in the future. Students have access to extremely high-quality medical treatment at the Children’s Hospital Colorado, the University of Colorado Hospital, and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, which are all related to the institution.

They have the opportunity to strive to get this opportunity. Students learn more about the difficulties of the nursing profession through clinical rotations when they work with experienced registered nurses. Because the students must collaborate with more experienced nurses.

The Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a unique approach to getting a nursing degree that may be utilized to accelerate traditional nursing education. Students enrolled in this program will complete the standard prerequisites for a nursing degree in one year rather than the typical two to three years.

However, you must have completed at least one semester or a quarter of your bachelor’s degree before beginning this program. At the absolute least, this requirement should be satisfied. Graduates who pass the NCLEX-RN can pursue additional nursing degrees or work in Magnet-recognized hospitals, community clinics, home care, or clinical research. Clinical research is another employment sector that graduates might choose.

The University of Northern Colorado, Greeley

In addition to its other departments, the University of Northern Colorado offers a nursing school to its students. The school, which has served as a model for the university and has set a positive example for the university, demonstrates the institution’s commitment to meeting the best educational standards possible.

It strives to provide the greatest education possible for its students by having small class numbers so that each student can get individual attention, having talented professors who can function as mentors, and creating an atmosphere that fosters discovery due to its unique intellectual pursuits.

The school’s purpose is to provide the greatest education possible to its pupils, and these three elements assist the school to achieve that goal. Students may gain the skills and information they need to communicate to patients from low-income families by using a simulation kit created by instructors at the school.

Students learn more quickly since they can test things out for themselves. As a result, pupils’ learning curves are moving quicker.

The full-time Second-Degree Nursing Program provided by UNC in Colorado will prepare you not just for graduate nursing schools, but also for a career in the rapidly developing nursing sector. If you want to be a nurse, you should seriously consider enrolling in this program.

Due to the admission seats in graduate nursing schools being more competitive, it is critical to have a good foundation before applying to one of these programs. Classes for this program begin during summer break each year and last for a total of twenty months.

During that period, you will study in classrooms, laboratories, and other comparable settings. Working in well-known hospitals, nursing homes, community clinics, and schools in North-Eastern Colorado is one approach to gaining clinical skills.

Wrapping It Up

While it’s not easy to make it in today’s health care job market, there are good opportunities for nurses who are willing to invest some time in furthering their education.

And if you have a family, an accelerated nursing program in Colorado can be a great way to shorten the gap between work and home life.

These programs may not be right for everyone, but they might be right for you.

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