Top Mistakes to Avoid When Taking the US Postal Service Exam

Working a postal service job such as a mail handler, mail processor, and postal carrier is rewarding.

This also means the competition is tight, so it is not easy to secure this kind of job. One of the requirements is passing the exams such as the postal service exam and the Hogan personality assessment.

Regardless of what type of exam, taking one is stressful. Continue reading to know the mistakes you need to avoid when taking the US Postal Service exam. 

Not Familiarizing Yourself with the Format of the Test

You need to know the 3 sections included in all the tests. The first section is work scenarios. You will be asked how you will respond to situations related to your job.

Second, you will talk about your previous job and your attendance record. The last one is about your personality. 

Since these are subjective, there is no right or wrong answer. However, you need to prepare since some test-takers find some of the questions confusing.

There is also a part of the test you will check for errors and determine what number pairs are not the same. 

You need a score of at least 70/100 to pass, so it will be helpful to know the structure of the test. 

Not Getting a Study Guide

Knowing the format of the test might not be enough to do well, so studying is recommended.

You can purchase a study guide to help you understand key information and learn techniques on how to answer the text.

Though you do not know the type of test, you can get an idea of the postal service position you are applying for. 

Applying When You Are Not Completely Ready to Take the Test

When you send the initial part of your application, you need to be ready to get an email that includes the test link. You only have 72 hours to accomplish the test upon receiving the email. You cannot ask for an extension of the deadline, so you need to be prepared once you apply for it. 

Rushing in Answering the Test

As mentioned, one of the parts of the test is checking errors. The purpose of this is to check how keen test-takers are into details. Therefore, before you move on to the next question, it is best to double-check your answer. 

Not Preparing for the Subjective Questions

Though there are sections that have subjective questions, you need to prepare for them. Questions can be confusing since they are constructed specially. Therefore, it will be helpful to research how these questions are presented to know what to expect. 

You also take the time to review your resume to make it easier for you to answer questions related to your work experience. What you need to keep in mind is to connect your answers only to the work experience you indicated in your resume.

Conclusion on the US Postal Service Exam

Finally, you know some of the things you need to avoid when taking the US Postal service exam.

Knowing these will help you not to be surprised when you take the actual test. Though many people do not pass in a particular session, there are ways to succeed in it.

Studying, honing the needed skills for the test, and staying relaxed are some ways to help you ace it. 

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