50 Top Catholic Schools in Ottawa

Welcome! Are you in search of accredited Catholic Schools in Ottawa? Do you need direct access to the official website of top accredited Catholic schools and the services they offer?

Well, you have come to the right place. Finding the right school is the first step towards joining the Ottawa school l community. We have prepared a detailed list of Catholic Schools in Ottawa.

This article is detailed and written based on information provided by the Ottawa Catholic School Board. All schools listed here are accredited by the Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) to offer academic programs and also extracurricular activities to diverse categories of students with diverse needs. Read on! 

Kids are far more competent than just memorizing numbers and information. They must have the ability to use their strengths and talents to create, connect, and have an impact on the world. 

Ottawa Catholic Schools adopt a “deep learning” philosophy of instruction. This strategy gives children the abilities they’ll need for future vocations.

Every thriving neighborhood in the city of Ottawa is centered around its Catholic schools, which inspire a love of study and innovation in every student. No matter where you reside in Ottawa, you may be sure that an OCSB school is close by with a community ready to welcome your family.

Why parents send their kids to an OCSB school.

  • Learning Environments are motivated and deeply rooted in Faith

Being a Catholic school, it should come as no surprise that faith is at the centre of everything done. Ottawa Catholic Schools offer the best education for children and this doesn’t just nurture their minds and body but also their spirit. 

The school’s principles are intentionally incorporated into school life and instruction so that these kids have a warm and inclusive learning environment to explore and grow. Ottawa Catholic School learning communities are inspired by faith and offer diverse, inclusive and safe spaces for all French opportunities supporting the well-being of communities. 

  • Using deep learning, Ottawa Catholic Schools prepare children for the future.

All OCSB schools provide diverse, welcoming, and secure environments for all French opportunities and also advocate for the health of the entire community.

Every Catholic school in Ottawa works to establish a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere for learning. Children can flourish in their academic pursuits when they feel comfortable, and valued as members of the school community. 

Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCBS) have policies and procedures in place to support safe and welcoming schools across Ottawa. Find out more about these significant programs and policies:

Detailed List of Catholic Schools In Ottawa –Ottawa Catholic School Board Schools

View the address, enrollment, contact, and information for each school. Visit each school’s website to find out more about the student body there.

SchoolDetails / Website
All Saints High SchoolGrade 7 to 12Email: AllSaints.High@ocsb.caSchool Website.
Frank Ryan Catholic Intermediate SchoolGrade 7 to 8Email: Frank.Ryan@ocsb.caSchool Website.
Our Lady of Fatima School

JK to 6Email: OurLady.Fatima@ocsb.caSchool Website.
Monsignor Paul Baxter School

JK to 6Email: Monsignor.Baxter@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
Our Lady of Mount Carmel SchoolJK to 6Email: OurLady.MountCarmel@ocsb.caSchool Website.
Assumption SchoolJK to 6)Email: Assumption@ocsb.caSchool Website.
Notre Dame High SchoolGrade 7 to 12Email: NotreDame.High@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
Corpus Christi SchoolJK to 6Email: Corpus.Christi@ocsb.caSchool Website.
Elementary Virtual ProgramJK-6Email: virtual.elementary@ocsb.caSchool Website.

Holy Family School
JK to 6Email: Holy.Family@ocsb.caSchool Website.
Divine Infant schoolJk to 6Email: Divine.Infant@ocsb.caSchool Website.
Dr F.J. McDonald Catholic SchoolJK to 6Email: FJ.McDonald@ocsb.caSchool Website.
M.F. McHugh Education Center

Special Education CenterEmail: MF.McHugh@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
Good Shepherd SchoolJK to 6Email: Good.Shepherd@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
Lester B. Pearson Catholic High SchoolGrade 7 to 12Email: LesterBPearson.High@ocsb.caSchool Website.
Convent Glen Catholic SchoolJK to 6Email: Convent.Glen@ocsb.caSchool Website.
Immaculata High School
Grade 7 to 12Email: Immaculata.High@ocsb.caSchool Website.
Chapel Hill Catholic SchoolJK to 6Email: Chapel.Hill@ocsb.caSchool Website.

Georges Vanier Catholic School
JK to 6Email: Georges.Vanier@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
Our Lady of Peace SchoolJK to 6Email: OurLady.Peace@ocsb.caSchool Website.  
Guardian Angels SchoolJK to 6Email: Guardian.Angels@ocsb.caSchool Website.
St. Catherine SchoolJK to 6Email: Catherine@ocsb.caSchool Website.  
Holy Trinity Catholic High School
Grade 7 to 12Email: HolyTrinity.High@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
Holy Cross School
JK to 6Email: Holy.Cross@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
St. Andrew SchoolJK to 6Email: Andrew@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
St. Augustine SchoolJK to 6Email: Augustine@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
Our Lady of Victory SchoolJK to 6Email: OurLady.Victory@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
Holy Redeemer SchoolJK to 6Email: Holy.Redeemer@ocsb.caSchool Website.
Queen of Angels Adult High SchoolAdult Education CenterEmail: QueenAngels.Adult@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
St. Brigid SchoolJK to 6Email: Brigid@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
Sacred Heart High SchoolGrade 7 to 12Email: SacredHeart.High@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
St. Anthony SchoolJK to 6Email: Anthony@ocsb.caSchool Website. 

St. Benedict School
JK to 6Email: Benedict@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
St. Bernard SchoolJK to 6Email: Bernard@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
St. Brother André SchoolJK to 6Email: Brother.Andre@ocsb.caSchool Website.
Prince of Peace SchoolJK to 6Email: Prince.Peace@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
St. Anne SchoolJK to 6Email: Anne@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
Holy Spirit SchoolJK to 6Email: Holy.Spirit@ocsb.caSchool Website.

Our Lady of Wisdom School
JK to 6Email: OurLady.Wisdom@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
St. Cecilia SchoolJK to 6Email: Cecilia@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
St. Elizabeth SchoolJK to 6Email: Elizabeth@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
St. Emily SchoolJK to 6Email: Emily@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
St. Gabriel SchoolJK to 6Email: Gabriel@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
St. Gemma SchoolJK to 6Email: Gemma@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School JK to 6Email: ElizabethAnn.Seton@ocsb.caSchool Website.
St. Francis of Assisi SchoolJK to 6Email: Francis.Assisi@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
St. Francis Xavier High School
Grade 7 to 12Email: FrancisXavier.High@ocsb.caSchool Website.
St. Dominic SchoolJK to 6Email: Dominic@ocsb.caSchool Website. 

St. Daniel School
JK to 6Email: Daniel@ocsb.caSchool Website. 
St. Clare SchoolJK to 6Email: Clare@ocsb.caSchool Website. 


You can be sure your child will receive one of the best educational opportunities if you get them enrolled in a Catholic school in Ottawa.

The Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) consistently rates OCSB schools higher than the province average in all assessments conducted at the provincial level.

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